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Fund Hunter roads with the fuel excise

Author: Daniel StantonDate: 06 May 2012

The NRMA is calling for more funding for Hunter roads in this year's Federal Budget, with budget figures over the last four years showing $27 billion collected from fuel excise has been diverted away from roads.

It is estimated that more than $13 billion will be collected from motorists from fuel excise for petrol and diesel fuels this year, taking the total figure contributed by Australians over the past four years to around $53 billion.

Only half the money raised by fuel excise since 2008-09 has been spent on national road projects, leaving $27 billion that has been redistributed through general revenue.

The Federal Budget estimates also highlight that federal road funding is expected to fall by around $1 billion when compared to last year's spend.

NRMA Motoring & Services Director Kyle Loades said it was time that more of the money collected from the fuel excise was put back into local roads including the upgrade of the F3 Freeway to Raymond Terrace and the construction of the Glendale Interchange.

"Investing this money back into local roads could make a difference to road safety and the local economy," Mr Loades said.

"Hunter councils need more money to fix local roads, so we would like to see an increase in funding for the Roads to Recovery program and money for the vital resource pledged beyond the 2013-14 financial year.

"Sadly, every year the list of roads in the Hunter that are in need of funding grows, as successive Governments fail to commit the adequate levels of funding we need to make roads safer."

The NRMA's Federal Budget submission is available at www.mynrma.com.au

Federal Budget

Fuel Excise Total Figures over a four year period (2008-09 to 2011-2012)

Petrol and Diesel Fuel Excise Collected $53B
Federal Government funding for roads and transport - $26B
Funds remaining from Fuel Excise $27B

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