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NRMA Safer Driving School Road Safety Grants


The National Roads & Motorists' Association (NRMA) will provide community-based organisations with 10 grants of $10,000 to implement a road safety education project or initiative that makes a difference in the community.

Only Government, Not-for-profit organisations, schools, pre-schools or youth groups who have an Australian Business Number (ABN) with offices residing in Australia are eligible to apply for projects that will be implemented in NSW and the ACT.

How to make a submission?

  1. All grant submissions for grants must be submitted online using the link below.
  2. Ensure that your have read the information below about the grants as well as the Terms & Conditions, as the judges are looking for evidence of this in your submissions.
  3. Download the Submission Form Questions to draft your responses to ensure they are clearly communicated and within the word limits set for each question.

Key 2014 dates
1 August Grants submission period opens.
30 September Grant submission period closes.
30 November Successful submitters notified by email.
15 December Successful submitters must confirm that they can implement their project as proposed prior to receiving their funds electronically.
19 December Unsuccessful submitters notified by email.

All submission must address one or more of the NRMA's Social Impact areas listed below:

  1. Safer Travels is about raising awareness of road safety risks, educating road users of all ages (including drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians) about how to manage these risks and demonstrate safer travel behaviours. This social impact area is looking, in the long-term, to prevent deaths resulting from unsafe behaviour and lead to fewer accidents on the road overall.
  2. Inclusive Journeys is about improving mobility and independence by making journeys more accessible and safer regardless of disability, age or location. In the long-term, this social impact area is looking to ensure no-one gets left behind and that everyone can enjoy safe travel and easier mobility.
  3. Connected Communities is about making it easier for communities to work together to increase road safety and mobility of each other. In the long-term, this social impact area is looking to improve the quality of life or wellbeing of communities.

The submissions will be judged using the assessment criteria and weighting below.

  1. How well does the submission explain the issue(s) to be addressed, the target group and why there is a need? (15%)
  2. How well does the submission address issues of equity in terms of geographic, social, cultural, financial and/or other disadvantage? (15%)
  3. How well does the submission take a new, relevant and sound approach to addressing the issue(s) identified? (15%)
  4. How well does the submission explain what will be done, by whom, how and when? (40%)
  5. Does the organisation have the community support and management skills to successfully implement the project? (15%)

Projects that include the following will be disqualified and will not be funded:

  • Driver instruction fees, driving lessons or defensive driver training.
  • Costs of students to attend excursions or to bring paid presenters into the school. The aim of these Grants is to build organisational capability within schools so that students can continue to benefit in subsequent years.
  • Salary costs or staff administration costs to manage the implementation of the program. Schools may apply for funds to cover the relief of staff from face-to-face teaching to fund the educational development of their program but no staff management or delivery costs will be funded.
  • Cost of marketing and promotion.
  • IT equipment and/or hardware unless that equipment can be clearly seen to be a necessary part of a new and integrated road safety education program or initiative which has been developed as part of the Submission.
  • Delivery of community programs already being offered by NRMA free of charge to the community.

What is NRMA looking for?

We are looking for submissions that demonstrate a clear understanding of the issue, the target group and how the project will improve the road safety of that group. Successful submissions will demonstrate a well-defined alignment between the project objectives and what will be done in each phase of the project planning, implementation and evaluation).

We are seeking to fund projects that

  • bring a new perspective and that can be duplicated by others to address a similar issue in their local community
  • build organisational capability by developing new skills within the organisation/target group or that create resources that will allow the program to be delivered in the future without additional grant funds.
  • are well researched and that make it clear to the judges that the project can in fact be implemented as described.

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