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NRMA Member magazine goes digital


Author: CieJai LeggettDate: 04 May 2012

From today NRMA Motoring & Services Members will be able to download the mutual's Open Road magazine app for iPad from the Apple Store.

The new app will include added functionality including videos, social sharing, live updates, additional content and the ability to instantly enter competitions and send feedback to the editor.

The NRMA Open Road app can be downloaded from the Apple app store. NRMA Members will be able to download the app for free by entering their Membership number and surname. Non-members can subscribe to NRMA Open Road app for $4.99 per issue through the app store.

Editor of NRMA's Open Road Suzanne Monks said the new Open Road iPad app would be a great way to encourage Members to have conversations about content in the magazine.

"The print edition of Open Road is one of the most trusted and frequently read magazines in Australia," said Monks.
"From today Members will be able to access not only a digital version of the magazine but also additional stories, videos and information through the Open Road app. It will be a one stop shop for every motorist and traveller."

Each digital edition will cover topical issues that concern motorists, up-to-the-minute car advice and inspirational travel stories and ideas. It also contains the latest news about the NRMA business and the many discounts and benefits of NRMA Membership.

The NRMA Open Road app for iPad is available for free for NRMA Members from the app Store on iPad.

For more information visit Open Road.

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