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Corporate Responsibility

We're continuing to transform our business and create ongoing value for the NRMA, our Members, society and the environment. The NRMA is about help; whether it's helping on the side of the road, rescuing a child from a locked car, or helping in times of national disaster; such as in the recent floods.

Our sustainability journey is an integral part of how we'll achieve our 2020 vision of Helping People Every Day. This is our seventh Corporate Responsibility Review and once again, we've used the Global Reporting Initiative's (GRI) G4 Guidelines.

To access the report, you can either download the Full NRMA Corporate Responsibility Review 2014/15 (PDF 1.5MB/40 pages) or use the left navigation to read online. To make it easy to find GRI G4 indicators, here's our Content Index (PDF 805KB/4 pages)

Here's a snapshot of our achievements:

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