New car ‘protection packages’

2016 UPDATE: The information in the blog is consistent with our current advice on this subject. 

Buying a car

DON’T FEEL PRESSURED TO PURCHASE EXTRAS: Just take care of your car once it’s been delivered.

Have you ever been offered a ‘protection package’ – paint protection, rust proofing and fabric protection – when buying a new car?

New car paint protection, rust proofing and fabric protection is often offered after you have signed the contract. It can cost up to $2000 but there is no evidence to support claims that you need it. A manufacturer’s service contract doesn’t state it needs to be done as modern cars are subjected to highly sophisticated paint and perforation treatments before they leave the factory.

These treatments are the reason manufacturers are able to offer warranties of up to ten years on the car body. Plus there’s no evidence suggesting products in a ‘protection package’ have been subjected to Australian Standards testing. Australians Standards indicate products or services “provide a value or benefit that exceeds the costs likely to be imposed from its development and implementation.”

It should be your measure of something being worth your money or not – so how are you to judge when they haven’t been tested? If you plan on never washing or polishing your car then a paint protection package may be better than nothing. But if the salesman mentions it as an aside at the end of the formalities, don’t feel pressured.

Remember: You just paid tens of thousands on a new car with a long warranty so be assured it’s in the manufacturers best interests that it doesn’t rust or the paint fade. Just take care of your car once it’s been delivered.

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Have you bought or been tempted to buy a ‘protection package’ with your new car? Was it worth the money or do you feel you were conned?

52 thoughts on “New car ‘protection packages’

  1. Purchased this package on a brand new vehicle approx 18mths ago for $1000. Must say that you feel like its wasted money but then on a $50K vehicle you perhaps think that any protection could be worth it especially if you live near the sea and keep it off-street but ungaraged, exposed to all the elements.
    To me a flip of the coin – I don’t know if it is really effective but if it helps me resell the car for higher dollar then I will use it.

  2. I purchased paint protection. I have found that with this protection the car does not streak when washed and polished.

    My last car….which I bought new…..had no paint protection, and it did streak, so I would recommend it, although it may be just the different paint.

    My first car was an Hyundai, (which streaked) now I have a Toyota (which does not streak)

  3. Purchased a new KIA RIO (Black) and took the full protection pack @ $1600, including paint, fabric, vinyl, carpet and electronic rust protection.

    At the time, I questioned the validity of the representative’s claims that rust is a result of a chemical and electrostatic reaction on metal. Having done Chemistry at school, I challenged the information and said that rust was simply a reaction between iron, moisture and oxygen.

    I asked if I could just have the ‘package’ without the electronic rust protection, and was tols (and shown) that the individual price of each ‘pack’ was more than the ‘whole package’ price.

    So, I now have an electronic device fitted to the firewall in the engine compartment that blinks a small red LED, protecting my vehicle from rust (supposedly).

    It may be a selling point in the future, so it may recoup some of its cost in a few years’ time. Whilst I live in the country, and the vehicle is not exposed to any salty atmosphere, I would question the small benefits of such packages, when compared to the high cost. Surely, the COST of applying any one of these ‘packs’ would not match the price charged.

  4. I purchase the paint protection package when I puchased a new Toyota about 7 years ago. My car now has patches all over it that look like someone used sandpaper on the car. They first started to appear about 2-3 years ago.

    My advice from a car detailer/painter is that its the protection coating that was applied over the normal paint work. It apparently needs to be reapplied.

    So, not only do you pay extra, you have to keep paying if you want a good unpatchy finish.

    For the record, I park my car in a garage when at home and in the shade while at work. I do not and have never use polish or other abrasives. I wash it it mild detergent (labelled as car wash). So, I don’t think I have treated the finish very harshly.

  5. As a courier I have had 2 vans in the last 12 years.Both purchased new and in each case I was pressured into these protection packages. I told both sales people (actually after signing the purchase contract I was referred to a “Customer Service Officer” who put the pressure on) that if the vehicle construction was so poor that it required this additional protection then I didn’t want it, the van that is. With some indignation they stopped the sales pitch. Both vans (Mazda 2000 and Toyota HiAce) have done over 600,000Km and there was no rust and the paint work was relatively good given the age of the vehicle.

    One sales pitch by Toyota is that the bodies are galvanised before painting so how should they rust anyway ?

  6. I paid $2000+ for the whole package to my honda city , this is around 10% extra to the total car cost.. just had it for 3 months. But all protection come with lifetime warranty, as long as the first owner of this car.

    subject to annual inspection.

  7. Modern car paints are very durable and with normal care last as long as these protection treatments warant. Why pay for something already covered by your car’s warantee.

    fabric protection may be of use but pressurepack cans of fabric protector will do the same job at a fraction of the price.

  8. I was given such package free when I bought a new Mitsubishi Starwagon in 1990 (sales downturn!) I have no idea whether it made the slightest bit of difference but the paint and upholstery were in fine condition and it had no rust when I sold it in 2008 with 90000km on the clock. I replaced it with an auto Mitsubishi Colt and refused the offered package (not free), time will tell if it made any difference but it seemed very expensive to me. $2000 on top of $17000 ie 12% of the new price… gotta be dreamin’

  9. Yes I was conned into buying such a package when i purchased my new car last year . I dont get time to wash my car that often and so that was a big selling point as was the resale ! They also told me that the individaul cost was more than the whole package . I guess time will tell if it was worth it. Don’t know about Electronic RUST PROTECTION though?
    Me thinks maybe just an LED that blinks .

  10. I purchased the full Protection Pack, which included a 99% U.V. blockout window tint, along with U.V. paint protection, CounterAct electronic rust-proofing, & under-carriage protection when I bought my new Commodore Equipe in 2005. I was living in Mackay at the time, the highest salt-air content (I believe) in the country. The pack cost me an extra $1200, & the salesman at Pioneer Motors DID NOT put any pressure on me to buy, the choice was mine alone. I’m not up there anymore, but still living in a Coastal town & I believe it was the best investment I’ve made, my car still looks brand new. I had had the CounterAct system installed on a previous car years ago (seaside town) & swear by it! It has been used all along the NSW Coast by many Surf Lifesaving Clubs on their vehicles & proven to be 100% effective against rust. I wouldn’t live near the coast without it.

  11. Iwas offered & somewhat pressured to take this protection package when I bought my new Mazda BT-50 4WD. It was over $2000. I went after market to an independent supplier & got it for $800. The supplier told me that he used to do it for the Motor dealers until he found out what they charged clients for his service.
    Anything offered by the motor dealers is a rip -off. You can get it cheaper away from them.
    Yes, I do believe the duco treatment is worth it. I have a car now in its 9th year from new & it is only now starting to not bead water when it rains or is washed. Sure saves a lot of time polishing!!

  12. Had paint protection on our 2000 Holden SS Commodore – since it was red and this colour was prone to fading, felt it was a good idea – only had this done and think the cost was around $ 1000. Only washed the car in the recommended washes and applied a polish recommended by Holden (The polish was expensive at $ 30 a pop however it lasted a long time as only a small amount was required). We had the car 3 years and it is now owned by my brother in law. This cars colour and shine is just about as new as it was when purchased. When ever I see another SS of the same model you can tell it has not had the protection done. I have not seen another red SS that looks as striking. Perhaps it is in the care that has followed, however to test that we would need to purchase another and not have it protected.

  13. Hubby and I paid an extra $2,000-something for paint, fabric and interior vinyl protection on our brand-new Hyundai Elantra. As a previous poster wrote, it is more expensive to purchase each individual protection separately than it is to purchase the whole package, which is why we purchased the whole package. The salesman told us that if any liquid, such as milk or juice, or something like vomit, is spilt on the fabric, the liquids won’t stain the fabric and can be cleaned off easily (using the special cleaning kit, of course). As we have a child we paid the extra for the protection package so if our child spills drinks on the fabric we could clean it off easily. Our child has spilt milk and also vomited on the fabric. We cleaned the fabric using the special cleaning kit, yet the milk and vomit stains still won’t come off the fabric. I feel that we have been conned into paying for something which obviously doesn’t work. As they say, there’s a sucker born every minute. I guess when we bought the car, we were the suckers.

  14. I have had three new cars over the last 10 years, have never purchased any sort of extra protection and have never noticed anything wrong with my paint, or upholstery. I think when you’re paying for a new car, these sort of extras should be just part of the package and being asked to pay more money at the 11th hour of purchase is very stressful. It’s insulting to think that manufacturers don’t provide these basic protections as part of the ‘deal’. On the same track of ‘extras’, on my last purchase through Holden I was offered an alarm system for about $1500 or $2000. I didn’t realise at the time that my new car didn’t come with an alarm. I looked online and found I could purchase a fully installed alarm for $450 so the dealer came to the party, reducing the price quite considerably. You should never ever be made to sign for something until you’ve actually had the opportunity to look around for a better price. The car sellers tactics when selling these extras are rather dodgy if you ask me.

  15. Unfortunately all the people who have left positive comments on here appear to be trying to justify their own expensive purchase.
    Firstly, fabric protection can be done by yourself with a can of scotch guard bought from Coles or Woolies for about $15 and follow the instructions.
    Secondly, rust protection. There is no evidence this system works. It is for use in submarines, which are in the water 24hrs a day!! So unless you drive your car in the ocean to work, you have wasted your money!
    Thirdly, paint protection packages are a glorified name for, what everyone elses knows as POLISH! Why spend sooo.. much money on polish which you should be doing yourself anyway on a regular basis.
    All in all, read your owners manual, it tells you how to look after your car and they never, ever mention anything to do with these bogus ‘protection packages’ that the dealers sell. If they were such a good thing, they would use them from the factory (wouldn’t they!!).
    Who cares if you live near the ocean, your neighbour who didn’t waste their money has no troubles either!
    Stop trying to justify your own wasted money and start looking after your car how it should be!!

  16. Bought a new car today and was given the old spiel about how the protection pack does this and does that. In all my years owning cars I have never ever had such protection packs and don’t feel they are justified for their cost (10% extra ontop of the car itself??).

    Rust is oxidation, funnily enough have a red or orange car and its more prone to oxidation because those paints make-up has more oxides. You can stop rust by using a sacrificial anode which I think is what the electro stuff attempts to achieve, but really if you have rust in your car before 10 years is up is a manufacturing issue (unless of course its rust in a panel from an accident of your own making).

    For myself as I use washing and waxing (sometimes a pure polish and clay bar treatment) as meditation away from the wife and kids. My LR Focus was ink blue and I had it for 4 years, when I sold it the paint work was deep dark blue and looked brand new. The replacement car which went to my wife, a silver Holden Viva stationwagon which we still have and declined to take up the paint protection looks like new and I can still leave a maccas cup on the bonnet to turn around and see it has slid off onto the tarmac.

  17. Have 2006 100 series Landcruiser payed $1000 for all the interior and exterior protection except the nature guard which goes on top of the paint guard. As previously stated in some comments why do you need extra protection over whats there, especially as the vehicle is garaged 90% of the time and only taken out on weekends if needed or holidays. The interior stuff not worth a pinch of shit thats how strongly I feel about it carpets seats etc still dirtied the same. Oh by the way had the vehicle 6 months went to yamba for holiday had the car parked at cabin under trees for the duration. Got home when I washed it to find spot stains from the tree. They would remove from conventional cleaning when I asked toyota they said your problem you didnt get nature guard which I thought at first was ok but then I questioned it and confronted them over there quality of paint system etc and would use this against them. I then spoke with a manager who quietly showed me by using the concentrate of the paint guard wax it would remove it, so I re-applied to the roof and bonnet whole areas with excellent results ( by the way that is the re-application after 4yrs that costs lots of dow ) but at $70 for about 50 mls of wax its hard to use it sparingly. Also now they have changed to a new system, my advise should have got seat covers and just use a good wash and wax and for the more harsh conditions a good wax every 6 months the car will stay like new if time is of the essence get a recommended car detailer.

  18. I am taking a car dealer to the CTTT for selling me a paint protection product called the 5th Dimension. It cost me $2,500 and is a load of rubbish. The product is inferior to the original duco supplied by Honda and Honda Australia themselves do NOT RECOMMEND any product put on their cars yet the dealer sells this product to any unwitting customer just to make an extra $2,500 out of the sale of the car. It is dishonest and they must be stopped. Honda Australia cannot stop them from doing this and the dealer doesnt care about the customer. They only want to make money!!! Well, we will see on Wednesday when I take them to the CTTT!! Hopefully they will be stopped from ripping off the public.

  19. Thank you to everyones comments. This has really helped me decide not to go for the expensive cost of Car protection deals. I am in the process of purchasing my very 1ST new vehicle. been driving for 26 years. (& have said to the customer sales rep, that I will sleep on this decision, they do pressure you!) My car Mazda Astina, I am trading in, which I have had for 14 years, of that 13 years it has been garaged, yet parked during the day in the sun & by the coast for the last 5 years. It was keyed right down the passenger side, to the metal, 7 years ago. I didn’t get it fixed & the door bumps from other cars & the keying scratch has never rusted & I am on the coast. I have alway looked after my cars, washing it regualary before water restrictions. I have occasionally had bats dropping on it, & washed it off asap. (no stains). I put the elbow grease into waxing it now for trade in, & the car salesman is giving me a OK trade in, & comments how good condition & well it has been looked after in side & out. My question to them will be do they use inferior paint these days, so that one has to have this paint protection. I might add they charge for the paint in the car price as well, $460 whether you get Pearl or mica. (Don’t quite get what ever colour car, they state the cost of the paint extra, should be just in the factory price, just like the engine is)
    Perhaps for people who park out side don’t take, don’t take the effort to care for their car occassionaly, & if paying an extra $2K is nothing to them, then go for it. But if you intend to look after it & perhaps get a car detailing every once in while, your car should shine like new, like my Mazda does & its 17 years old now.

  20. Agree with Mars 100%

    Helped a friend (female) deal with a very pushy Toyota salesman.
    Bottom line is I said you have just told us that the build quality and finish are top notch, are you now saying the Duco is crap?

    He backed off instantly.

    You can do a great job on your own re polish and fabric protection.
    For a fraction of the prices some dealers charge for this you can treat yourself to a professional detail now and then.

    I am so annoyed by dealers attitudes for my next car I am going to use a professional broker to purchase my next one. They tend to cut through the BS and get you a good deal.

  21. When I bought my current new car 18 months ago, I explicitly told the sales person that if they were going to try to sell me any kind of a so called protection package, the whole deal would be off and I would go to another dealership. They did not try.

  22. Drove to Nowra yesterday from Miranda …doing 90 KPH; every driver went past me and cut in front with NO! indication …It is now a disease mostly young hoons driving V/8′s….and P plate users.

    Many having only one stop light that works….A Grey Nomad went pass me doing over 100 KPH towing a Caravan.

    What his hurry?
    Cheers CSS

  23. Forbgvet the packeages and use some of the4 savings to purchase a good chamois and sponge, bucket and detergent and use elbow grease which is free to wash your car at least wee4kly- after 13 years my 850 Volvo 850T wagon paintwork is in ‘as new’ condition- I polish it twice a year with a high quality car polish …

  24. When we purchased our Kia Rio back in 2001, the local national dealer in the capital really pressured us into buying the care package. Unfortunately at all the services where they were required to perform the checks or do something for the “warranty” they never did so regardless of how well you do your bit the dealer will always let you down. We recently priced a car through a holden dealer and got the 15 minute infomercial from the assistant sales someone or another and it boils down to $1500 for something that you really don’t need because if you did it would be applied at the factory or made part of the production process. $1500 is a lot of money to pay for a wax and polish and a couple of cans of scotchguard.

  25. I totally agreed with Mars from Sydney.
    Do not spend your money which is named as Diamond Clear Protection Steel Shine protection which attracting car owners false fully with outstanding brand names.
    All they use is ordinary car wax /polish which can be done easily by yourself.
    Please also remember that the more you wax your car the more you remove of the clear coat. Waxing is actually abrasive material removes tiny micron of the paint each time so therefore you can see brighter and scratch free paint after waxing
    But if you do this unnecessarily and more fequentrly then you may have more serious problem at the end.
    Unfortunaly I have already installed electronic rust protection on my Nissan XTRAIL. As they say unless I do not soak my car in Indian Ocean this protection does not work (by the way you may physiologically feel happy that’s all the benefit electronic rust protection can give )

  26. I dont think that the paint protection nor packages ever work to HELP the longevity of the car. I for one never buy it and have never had any problems with my cars from Holdens to BMWs.

  27. Today, i made my decision on which new car i wanted to buy – after much thought and many meetings with various dealerships.
    Feeling excited and pleased to be buying the car i wanted with a price i am happy with, i was then passed on to someone who proceeded to (what felt like) try and squeeze more money from me via pushing these paint protection packages.
    I raised the same points from previous posts ie. why should i need this extra protection -isn’t it good enough as it is? Im buying a brand new car shouldnt this be included. I was made to feel like a cheapskate and if im buying a new car i should purchase it.
    I’ll be going in there on Monday and telling them i dont it!! Thanks guys

  28. Hi everyone
    Thanks for your posts. I was at a new car dealer today purchasing a new Getz when I was handed over to a “customer service” person who tried to sell me a car protection package. Window tinting was even being thrown in! The whole package was nearly $2000, which is ridiculous when Getz’s are so cheap. Having never purchased a new car before, I’m glad I read all your posts – it’s saved me a lot of money. I told the sales person that I’d have to think about it. I’m definitely saying no and I think I’ll buy some good car seat covers and some scotchguard! Cheers.

  29. Paint protection is a waist of money. Unless you are planning to keep your car for a long period of time then there is no point. If you take into account that a professional detail of your car is around $200-$300 if done annually, these paint protection and extras range from $1500-$2500 depending on the package etc. That means you have 7yrs detailing each year on your car where you can see the immediate improvement, or 80+ car washs.
    Aside from the fact that most cars are galvanised and will not rust unless its been used and abused then the logic around getting protection is irrational

  30. Today I purchased a new car and got sucked and agreed to the $1400 package of leather protection, paint protection and vinyl protection. I also queried why it isn’t already done – especially when the car I purchased is a demo and being driven around by a sales guy without it? How does that work? Thanks for the forum, I intend to call first thing in the morning and cancel this protection. I have a 24 hours cooling off period for the car so if they give me a hard time I might play hard ball and cancel the lot! Feeling very ripped off…

  31. We have fallen for the biggest con,we purchased a new Astra Sri Holden
    and were under extreme pressure to pay $2500 for Fifth Dimension Vehicle Protection. This is an absolute waste of money they do not know what service is all about, I have already called twice to have a couple of scratches removed and I am still waiting for someone to come and do the work.
    They claim that they have no record of our membership and yet we have the products supplied and plastic card with our membership number on it.
    The dealer and the Fifth Dimension Group claim it is an oversight.
    After eleven months and proof of payment of $2500. We are off to the Department of Fair Trading.

  32. I bought a $2000 protection package for my wife’s Tiida. Being the first time having a new car I opt to buy the protection pack as we planned to keep the car for many years. After 18 months, I noticed that the car did not shine like new anymore and the paint did not bead as it used to.By the way, the car always park in a carport and seldom used. With some background in car restoration and repair, I decided to do some research about paints.

    My first finding is that almost all car manufacturers require some paint maintenance. Today’s clearcoat finishes have good UV protection capabilities but they are still “soft” and can get scratched/itched easily. Secondly, dark coloured cars has high surface temperatures during the summer months. Without some protection, bird droppings, tar and other pollutants can bond easily to the paint and causes damaged to the clearcoat. I have seen this in many medium to dark coloured cars with paints feeling like sandpaper after one year. So what kind of protection is needed?

    Manufacturers recommend frequent washing, waxing and sometimes (every 2 years perhaps) polishing with very mild abrasives to maintain the car’s finish. Car waxes (natural or synthetic) lasts months up to a year therefore requires re-application. That is where I felt I was conned since I believed that the paint protection I bought is said to last up to 2 years and at about 18 months, the paint lost its “new look” appearance. So I ended up buying a collection of synthetic waxes (retail and professional versions) and mild polishing compounds then detailed our cars. I just have to do it every 4-6 months to have a good protection. When our friends realised that paint protection won’t necessarily cost you $1000-$2000, I ended up as a part-time car detailer doing paint restoration, maintenance and protection.

  33. The only paint protection system that I believe works is the new NANO4Auto Car Care Program. It costs a quarter of most systems and is reapplied free when you have your car serviced. I have it on my 6 yr old Subaru and the car looks as good as when I purchased it. Their glass product for safer driving and mag wheel protector are A1.

  34. First of all you should not be paying any more then $699 for the Total Protection Package. Here is a point to ponder when thinking of buying a vehicle. Your car is 100km over your Factory Warranty and you have just blown your engine. You are in front of the Service Manager hoping he can overlook the 100km. You can rest assured that who ever is making the decision is looking at the profit margin they made when they sold you the car. If the dealer made a good profit margin, ya he is going to take care of you. Good luck to those who beat the dealer up on the price and services.

    Who did not buy the extended warranties on the Rear Projection TV’s. Bet you wished you did.

  35. I sell the protection Packages for a major dealer in Victoria. I would not drive a new car out of the dealership with out the product I sell. I can be truthful because I am not selling to you. I have sold these packages to my friends & family that were not offered the treatment at other dealerships. The product I sell comes with a life time warranty, No anual inspectionsand is transferable. What ever you spend on your New car, is alot to you, this is a new investment why not buy some thingthat will protect it where the manufactures will not. (They will only warrent what is found to be a fault in the materials used or in the fitment) I know that I can now spend 10 min with a quick wash and it looks like my car has been polished. This product insures you for things that will happen your insurance insures you from things thatb might happen. Either way I know my car looks great and will get a great resale price. If you are not happy with the treatment that has been applied then take it back and complain, especially if it has a life time warranty. Good luck… If you dont want it dont buy it. But dont complain about something you havent used….. and dont know about.


    Alot of you are missing the point of Protection products completely!!!

    LET ME GIVE YOU SOME INSIDER ADVICE. I have worked in the car industry for 7 years and in every case i have seen Protection Products ARE WORTH THE MONEY. When people trade their cars the one with a protedtion pack will always be worth more money that one without. They are always in better condition and the valuer knows that if you bought protection for your car than you have looked after it in every way, there is less risk for them to take the punt and pay you more money for your car. THAT’S HOW IT WORKES.

    I can only speek for NILRUST Protection Products, I know they work, i’ve had my car done and it’s great, the paint protection saves me time and money, no need to dry off the car after washing, never wax or polish EVER…. (love that) plus they give you a free bottle of car was to maintain the finish. The vinyl protection is worth every cent, no cracking , fading and none of that fog you get on the inside of the windscreen… and the whole point of getting the fabric protection done and not getting a can of scothguard was the warranty, (if your buy a cheep product you get a cheep result), if there was a stain i couldent get out i take it back and they fix it…This is the whole reasion for buying and investing in aftermarket products. Manufactures make cars for a price range they do ALOT of reserch into knowing what you will pay for a car, and let me tell you, the paint quality is one of the 1st things to go south… WHEN THE CAR COMES IN OVER THE PRIVE THAT THE PEOPLE WILL PAY FOR A CAR IN THAT SEGMENT.

    They could finish the cars to a higher quality and do the protection treatments them selves but get smart people, they don’t want their cars to last forever, they want you to keep buying their new cars and that’s why their quality and finish is low… When you buy a car, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR….
    And if you want to keep your car in as new condition your need to by the Protection Products.( one’s with a life time warranty) then you know you have invested your money wisely.

  37. Paint protection is worth it, unless you are a sucker for punishment (waxing once or twice a year) most detailers charge a lot to was and polish and the paint protection soon recoups the expense. I have 2 cars. One with and one without. I keep the one without waxed, but even between waxes the wax smears andyou have to really wipe it carefully. Not the other. On the other hand haggle about the price of the protection. On a new car I’m buyin it was offered as part of a package for $1600. I just wanted pain protection and it was then offered at $900. I eventually negotiated $275.

  38. I have been working in dealerships for 23 years and in the 80′s i used to help the detailer put the paint protection and fabric protection on and have seen it done now adays also . look don’t waste your money its just polish and some fabric protection you can buy at woolies … the dealership i had been working for many years now ( i don’t anymore) , it got sold and the new boss didn’t speak of customers buy name or what was sold to them , he would say how much profit he made from them like oh i got this much from those people etc , if your buying a new car just buy it ! you can go back later on and add extras at a later date after the new car excitement has died down . and the electronic rust protection , what a farce !!!

  39. At the end of the day car appearance care is a matter of preference, convenience and degree of satisfaction aside from cost-benefit. Some car lovers want paint protection with unbeatable shine. Some wanted them because they have no time to wash/wax their car regularly. Some just have them to be on the safe side. But one thing for sure: if your car is always parked on the streets or uncovered parking and its black or medium-dark coloured, never wash/wax your car regularly and no protection, it will only take one summer and you will see the difference. Even those top end European cars with very good paints need regular maintenance. So your options could be: 1) for new car – buy a protection with warranties if you can afford, 2) DIY protection provided you know what you are doing, 3) wash your car regularly with a good shampoo (not those $2 ones), 4) for busy people hire a detailer to look after your car. Read your car’s manual and you will be amazed how much care is required from your part just to keep your car looking new.
    Three weeks ago I saw a Toyota corolla 1977, wagon, brown, owned by an old lady. The paint was so good and still original, it prompted me to asked her how she kept her car over the years. She said “I polish it once a year”. It goes to show that the humble wax really works.

  40. To Amanda and Emma. It sounds like you are just trying to justify your position so you have a job. Get real and do some investigation work and you will find that the products you are selling are very expensive polish and ‘scotchguard’. As manufacturers state, the vehicle requires maintenance, ie: washing and polishing. With you stating, that you would never drive a vehicle out of a dealership without it, you are in-fact stating that the vehicle being sold is not fit for purpose (has something wrong with it!), an offence under the TRADE PRACTICES ACT.
    So; unless you have the facts to back up your claims and not just some piece of paper claiming to do all these magical things, do not make yourselves look bad.
    As I originally stated in this blog. Firstly, fabric protection can be done by yourself with a can of ‘scotchguard’ bought from Coles or Woolies for about $15 and follow the instructions.
    Secondly, rust protection. There is no evidence this system works. It is for use in submarines, which are in the water 24hrs a day!! So unless you drive your car IN the ocean to work, you have wasted your money!
    Thirdly, paint protection packages are a glorified name for, what everyone elses knows as POLISH! Why spend sooo.. much money on polish which you should be doing yourself anyway on a regular basis.
    All in all, read your owners manual, it tells you how to look after your car and they never, ever mention anything to do with these bogus ‘protection packages’ that the dealers sell. If they were such a good thing, they would use them from the factory (wouldn’t they!!).
    Who cares if you live near the ocean, your neighbour who didn’t waste their money has no troubles either!
    Stop trying to justify your own wasted money and start looking after your car how it should be!!
    Over & out!!

  41. I purchased a lifetime protection pack from City Ford at Rockdale with a new Transit bus, i was told if I payed $1500 i will get rust, fabric, tint, paint protection for the lifetime of the vehicle, what a bargon. The only paperwork i was given was a reciept from City Ford that had the $1500 protection pack on it.

    When I was advised about a year ago by the RTA Heavey Vehicle inspection centre of some surface rust i may like to have a look at i commented i have lifetime rust protection and i will give Ford a call.

    After jumping through many many hoops including 10 plus appointments and the sending off many photos to many places, the stray that broke my back is the one that occured yesterday. Meeting with a man from Ford who stated that this is the last vehicle inspection i need to do as he is a licenced vehicle inspector, a licenced repairer, a licenced valuer so i met with him. During the inspection where he looked throught the glove box, recorded many numbers from many locations on the vehicle he said very little except that he would seek legal advise and that he may require the vehicle to be inspected. Deception or what? another day off work for another vehicle inspection manybe by a person with more licences.

    I have a tribunual hearing on the 12th of February in Sydney, come along.

    A message to all, the time and money spent in trying to get the lifetime protection done for me includes many days off work to meet many meetings apointments, send many emails, make heaps of mobile calls and reply to a lot of text messages, and the time and expence to attend a tribunial hearing far exceeds the lifetime cover cost, the repair costs and maybe the cost of a down payment on a new car, a car this time without the protection pack and from another car yard.

    I wonder if car salesmen are amoungst the list of people you can trust?

    I understand the need for a business to make a profit, and dont mind paying a reasonable amount for a product or service, but i detest being treated like a chump.

    Maybe next time i will get pain protection as stated by wvv comment.

  42. I would NEVER pay extra for a protection kit. Just a way for the dealer to make an extra buck after they have already sold the car to you. Never adds a cent to resale value. The only thing (maybe) that is worhtwhile is the seat protection if you have children and/or you eat and drink in the car – although you can always get it steam cleaned if needed. This protection can be done after sale. Shop around and you will get a better price than through the dealer!

  43. damn i always got that extra protection kit. along with rust protection polish shine and intertior shampoo and under body protection at a place in sydney. i dont remember the name balian or something.

    but your so right about the seat protection if you’ve got the kids in the car. it just works wonders.

  44. My comment is in regards to the interior protection, there seems to be quite a few people saying, use scotchguard, scotchguard used in an small area, such as in a car, especially seeing as it is closed up most of the time, is carcinogenic, imagine the effect it can have on Asthmatics, kids and the elderly. I have had a car with and 1 without these products and i will say, that the one with the products, there was a noticeable difference in car conditions. If i had a problem with any of these treatments on my car, i would have gone back and made a claim on the warranty as this is what it is there for. You get what you paid for. As somebody earlier mentioned, the reasons these type of things arent already on your car, is because the dealerships want you to come back and purchase a new car when your other car is looking old and ready for replacement. Just because you have these things on your car, doesnt mean they are maintanence free, just that the maintanence is minimal.

  45. To MARS from Sydney. Do you know much about Submarines? Im not trying to justify myself just letting people be informed, is that not what a forum is for? Giving people knowlege from there own expieriences. I am not selling any thing to any one so I can say it as i see it, i like the product that I sell and I would be happy to sell it to myself. I would be happy to answer any ones questions truthfully. My advise is check the warranty, life time is the only way to go, that way if you are not happy, take it back.
    If you dont want it then dont buy it……..Amanda :)

  46. To Amanda. Yes, I know about submarines and the so-called ‘technology’ that has been taken from the submarines to be sold by dealers so some ‘wonder product’. Yes, this is a forum for people to be warned and that is exactly what I am doing. I am guessing you didn’t know that all new vehicles have the metals treated in the factory and by selling these rubbish products, that you are implying that there is a problem with a new vehicle and/or that it is likely that the vehicle will have a problem in the future. Not a very good tactic when selling new vehicles and something that could land the dealership in a breach of the Trades Practices Act. All you are doing is reading the info supplied and not actually researching the mechanics behind it.

  47. If you commit to a deal, it’s because you wanted to not because you were pushed you’re not stupid. At the time do your research and ask the questions, your car is not a tank and will not stand against extreme damage, but it will protect against compounds found in our natural environment. If you have a problem with any products you need to contact the dealer and tell them, what they don’t know they cannot fix. The car industry is very competitive and I am sure they will do everything in their power to protect their reputation. I stand behind everything I sell to my customer’s every day, because I would not buy $2000.00 worth of products if I did not think they work. If you can trust a salesman to sell you a car, why would you not trust a car care consultant who has been trained on everything about what they are selling? They are there to inform you, not to steal your wallet. Ask the benifits, ask the questions,and do your own research and then come back and ask your questions, and if they can not be answered for you. Dont buy its that easy…

  48. Mars, I suppose that any company selling extended warranties is also sying there product is crap and you should purchase this cause its going to break………. So may be jump on some other forums and warn every one that buys a new electrical appliance, tractor and so on, that they are being ripped off. I know plenty of people that are happy with the treatment they have on there car and that they have a great warranty should they need to use it. If you are really that concerned get off you high horse and take every company to the cleaners, as you seem to think that they are all dodgy. There are good products out there, smart people buy them and good people sell them. Now go and live your life and not worry about treatment for you car we know you dont like it…….A

  49. Amanda. You have lost the point of this forum. You are a very fragile person and this shows with your comments, in that, you are trying to justify your own position of selling these bogus protection packages.

    I am trying to warn people not to waste their money and be bullied by people like you when outlaying a heap of hard earned for a new car. Oh; and don’t you get offended when a purchaser says no to you?

    I think you should look at the science behind these products you obviously know nothing about, apart from a glossy piece of paper stating how wonderful it is!

    As you will see by the majority of the comments on this forum, people are not falling for these bogus packages and those that did buy them, now know that they are a waste of money.

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