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Changes to the NRMA Electoral Regions

In 2010, NRMA Members voted for a number of changes to the Constitution. One of the key changes was to reduce the number of NRMA Board electoral regions from nine regions to eight. The reason for this was to enable the appointment of a Director with specialist skills, in addition to the eight Directors who are still elected by Members in each region.

These are changes that were researched with Members and gained overwhelming support, as Members could see the logic in enhancing the Board with skills that may not emerge through the election process.

Following the retirements from the Board of long-serving directors Geoff Toovey, in December 2013 and Dawn Fraser, in May 2014, the Board commissioned a review to assess how best to reduce the number of regions to eight and to realign the boundaries for those regions. As a result, changes were approved to the electoral boundaries.

Maps of the new electoral regions and the lists of Local Government Areas can be viewed by following the links at the foot of this page.

The NRMA President, Kyle Loades said that the level of Member service and representation would remain strong.

"In 2010, NRMA Members gave the Board the flexibility to appoint a specialist director. With the retirements of Geoff Toovey and Dawn Fraser from the board in late 2013 and early 2014, we were able to make the changes that our Members wanted," Mr Loades said.

"We will have eight Member-elected Directors and one specialist Director on the Board and the electoral boundaries have been adjusted to reflect the changes."

The specialist director will be sought with the assistance of an independent executive recruitment firm, as specified in the changes made to the Constitution in 2010, after the completion of the 2015 Board Election.

"Ultimately, these changes will improve NRMA's governance but it will also be business as usual for the Directors." Mr Loades said. "They will continue to work hard to represent the NRMA as a whole and you, our Members, at a local level - fighting to get a better deal for all motorists on those issues that matter, such as safer roads, fairer petrol prices and safer drivers."

For information about which region you are in, please see the list of regions by LGA below

For further enquiries, please call (02) 9276 7265 or email boundaries@mynrma.com.au

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