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Motorists vote Pacific Highway worst


Author: Cie'Jai Leggett Date: 28 May 2012

Australia's largest road survey - NRMA's Seeing Red on Roads - has seen the Pacific Highway voted worst road in NSW and the ACT for the second year in a row.

Almost 10 percent (7%) of the 15,500 motorists who took part in the NRMA survey flagged the Pacific Highway as the worst road in NSW, followed by the Princes Highway (4%) and Kings Highway (3%).

In Sydney almost six percent (5.9%) of road users said Parramatta Road was the worst road to travel on, with Pennant Hills Road (5.7%) and the M5 Motorway (4%) coming in a close second and third.

Road users responded to this year's Seeing Red survey flagging thousands of frustrating road intersections, suburban streets and sections of highways that are underfunded, unsafe or in desperate need of attention.

To date the Seeing Red on Roads survey is the largest response to a campaign the NRMA has ever received, outperforming last year's inaugural survey by more than 5,000 votes.

The Seeing Red on Roads survey also found more than half (51%) of respondents listed congestion as the most frustrating issue across the state, followed by poor road surface (43%).

The Pacific Highway topped the list for the worst road in NSW with issues including congestion, lanes disappearing or merging and poor road surface.

Of those surveyed, eight per cent listed Pennant Hills Road as the worst road for too many traffic lights, followed by Parramatta Road (7.8%).

NRMA Motoring & Services President Wendy Machin said NSW needed a plan to deliver Sydney's missing motorways and fix local roads in urgent need of repair.

"I don't think anyone would be surprised that the Pacific Highway has again been voted the state's worst road," Ms Machin said.

"The public won't stomach further delays with finishing the upgrade of the Pacific Highway and the NRMA again urges the Australian and NSW Governments to work together to meet the 2016 deadline," Ms Machin said.

Ms Machin said this year's Seeing Red survey also highlighted the need to build Sydney's missing motorways.

"Problems on Parramatta Road will only improve once we build the M4 Extension, while congestion on Pennant Hills Road will improve once the F3 to Sydney Orbital is built.

"Nobody denies the enormous task at hand to tackle Sydney's transport infrastructure needs and we know these roads can't be built overnight, but we need a plan that sets timeframes and priorities for building roads and makes it clear how they will be funded""

10 worst roads in NSW were: 5 worst roads in Sydney:
1. Pacific Highway at Urunga 1. Parramatta Road
2. Princes Highway at Albion Park 2. Pennant Hills Road
3. Kings Highway at Braidwood 3. M5 Motorway
4. Parramatta Road at Concord 4. M4 Motorway
5. Pennant Hills Road at Pennant Hills 5. Pacific Highway (Wahroonga)
6. M5 Motorway at Bardwell Valley
7. M4 Motorway at Granville
8. Great Western Hwy at Wentworth Falls
9. M2 Motorway at Beecroft
10. Broke Road at Pokolbin

Since the release of last year's Seeing Red on Roads survey, both the State and Federal Governments allocated a significant amount of funding to roads identified in the NRMA's Red Flag Survey.

See the complete results of the NRMA's Seeing Red on Roads survey.

Top 5 most congested roads in NSW: Top 5 worst roads for poor road surface in NSW:
1. Pacific Highway 1. Pacific Highway
2. Pennant Hills Road 2. Kings Highway
3. Parramatta Road 3. Parramatta Road
4. Princes Highway 4. Princes Highway
5. M5 Motorway 5. Broke Road

The Red Flag survey was open from March 3 till May 18 2012.

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