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NRMA Motoring Education

The NRMA Education Centre is the central point where people of all ages can access information about road safety. It also provides information on interests such as infants and children, young drivers, older road users and provides online booking for older driver education programs, such as Years Ahead.

Book an education program
Choose one of our many education programs to improve your knowledge of road rules and vehicle safety.
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News, blogs and gallery
We have gathered together all the key information you will need for many years of safe and cost effective travel on our roads.
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Infants and pre-schoolers
Information on the best child restraints, child safety in and around cars, CarSense and other road safety information.
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Primary school
We aim to make it easy for schools to include important road safety education into their day-to-day teaching.
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High school and young drivers
This integrated suite of programs are designed to provide real world learning in road safety for students in Years 9 - 12.
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Older road users
The NRMA wants to help older drivers keep driving and safe on the road well into their elder years.
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