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The NRMA...We keep you moving

We're driven by the desire to keep people moving. With roadside assistance at our core, we've been helping people for over 90 years. Now, as our world changes, we're reimagining the way people move - your car, your journey and your destination.

We'll rethink motoring, focusing on the car and everything associated with it. Technology is transforming the car and we'll plug into it to keep your car on the road and running smoothly. Because let's face it, nobody wants to break down in the first place.

Then there's your journey. We'll find new ways to combat problems that frustrate us all to help you get from A to B, whether that's through innovative solutions to age old problems, looking into the sharing economy or using data and technology in smarter ways.

We also have a long history in travel and touring, centred around the great tradition of the road trip. Whether it's a coastal getaway, a weekend in the nation's capital or an inland adventure, we've got a range of destinations to choose from. And when people find that great place to stay is in NSW or the ACT, our own communities thrive.

With 2.4 million Members, we're a voice that makes change happen. We'll keep you moving, wherever you are on your journey.

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