No more ‘No standing’

As of 1 December 2008 the ‘No standing’ rule, NSW road rule no. 167.1, will be abolished.

From this date on, all ‘No standing’ areas will become ‘No stopping’ areas. Even in instances where the sign has not yet been changed, the rules for ‘No stopping’ apply and a $189 fine will be incurred for any violation. If, however, you stop in a ‘No Stopping’ zone that is in an operating school zone the fine is $243 and 2 demerit points.

This brings NSW into line with the Australian Road Rules, which does not list a corresponding rule.

The ‘No standing’ rule allowed drivers to stop on a length of road where there was a ‘No standing’ sign for the purpose of dropping off or picking up passengers.

One of the reasons for this rule ceasing to be is the ambiguity of the word ‘standing’. Despite being explained in the NSW Road Rules, the term a ‘No standing’ is not self-explanatory and not clearly different to ‘No stopping’. And how long does it take to pick up or drop off the kids?

With ‘No standing’ areas turning into ‘No stopping’ areas, it is important to keep the following in mind:

• ‘No parking’ and ‘Loading zone’ rules remain unchanged.
• No stopping:  you may not stop your vehicle for any reason.
• No parking:�
     o you may not stop for longer than 2 minutes and
     o  you canonly to drop off or pick up passengers or goods (i.e. you must remain within 3 metres of your vehicle).

Does abolishing the ‘No standing sign’ rule make life on the road easier? Or do drivers simply need to be better educated about the road rules?

17 thoughts on “No more ‘No standing’

  1. Truning the no Standing sign into a no stopping sign doesn’t make any sence , except as a revenue raising endeavour… I agree with Michael, it should have been changed to a no parking zone.

  2. Yeah I agree.. they should make them “No Parking”.. can see alllooot of people being caught out by this. People will probably take more risks trying to pick someone up / drop off.

  3. I can’t see that it will make much difference. Plenty of people already ignore existing “No Stopping” signs. This will just give them more places to stop at.

  4. This is nothing but a Government SCAM.
    How many unaware drivers are going to get caught buy this SCAM
    This Law should only take place once the signs have been changed.
    The Law makers saying that this rule takes place even in instances where the sign has not yet been changed. It is a profit raising SCAM for Lawyers and RTO & councils who have no morrals.

    How many people know this Law today. Many may have been already caught. and it is most likely costing them big money to fight the SCAM.
    Only to be told, “Ignorance is no excuse”. (This is a Law makers SCAM in itself.)
    NRMA should be using it authority to stand up for its members and have this SCAM and have this law thrown out.

    How can the law maker come up with such a SCAM, and still sleep at night. They are the one who should be seeing {Scamlaws} like this Law, are quashed.

    I would like to know what incentives councils will have to change the signs, when there rangers are out collecting revenue from innocent drivers. ?

  5. The change from the long time misunderstood No Standing sign to the unambiguous No Stopping will only work for public safety IF it gets enforced. The most common perpetrators I see are the parents at school crossings and taxi drivers at intersections. It is not revenue raising to change the selfish attitude of offenders by fining them.

  6. If no standing means drop off passenger is OK why is it selfish for someone to drop of at a school or intersection where “no standing” sign occurs?

    How can they change pick up zone to no stopping at all zone without confusion and it just doesn’t seem legal to change the intent of a zone without changing the sign.

    This is what we all need in a recession, when we are all alienated enough as it is with the complexity of everything.

    PS I only stumbled on this issue when looking at the info about the Toll Crossing changing to tags – I found it below. Why doesn’t this issue have its own link as it will prove very costly to NRMA members and the toll tag issue is a little redundant anyway as it is obviously going to improve things and was always going to happen if not today then next year it is inevitable for car flow.

  7. The change to this law is a disgraceful attack on the disabled who face enough difficulty as it is. Many no standing zones were conveniently located so that disabled people could be safely dropped off or picked up near to their destination without inconveniencing others or compromising safety. Dedicated disabled parking spots are too few and are invariable taken already so the no standing zone was very beneficial. I have already broken the new law by stopping in a no standing zone recently to drop off and pick up my disabled partner. There was simply no other location anywhere nearby – certainly an impossible situation for a disabled person. I strongly urge the NRMA to oppose the change to this law.

  8. Where was the television advertising campaign informing people of such a big change to the road rules? How are people supposed to even know of this change – was it in the papers? Too bad if you don’t get the papers. I agree that this is a scam. If “No Standing” signs are still in place than the old rules should still apply. It’s also ridiculous that all “No Standing” zones are becoming “No Stopping” – why not make some into “No Parking” to still allow drop offs and pick-ups?

    Education of road users does not appear to be as high a priority as fund raising!

  9. This is another law which has been changed since I passed my test way back in the dark ages. I have never been required to resit my test or answer questions on road rules changes.

    Since we are driving a lethal weapon, wouldn’t be a good idea that ALL drivers be required to know the road rule changes since they last renewed their licence? The questions could even be sent to us with our renewal form so we could swat up the answers.

  10. No Stopping in school zones – this is ridiculous, and a pity (self?) I have not read this blog earlier. Just received a infringment notice for the above, But the notice says “double parking” in school zone with fine of 243 $. I usually drop of / pick up my kid in front of the school and it does not take more than a minute to do and is not hazardous I believe. I’m concious of that fact that, if there is too much pile up behind the car it may be frustrating, However I believe most parents are aware of that and will not take too much time. But this rule I believe is complete nonsense – while it takes less than 1 to 2 minutes (Max) to drop off and pickup kids this way – if I need to find a parking space away from the school and walk my kid to the school and back – its a waste of premium time – both in the morning and evening. Will somebody put some brains into the law makers head.
    I’m not winge’ing just because I’m fined etc.. but definetly this is going to cost the hard working parents a lot, since most of them I spoke to in the school did not know that sombody is just writing away bills in favour of them everyday!.

    and see the timing of this announcement – just before christmas ? They should probably give handouts or make this announcements through the school news letter to make parents more informed.

  11. Just got fined $243 and 2 demerits for dropping off daughter in no standing in a dedicated ‘parking section off the road. SCAM. but hey ignorance is no excuse – everyone should have this list of 1000 plus rules in their head. This NSW state and Australia has far too much government, regulation and laws – we are over taxed to pay for all the bureaucracy – What a joke. get rid of state govts. Just have Fed and local council.

  12. It’s ironic. I did not know of this law change and am in Victoria. Down here they use the old “No Standing” signs now for “No Stopping”, which means that the signs used are nationally not uniform which makes one wonder about this change. Furthermore, given that there used to be “No Standing” in Victoria and NSW, where more than half the Australian population is based one has to question how it is that the “National Road Rules” got changed. What states had no “No Standing” that resulted in the majority of Australia getting dud road rules? This is a brainwave like the change from double yellow lines which used to be easy to see in the wet (irony is we still use yellow cat eyes in the middle of the road) to white lines which are difficult to see in the wet and fade easily!

  13. It would be good to provide dropping off zones at main places like train stations, shopping centres and other venues because there will always be people needing to be picked up and dropped off. Making it illegal to drop off and pick up is inconvenient ,in the least.

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