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Australia's dependence on oil for transport has never been greater. That dependence - and our vulnerability to supply disruption - has implications for our economy, the environment and the security of the nation. At the NRMA, we're working with the best minds in Government and industry to help move Australia to a more sustainable transport future.

Since 2012, we've been working with Air Vice-Marshall John Blackburn AO (Retired) to understand Australia's vulnerability to our liquid transport fuel supplies and bring this to the attention of Government.

Australia's liquid fuel security research

This is the third in a series commissioned by the National Roads & Motorists Association (NRMA) and authored by John Blackburn AO. The first two reports addressed Australia's liquid fuel security, the growing risks in our fuel supply chain and suggested remedial action. This report benchmarks Australia's energy security policies against those of other nations and finds Australia out of step with virtually every other comparable country in the world.

Read Benchmarking Australia's Transport Energy Policies report 2014 (PDF 423KB/6 pages)

Australia's Liquid Fuel Security Part 1 report: 2013 In 2013, we released a report by Air Vice-Marshal John Blackburn (Retired) on Australia's Liquid Fuel Security. This report details the extent of Australia's reliance on transport fuels and calls on the Australian Government to develop an effective fuel security plan to deal with extraordinary disruptions to supply outside normal daily supply and distribution - such as war, economic turmoil or natural disasters.

Read Australia's Liquid Fuel Security Part 1 report - 2013 (PDF 1MB/24 pages)

Australia's Liquid Fuel Security Part 2 In February 2014, we released the second Fuel Security Report by Air Vice-Marshal John Blackburn. It digs deeper into this issue, exposes Australia's deteriorating fuel security position, explores why we have a problem, how bad it really is and what we can do to fix it.

Read Australia's Liquid Fuel Serurity Part 2 report - 2014 (PDF 1.1MB/23 pages)

  The NRMA is calling for a comprehensive Transport Energy Plan to ensure the safety, well-being and prosperity of all Australians is protected in the event of disruption to national fuel supplies.

Read Transport Energy Plan for Australia 2014 (PDF 435KB/2 pages)

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