P-Plate driver restrictions

Mazda CX7

P-platers can’t drive turbocharged cars like the Mazda CX7.

Last week Wallabies fullback and P-plate driver, Kurtley Beale, had a charge of driving a high-powered vehicle dismissed when it was revealed he had no idea he was prohibited from driving his turbocharged Maxda CX7.

Back in 2005 NSW introduced laws to prohibit P-plate drivers from driving ‘high-performance vehicles’.

The RTA website states: 
“The prohibited vehicle condition restricts provisional (P1 and P2) drivers from driving certain high performance vehicles. The condition applies to provisional licences issued on or after 11 July 2005. The scheme aims to prohibit young driver access to vehicles that are overrepresented in young driver crashes.


Prohibited vehicles are those with:

  • Eight or more cylinders (except diesel).
  • A turbocharged engine (except diesel).
  • A supercharged engine (except diesel).
  • Engine performance modifications that require an engineers’ certificate.
  • Certain high performance six-cylinder engine vehicles or other vehicles as described in the publication Novice Drivers – High Performance Vehicle Restrictions.

The following vehicles are not prohibited vehicles and may be driven by provisional licence holders:

Suzuki Cappuccino 2D Cabriolet Turbo 3 698cc (released between 1/01/1992 – 1/12/1997).
Daihatsu Copen L880 2D Convertible Turbo 4 659cc (released from 1/10/2003).
Smart vehicles (all models).

The RTA also provides a “guide to moderate performance vehicle exemptions” (which is mostly made up of small engine European vehicles) alongside its comprehensive list of banned vehicles.

Obviously the RTA has gone to a lot of effort in producing its P1/P2 – Prohibited Eight Cylinder, Turbo and Supercharged High-Performance Vehicles” list, but the NRMA would like it to be updated to better reflect today’s motoring environment. There are many anomalies with this restriction that just don’t make practical sense.

For instance, a non P-plate legal Mazda CX7 (turbo) as driven by Beale will take around 10.3 seconds to reach 100km/h whereas a P-plate legal current-generation six-cylinder Ford Falcon will reach the legal limit in around 7.3 seconds. The turbocharged 1.8-litre four-cylinder VW Golf TSI Comfortline (0-100km/h in around 8.4 seconds) is banned yet the Mazda SP25 (0-100km/h in around 7.8 seconds) is legal.

Classic cars haven’t escaped the list either, with things like a 1962 Chevrolet Impala or 1961 Pontiac Parisenne also being off-limits to P-plate drivers.

But are these laws working and is there a better way to keep young drivers from being over represented in crash statistics?

Have you been affected by this law when it came to purchasing a new family car?

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136 thoughts on “P-Plate driver restrictions

  1. the best way to stop all these kind of accidents/deaths? Raise the driving age to 20. they are over puberty , over exams and at 16/17 and 18 they have no brain! no rationale.. the cerebral cortex ( which is the part that makes rational decisions) is not fully formed till age 25!!!

          • Yeah that’s like saying when your young enuff to bleed your young enuff to breed.we should follow New Zealand. I have a 22 yr old daughter going on 17.i won’t get in the car with.i still would be surprised if the brain has it together by 25. Keep our kids safe. Go the 4 cylinder.

              • Dont Be Ridiculous… Being Out Of Puberty Doesnt Change Shit, Have You Not Seen How Many 30yo+ People Who Burn Their Tires Down Their Home Street? Wake Up From Your Ignorance.

                • onya jake! and you as parents should take some responsability as to how YOUR kids drive cars. i mean, if they have accidents and crashes you are part to balme. you tought them how to drive. hahah

                  • People need to understand that its not the car that should be restricted it should be the driver. Like in NSW, P plates have speed restrictions. In QLD we can do all speeds… Regardless of the car.

                  • Hold up its not just high performance vehicles that accidents happen in 4 cylinder vehicles can do the same thing. A vehicle isn’t really dangerous it’s the person behind the wheel that makes it dangerous. I’m on my ps and I drive an xr6 ute and I do agree that driving age should be put up not restricted but I can also guarantee that everyone has done something silly behind the wheel sometime in their life.

              • uhhhh…. why not ban commodores? p platers crash on corners? corners and commodores dissagree. actually you would need a boat license for a commodore

            • Engine configuration does not mean that it will/wont have a lot of power. By saying that p platers should only be able to drive 4 cylinders is stupid. Formula 1′s are 4 cylinders and have no problem getting up to 1000 Hp. What you should be considering is the power to weight ratio, which is what actually matters.

    • U guys are wrong….. an example – if a kid drops out of school to begin their trade they obviously need a license to drive to TAFE and worksite. Also, 17 and 18 yr old need to drive to school and sports, its saves kids relying on their parents to take them.

      • If a kid ‘drops’ out of school then they have to learn to walk on their own two feet NOT their parents. This is why they have school buses and other public transportation. Suck it up

        • that all well and good if they have public transport but in rural towns where there is no public transport, i think you would agree it would be stupid to have people walking into town when it can take 40mins to drive

          • this is stupid, if you want your children to be safe on the roads teach them to be good drivers and respect the road rules. It has nothing to do with the power of the car but with the brain power of your child.

            • 100% agree

              i am 20 and have grown up around racecars as my dad is a driver trainer/ racecar driver

              i have a dash cam and have noticed that 95% of speeders and agressive drivers are full license drivers i just dont know why p platers are restricted as i have been on the track driveing high performence cars since the age od 11

              i have never had a crash but if you look at the p plate ratio compared to black license drivers its so simuler

        • Typical response from a city office worker or soccer mum. Come out to the country and see if you can find public transport. Also, how is an apprentice doing a trade going to carry their tools on a bus? Think before you blurt out an opinion.

        • Mate I (and I’m pretty sure every single their P player) would like you to try something… Rely on public transport for a WHOLE MONTH then you can lecture us on it. It easy for you to say increase the age but at the moment my farther has cancer and my parents travel 2 hours to get treatment for him… Is a major inconvenience that I can not drive my sister and I to school and back… I have over 100 hours up and all of my vehicles are petrol and either supercharged or turbocharged therfore even I I had my P’s I could not drive them. And if you say to suck it up and walk. I have tried, how about you try walking nearly an hour home every day. Public transport. It may aswell not exist in my town. So I conclude, I believe that not only should the p plate restriction be reworked so that you may get a permit to drive high power cars, but also that Learner laws be changed to only 100 hours of driving in any period of time or the minimum time be reduced to 6(months)

      • I agree Andre, many teenagers leave home to move to cities after they finish school, to attend university, and are not living at home to have their parents teach them to drive!! they are very much independent and cannot rely on walking or public transport

    • I had this conversation with a female friend.
      she said women are more developed than males, and should get their licenses at 18, but males at 22.

      i then asked her if she had any at fault accidents, and you know what? she had written off 2 cars, as well as making her partner need to visit a physio due to whiplash when she reversed onto the street and got Tboned by another vehicle.

      secondly, power to weight is better than this list. but its not about that, i drove a vehicle with well over 300KW on my L’s and P’s, never once i got done for speeding, or dangerous driving.
      i was taught how to drive, how to control a car.

      at the present moment, people are taught how to pass a 15 minute drive around the block to get their P’s and not how to actually drive on the roads.

      we need better driver education, but that actually, believe it or not, costs money, the government is a business, and wants to make money, hence more fines, speed cameras and the rest.

      • This, as well as many articles and blogs on the internet, are more reason for us to really look at the road authorities.

        Sam is right about the driver education for sure. And I totally agree, I mean, REGARDLESS of what car you drive, if you don’t have the ability to drive safely, it doesn’t matter what car you have. The fact that they just restrict vehicles based on power is because the government are lazy and are just pushing through more rules to provide revenue through fines etc.

        I mean I havent read the facts, but I can be damned near sure that those cars that are “overrepresented in young driver crashes” have NOTHING to do with the car itself. I mean chances are, someone was speeding, on the phone, or just not paying attention. The number of accidents that occur due to fault of the vehicle is more than likely negligible in comparison to the number of accidents due to reckless driving and driver negligence.

        As a P plater myself, I wanted to buy myself a car with a bit more juice to go up Bulli Pass (a very steep uphill) at, not below, the given speed limit without burning all my petrol. I take this road every day and I burn through a LOT of petrol in my little 2.0L 4cyl car.

        I believe and I’m sure there are people who agree with me that these accidents that involve powerful high performance cars are because the driver was speeding and lost control, or other factors that have NOTHING to do with the fact that it’s a high performance vehicle.

        And we call America a dumb country.

    • Your only saying that because your obviously older than 18 when u were that young I bet u couldn’t wait to drive so stop saying they could raise it when u already have a license another thing don’t go saying that we have no brain people like u are the kind of people that try to cause L and P plate drivers to crash on the roads because we’re only out there to piss u off what gives u the right to start saying that we should have to wait till we’re 20 everyone’s maturity levels are different and from the comment you left your obviously still immature

      • This is the best most accurate comment I’ve ever seen. It sums up perfectly how, once you have something like a licence you just think about yourself and not the person who the laws ACTUALLY affect. Most of the cars these days run a turbo because of the advantage … You get better power out of a smaller engine therfore allowing the car to be lighter and more fuel efficient. I don’t know about any of you other people but I have recently bought myself a car and I was extremely limited to cars for the fact that they were either supercharged or turbocharged. My father when he was about 18 owned an 8 cylinder car and he never had any trouble with the police because he was a normal person, this is a perfect example of being a person instead of a machine. If the government would think about the 99/100 people who would not travel at 200km/h they would be able to see that it is not the vehicle but the person. I myself would rather hop into an 8 cylinder supercharged car with a sensible driver than a 4 cylinder car with a speed demon. I think that the government needs to take a survey of the younger generation and see how they feel, not the people who already are allowed to own a V8 turbo powerhouse of a vehicle

    • As a P Plater of 17, I am rather aware that I’m not an experienced or overly-confident driver. I only ever drive when I have to, and I don’t drive for fun like half of my friends do. It’s sometimes offensive when we are ALL labelled immature, when there are A LOT of young people out there who do watch what they are doing on the roads. A lot of us are doing the right thing out there too.

      A lot of us are more mature than people and the media give us credit for.

      • I have come across a lot of responsible P-plate drivers but unfortunately a lot more irresponsible ones. I think statistically, P-plate drivers’ odds of having an accident including fatal ones are pretty high.

        So whoever you are Anonymous, continue driving responsibly and you will outlive the odds.

    • this is ridiculous, many people mature at different ages. who’s to say if it is at 18 or 25. we, as individuals do not have rights to determine the actions of others, we each have to make our own choices, but some people are more inclined to make those choices than others, but that doesn’t depend on their age, it depends on the way that they are taught about driving and the risks associated with it.

      • My biggest problem with it is I had to buy an XR6 instead of an FPV typhoon. That way I can cook crappy SS utes when I legally drag race

    • How the hell are they supposed to get to and from work???? We don’t all live in cities or towns where we can jump on public transport!!

    • if young people ‘have no brain’ at the age of 17/18 how is it fair for them to have to choose their entire career? it is unfair to say that they are unable to make rational decisions about driving, but force them to choose a career for the rest of their lives.
      there are many adults who do not make rational decisions when driving. the same as p-platers. it is a minority. there are p-plate drivers who do drive safely and make rational decisions. but you only hear about the ones abusing their right to a license because of negative media.

    • They should move the driving age to 13 or 12 if they are over 160 cm
      and they should allow p1 and p2 and learner drivers to drive whatever car they wanted as long as it is classified as a car.

      • I agree with Edwin. I have been driving solo on the farm since i was around 6 yrs old. At the moment i’m about half way through my Red P’s for Cars and Bikes and i’m 17. And i think we need to learn to drive earlier rather than later. Over in Norway or something they teach you rally driving then give you your licence. And they have community rally events where 10 yr olds can race with grown ups. They do this so they don’t act stupid on the road and save it for the track. Brilliant.
        My dad follows Alfa Romeo pretty heavily and somehow now we have 3. One is mine, and it’s the most powerful P plate car at school, as it was someones track day/rally car. It has tires as slick as the law allows, a few engine upgrades and its only a 2 L 4 cylinder. It can go over 200 km/h and it loves hills! I can accelerate up any hill in 5th as long as i’m doing 90 or more. I just finished school and going to Uni next year and i will certainly need it for travelling. I was pulled over once but only for a random breath test.
        Overall i think the higher the performance the better. The more done up they are the higher performance which means less chance of losing control.
        The media is unfair! If there is a crash between a P and a Black licence, they instantly say it was that “inexperienced stupid P plater”. The whole system is F’ up. The government just wants money, and what do they do with it, send us to fight overseas where we don’t need to be.

    • I personally rely on my car for work, this is the most ignorant post I have ever read. Being 17 and travelling alot as part of my career, I need my car. Don’t be so ignorant and wake up, not everyone can rely on there parents to drive them across the country

    • You are all sterotypical, You see one p plater and instanly think we are bad. Well no that’s incorrect and if you think you should raise the driving age than why not introduce a law to stop driving when your old??? I have almost been hit nearly 5 times by old drivers. And i do beileve i have a brain Serena and again you are being a sterotypical human being. You had it better when you were young anyways. You actually have to pass the prac. Its alot harder when you recieved your p plates.

      And excuss me but i need my p’s at the age of 17 to travel to work at 4am every saturday and sunday. My parents use to get up and take me before.

      Don’t be ingorent and think about others and how they act. Not every one is a stupid p plater.

      You were probly one of the drivers that give L-plater hell by yelling at them to go faster when stuck behind them.

      Unlike you we follow the speed limit and we still get harrased by people who obtain their full liecnse. Give us some breathing space and to correct the drivers who have been driving for years than to harras a new driver.


    • Nah. That wouldn’t work. By that age you’re at uni, and want to be able to drive to places and go on holiday with a friend or go to Uni or work. It’s impractical

    • Nah. That wouldn’t work. By that age you’re at uni, and want to be able to drive to places and go on holiday with a friend or go to Uni or work. It’s impractical

    • You go to be kidding me how is a young person ment to fit into society especially if you don’t live near public transport people like you who think you own the road should not be allowed to drive

    • So people like me who are working full time to feed their family of 6 can no longer get to work efficiently because people like you guys want to change the law… Quite a few people have families in which they need to take care of. Regardless of how young we are, shit happens and we need to step up. Think about all the consequences before saying something like that..

    • wow didnt know 18 year olds had absolutely zero cerebral cortex… that a first i think well you learn something new every day. thanks random that doesnt know what he or she is talking about

    • if they do this it would be bad im 17 need licence for job and every job now day requires a licence so ur gonna finish school and not be working unless u catch bus and train and most the time bus and trains don’t run at 3.00 clock in morning and whats the point putting it up y don’t u let ur kids grow up like from the age of 14 they are old enough to make right choices its will be worse if it was 20 not much ur allowed at 18 how about raise that legalise weed take alc out the pic u don’t hear or see people do stupid shit because of weed all u hear is how many people acctully smoke weed

    • i dont agree with this at all its not the age or anything like that. most accidents are from people way over their teens and drink driving or tired or just stupid on the road yes P-Platers are idiots i agree and i em a Red P-Plater. But i drive carefully so why should and other good P-Platers suffer because of the ones who do wrong?

    • I am 17 and probably have more driving ability than most 40 year olds. I have been drag racing since I was 13 and can handle a high powered car. I think the problem lies more in peer pressure when friends are in the car. This is when the curfew should be tightened as you can kill yourself and your friends in any car.

    • why rate them on their drivers test when the move to p plates to decide which type of car they can drive when they get onto p plates

  2. The restriction should be power to wieght ratio. Because you can have civic type r does not turbo produces 197 hp. Moreover,six and eight cyl should off limits .

      • I think there should be no restrictions on vehicles. Just more harsher penalties for any Provisional or Learner license driver for any speeding or other bad driving.

        Your car doesn’t do the driving, you do.

        • i don’t get hoe us p platers cant drive v8 but on our ls we can learn to drive in them. im sorry i just don’t get it.

          • i agree. i saw a Ls driver driving V8 Lexus. and currently im on P2 and have a BMW X5 twin turbo diesel and still confused whether im allowed to drive it or not.

            • The only turbo you can’t have on a provisional licence is a petrol turbo, diesel turbo are fine :D I had the same problem when I had to drive my dads van and do his delivery shift :D

  3. I definitely agree with the above. Power to weight is a better alternative. I think VIC go off this ratio.

    It comes down to driver education. As mentioned in the article, there are high powered 6 cylinder cars (your average commodore etc) that would still put out enough power and are fast enough for people to be killed in.
    With “high performance” vehicles that are restricted, they are built for speed, and most have the appropriate safety objects in them to prevent harm in a crash.

  4. More and more recently I am having to avoid collisions from cocky P-Plate drivers.
    When our schools teach so much more than the 3Rs now days, why can not driver education and training be included in the curriculum?

    Nearly everyone drives at some point in their life, and you seem to need an educational qualification for nearly everything you do now days any way. Proper qualifications in driving would teach everything you need to know from road rules to practical emergency reaction driving to avoid accidents. During the driver training, any “indestructible” drivers can be weeded out and trained that they are not “indestructible”.

    • iam fed up with so called mature drivers blaming p plate drivers for all the accidents iam on my green ps and iam constantly being tailgated by fully licenced drivers, they also dont indicate, look before entering an intersection, speed, and fail to give way to traffic already on the roundabout. i have been in two car accidents and both times it was caused by a fully licenced driver one failed to look before entering an intersection slamming into my passenger rear door and the other rear ended me due traveling to close

  5. I believe your statement “The turbocharged 1.8-litre four-cylinder VW Golf TSI Comfortline (0-100km/h in around 8.4 seconds) is banned” (for P-platers) is incorrect on at least two counts. The VW Golf TSI Comfortline is a 1.4 (not “1.8″) litre turbo- and super-charged vehicle, and is specifically listed under the “Prohibited vehicle exemption” section, and so is okay for P-platers – i.e., it is NOT BANNED for P-platers. (When I looked, the RTA website claimed it was “Last Updated: 16 June 2011″). It has around 27 turbo- &/or super-charged petrol vehicles listed as not prohibited, inluding the new Holden Cruze 1400 c.c.. Most (All?) of the vehicles on the prohibition exemption list also happen to offer extremely good crash protection, as well as other good safety features, which make them good choices for all drivers, but particularly for inexperienced drivers. However, as correctly directly pasted/quoted by you from the RTA website in your article, most diesels, for better or worse, of any size or performance are also not banned for P-platers.

  6. These rules completely miss the point. It’s nothing to do with high performance vehicles. Driver education is what’s missing! In finland, young drivers are taught to respect the car, while also getting into a number of potentially dangerous situations in controlled environments and are taught how to get out of them and minimise risk while driving. They are therefore allowed to drive any car they want because they have the ability to handle them. Finland produces the best drivers in the world.

    And yet I was recently caught driving my dad’s V8 BMW X5, my normal car is a 2000 commodore. My car has no ABS or traction control, my dads car stops in half the distance, has reversing sensors so I don’t run over small children, has every airbag imaginable compared to only one in my car. And yet, both cars will still do 200km/h. I have also done two defensive driver courses and raced go karts at over 150km/h most of my life. And you mean to tell me that I am more of a danger in my dads car than my own? Garbage.

    And my mums car is a volvo XC90. A tiny engine pulling a monolith of a car, slower than a wet week. The safest brand of car in the world and still, I’m not trusted to drive that either. Not every P-plate driver is a madman, though many are terrible due to a lack of proper driver education.

  7. This is exactly right.

    I can’t believe the knee-jerk reaction that is this law was passed, when it’s so plainly and obviously poorly informed and poorly implemented.

    There should probably be restrictions on young/new drivers – however the blanket rules for arbitrary vehicle features (such as a turbo) are stupid. Power to weight like the other states? Pfft. Don’t be silly! Not the RTA making a smart decision.

  8. i would like to agree with the power to weight ratio determining what cars are unusable and with the driver education i have recently attended a KIA motorvate driving course. in this course we did things like how to stop a car in an emergency without loosing control and we also learnt some things about what you should look for in a car like abs traction control airbags etc i think if schools could take children at the right age to these courses it would help greatly. and then another thing this may sound like a waste of time but i truly beleive that if we had somewhere like a race track or even a skid pad that was run proply and safely it would take away the urge for teens to race on the road they could take their registered car to the track and have fun then they wont need ti do all that on the streets

    thats just my take on this matter

  9. I for one am very happy about the terrible policies put in place :P it means P plate drivers such as myself can get stupidly fast cars without a second glance…. power/weight can go F itself.

  10. Anyone know how long it takes to get an exemption approved to drive a “moderately” powered vehicle? Been 12 days and counting. Was told by the RTA lady at the counter it could take up to 2 weeks.

    BTW It’s a Golf 77TSI and I’m on my Greens.

    • im about to apply for one, my arguments will be that ive leared on a hp turbo car, ive done skid pan courses and also the only cars in my family are turbo cars, i still dont like my chances

  11. A 1998 Saab 9.3 with a low compression turbo is one of the first cars to receive a 5 star ANCAP rating. It has driver and passenger air bags, front curtain air bags, side intrusion bars, ABS & active headrests to stop whip lash. It produces 111kw and does 0 to 100ks in 11.6 seconds. With All these top safety inclusions coupled with a very modest performance should make this car a stand out when it comes to vehicles selection for an inexperienced driver. Unfortunately the NSW RTA is a government dept that shows uncompromising buracatic arogrance from the office boy right through to the minister advisers. Sadly while this culture exist we will continue to see lack of common sense and decisions that will benefit motorists such as allowing P plate drivers into ANCAP 5 star vehicles such as the Saab.

  12. …When I was a kid, we could wonder down the street and not get abducted, play violet video games and watch more blood and gore than midwife sees in her entire career. Guess what, Gen X turned out ok did they? Hell yeah.
    I admit, I’ve only written off one (German) car, and that’s because of poor handling and weight, but I’ve been in 3 other accidents caused solely by the stupidity of people aged in excess of 70 years of age.

    Had I been driving my Japanese car there’s no way that accident which was my fault would have happened.

    There’s something that’s no one has mentioned about (most) performance vehicles, and that’s that they usually come with better brakes, suspension, tighter handling and much better agility.

    But none of that will ever save you when (as someone has written above) you’ve taken a 45 minute practical test to pass your licence.

    It may suprise some of you to know that in some european countries (and I’ll name Germany) it costs thousands of dollars and involves not just safe driving around town, but covers areas such as driving in the snow, rain, high speed driving, and requires you to pass a first aid course.
    For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to drive on an deutche autobahn and come back and experience how poorly educated 99% of australian drivers are, I suggest you find out so you have something to come back and complain about – like me.

    I can count on two hands how many times a performance vehicle has saved my life due to braking, handling, and power on my p plates due to unforseen circumstances, and I believe that solely reducing the number of powerful cars on the road for p platers is not the answer. (to a point).

    Modern performance vehicles come with all sorts of electronic goodies to assist you in staying in control when you’re a poorly educated driver, but they won’t help you define what your stopping distance is in an emergency.
    Do you know what the stopping distance is on a VU commodore S with standard tyres is from 70kms/h on concrete?
    It’s roughly 52 metres.
    Do you know what it is on a BMW 325 with contisports on?
    It’s roughly 24 metres.
    On your own car?

    What’s more slippery, a road after it’s been raining for 15 minutes, or 2 hours? (I believe this one is now included in the latest p plater theory test)

    While I’ll agree it may keep young inexperienced from buying cars they can’t handle, it will also serve to hinder the driving styles of well trained young drivers.

    One thing this country needs, in terms of both driving and other things like alcohol consumption – is Self Regulation.
    (and driving tests for older people).

  13. i just got my ps a few days ago and i think most of these rules are a bunch of bulldust, i was allowed to drive my dads subaru xt forester it had just over 200kw and was really fast while i was on my l plates, but i cant on my ps? emagine a first time driver driving a super charged v8 or something, im sure thats a bit more dangerous then a p plater, at least they have to do an actual driving test not just a test so you know the road rules, my point is why can l platers drive whatever they want but p platers are resticted to little buzz boxes or old sixes?

    • Learner drivers have an experienced driver in the car. Just because you’re on your red ps now doesn’t make you an experienced driver..

      • I do at least 3 or more hours a day and I all ways see Learner drivers speeding with their parent on the phone or reading the news paper, newer cars like some of the Mazda’s have cylinders around the spedo and the fully licensed driver can not even see the speed they are doing. I have been driving as a delivery driver in a Renault Master (if you don’t know a large sized van) I have done this for 2 years on my P’s I can reassure everyone that the most dangerous drivers I see is full licensed drivers. I have seen around six crashes this year and one was a P-plater, but i have been parked and a old man reversed around 5 metres out of his park swerved and hit my van, whats the first thing you do when your in reverse? Would checking your mirrors be one?

  14. I believe that the restrictions are perfectly fine now.

    Not all people aged 16-25 are fools. That’s just being ageist. Some people are rational drivers. I’ve seen P platers follow the road rules more than some full licence holders!

    • im 22 and on my p plates & i follow the rules all the time, i also have 2 kids in my car all the car too.
      just cuz im a plater don’t mean im a bad driver,

  15. Can i have a 2012 VW Golf 77TSI its a 77kw 1.2 lt turbo&supercharged only 77kw though im on green p’s looking at buying brand new yes or no? anyone?

  16. Ok here’s the thing I wish to say.
    Everybody does make good points Except for David. Most high performance vehicles should be off limits not all for example 1994-2003 Subaru wrx 155-160kw all wheel drive great suspension and the bodies on the subarus are made to crumble to a point so the driver takes less impact yeah it may screw your car but your life is worth a lot more! I think what they need to do is limit the modifications to the engine. A stock turbo 4 cylinder should be ok. They should have it in stages as you progress through your licence you are able to progress in cars. P1 3 cyl – 4 cyl / stock turbo/super charged should be fine.
    V6/6 cyl should be out of that. P2 progress to
    5/6 cyl/v6 turbo/super charged stock. With limited mods to 4/3 cyl. Then once you get your full licence you should be able to drive and modify how ever you please. I believe it should be all about stages. Cars these days are getting faster and faster. We recently bought a 2007 toyota corolla that little car has a 1.8 ltr vvti and has 101kw weighs 200kg less than a wrx with 50 less kw power to weight they would be almost identical I would feel a lot safer driving a wrx for its handling capabilities. Just to let you know I am 27 years of age have never had a licence and is in need of one now for work reasons and I have a family as well. I do drive and believe I can drive relatively well. But I don’t want to be seen as one of these hooligans driving a souped up heavily modified car. I just want something that I like to drive like to look at and will take my family anywhere I go.

  17. These rules haven’t been thought through if you look at the moderate performance list of vehicles (these are easy enough to get exemptions for) the list has no cars pre 2006. Take for example a 2005 Saab 9-3 Linear and a 2006 Saab 9-3 Linear, the 2005 is prohibited and the 2006 isn’t how does that make sense?

  18. I’m 17 and don’t drive like a hooligan, it only takes a few to ruin the chances of people like me to get a dream car

      • But it will be becoming successful towards getting one, if your dream is to get a house and your 17 you would get a job and work towards it not everyone has to live by what you think is okay or the right thing to do. If anything making a goal is better and shows maturity.

    • No, you see the power to weight ratio they are seeming to follow is 130KW per tonne and since 200sx are larger than that ratio (I think it’s 150KW per tonne, somewhere around there) because its high powered whilst being a coupe it’s quite lite hence you are not allowed to drive it.

  19. This is bullshit I was about to buy a cx7 not knowing I can’t drive it because I’m on my Ps yet when I was on my L i was aloud to drive my bfs skyline which is a 9 second car very high horse power with almost 500 kw at the wheel yet now I’m able to drive alone I understand not being able to drive his car but a cx7 for god sake it’s just pathic really

  20. This is bullshit i am 22 and got my license late i never had a any fine in my life my record is clean. I work at a import car dealership i can get any car from a rx7 to a gtr anything that is a import, Which is mostly turboed. So red p plates cant lose no points since they will lose there license do it a few times just go over the speed limit by 5. You delay in getting your license for more then a year. This is stupid there should be no laws like this but should be fair for everyone. Example if you a 67 as you grow old lose sight and pay less attention on the road why are they still allowed to drive any car plus if they exceed the limit by 5km.All they get is a warning or lose 2 points how fair is that.

  21. I just got a 2013 Toyota Aurion Sportivo ZR6. My 23 yr old son on P2 plates wants to drive it. Can he? That’s all I need to know.

    • Hi Perry, according to the information available to us from the RTA, yes he can drive the Toyota Aurion ZR6. However if it is a TRD supercharged Aurion, the answer is no, he cannot drive it. Hope this helps, Matt B, NRMA Motoring Advice

  22. It won’t make a difference raising the age up 20 people are still going to get in accidents either way. get real!

  23. I am a green P plater, and i drive any car i want, cause who are u to stop me from drive the car that i like, i had a 200sx, a ford f6, i had an eight cylinder Porsche 4wd, and i currently drive a wrx sti, whos to tell me what to drive, ive never put up any P-plates on my any car that ive driven, never been pulled over, never got a speeding ticket or had an accident in my life, but i do go crazy on the track, but stop telling us what to do and what to drive, and most people that cant drive are over 25, i dare to reverse park ur car in the ugliest situation and get it right first time!!!!!!!! ive more experience that all u, ive been to south america, Venezuela and brazil, and i dont think u can compare the driving experience between here and over there, firstly this country has actual lanes for cars to drive in between!! were in south america u make ur own lane!! ive been to other countries as well were driving is very rough! unlike here (and i drove there for the whole period that i was) i dare u pple to drive there!! u’ll crap ur pants!!! , and u pple call urself drivers u have experience ?!!! what kind of experience do u need to drive between two lane made to fit a truck
    ??? and what makes u better to have a license?? just because ur over the age of 25?? so that gives u more rights? im 21!! what is the difference?? more experience?? pple say after a certain age u dont get smarted u just become wiser, and wiser comes from experience and i dont think that u have more experience then me! u dont have to bee 100 to experience every thing, u could be 10 and experience everything! now lets all drink and drive and be happy…cheers oldies…!!

  24. pull ya bloody heads in what bout us younger people that live in the country and have no other way of geting from one place to another im 19 and still on learners because of no-one to do hours with at all. they need to follow states and have a 2 – 3 month driving school for people 16 – 21 then they can go for p plates not all this bullshit atm

  25. its the people over 60 that people need to be bloody worried about not us young people atleast we can fucking see 2 feet infront of us!

  26. trying to find out if i can drive a vs statesman v6 police sad to find out if i can so were would i find out please help just non supercharged not a v8

  27. If you don’t have a bad driving record, and your parents driving records are clean you can pretty much get an exemption for any vehicle, if your stupid and drive to impress people ? then you have no chance at ever getting given a chance with a higher performance car on your P’s

  28. I have a V8 Caprice, my bf is about to get his P1 and my car is the only car we have. Hes 26… will he need to apply for an exemption to drive my car?

    • Hi Sam, under the RMS regulations for P-Plate prohibited vehicles, P1 & P2 Drivers are prohibited from driving a v8 Holden Caprice. Unfortunately there are no exemptions to this law. Best wishes, Matt, NRMA Motoring Advice

  29. Just like my old race driving mentor the late Frank Gardner, I have always been very concerned about the safety of young drivers. I spent years entering club events, rallies and later driving a Formula Vee in open races. I have taught many family members to drive and none have had accidents. Rather than the required 100 hours we have done 200 plus in all conditions. Advanced driver training is the main key and also modern, safe cars or older cars with safety features such as Volvos. Get a copy of “Drive to Survive” by Frank Gardner and make them read it. Pay for advanced driving courses at Marulan Driver Training Centre and let them try their skill at track days. I don’t think the average parent is qualified to teach a learner and there should be a compulsory online course at the very least.

  30. this is the biggest pile of shit ive ever read. the media victimizes and highlights when P or even L platers have an accident, if they didn’t do that you’d realise how it’s not just the young ones.

  31. Hi, I’m 26 and my father bought me a car to help me out. It’s a Subaru WRX wagon MY00 stock engine and turbocharger but has better suspension and slotted brake rotors, could I get an exemption for it? I cannot afford to change to a more appropriate vehicle. Thanks


  32. Hi all,
    My father bought a car for me to help me out. It’s a Subaru WRX MY00, stock engine and turbo but better suspension and slotted brake rotors. Am I eligible for an exemption? I cannot afford to change to a more suitable vehicle. Thanks.

  33. I have read these comments and some of them i dont agree with. Like changing the age limit of being able to gain a license. I am 17 and on my L’s i had a car accident this date last year and it was caused by a full licensed driver who looked to be in his 40′s. I was doing everything correct and it being my first time driving on a dirt road i was thrown off of my side of the road and into to someone’s paddock because of the man and his negligant driving. So youcan’t honestly say that L’s and P platers are to young to drive and cause the accidents when it can also be full licensed people who are inpatient with L’s and P’s on the road and they obviously forgot that they were once in them shoes once before.

  34. I think all laws making me not able to drive my V8 are rubbish, and are a violation of my freedom of property ( thats a Australian law) I had to buy another car just for my P’s. I tried 7 times to apply for a V8 allowed licence, and denied all times because I’m a high risk because I’m a professional touring car driver. Thanks.

  35. Hi I’m 19 and on green p’s and was wondering if I’m allowed to drive a 2-2 tone truck. Can anyone give me information.


  36. its idiots that ruin it for the rest of us. i my self have a 6.5L v8 turbo diesel that the coppers keep fining me for even though in terms of kilowatts its only 150

  37. Hi I’m 17 with my red p plates and I’m looking to get a GT subaru am I aloud by law to get one or is it that I’m not aloud because it may be turbo charged or six cylinders

  38. Hey Elvis, Apologies for the delay, It’s best to check with the RMS to see if this vehicle is suitable for a P Plater. You can enter all the specs on the model that you are looking at here: http://goo.gl/2hJeD5. I hope this helps. Cheers, Paul- NRMA Community Manager

  39. I’m still on my L’s and going onto my P’s soon (I understand many far more ‘mature’ adults will take this comment as ignorant) but I seriously do not believe that the vehicle makes the driver. In my 135 hours on the road, by far the worst driving I have seen comes from the lesser powered P plate legal cars and majority of the time it’s fully licensed drivers. So for that I deduct that it’s not to do with age or vehicle but the driver themselves. If you want less accidents on the road, instead of limiting cars to P platers, increase the intensity of the test to get your licence and make sure people learn to drive from a ‘teacher’ that has a respectable past driving record. Clearly as demonstrated by young and old hoons, P platers and full licenced drivers, you can drive dangerously in anything from a V8 sports car to a 4 cyclinder corolla. Not to mention peoples lack of ability to control speed, brake safely, use their indicators and over take in rediculous manners. Its all driver. If anything, change the test and the teachers.

  40. I’m still on my L’s and going onto my P’s soon (I understand many far more ‘mature’ adults will take this comment as ignorant) but I seriously do not believe that the vehicle makes the driver. In my 135 hours on the road, by far the worst driving I have seen comes from the lesser powered P plate legal cars and majority of the time it’s fully licensed drivers. So for that I deduct that it’s not to do with age or vehicle but the driver themselves. If you want less accidents on the road, instead of limiting cars to P platers, increase the intensity of the test to get your licence and make sure people learn to drive from a ‘teacher’ that has a respectable past driving record. Clearly as demonstrated by young and old hoons, P platers and full licenced drivers, you can drive dangerously in anything from a V8 sports car to a 4 cyclinder corolla. Not to mention peoples lack of ability to control speed, brake safely, use their indicators and over take in rediculous manners. Its all driver. If anything, change the test and the teachers.

  41. Are you kidding me YOU older people telling us that the driving age has to go up. Majority of the people saying this only had to do 50 hours of experience on their Ls and you have the nerve to tell us that the age should be raised. We have to do 120 hours before we can attempt our Ps and 20 of the hours must be at night. So either way we are getting more experience than you as we have 120 hours in the car with someone next to us criticing our every move. Seriously how do you think that we feel all the time why was the time allowed before taking the test made higher oh I know from your mistakes that your generation made not ours.

  42. I understand a lot of the reactions to vehicle restrictions due to age and experience. I learnt to drive and actually went for my licence in a high performance Ford V8 Phase 3 GTHO. I am now 60 and have had a few accidents, none of which were my fault fortunately and the only person ever hurt was me. I don’t believe that high performance high powered vehicles are necessarily the cause of accidents, but as under 25 males are over highly represented in accident statistics (and usually due to speed or being under the influence) why not limit the type of vehicle they can drive. For the majority it is not an issue but for some having access to that power is all they need to be foolish and get into accidents. If they cant help themselves we as the community can.
    For those who believe it is all about making money, lets stop the government from making money of fines by obeying the road rules to begin with.

  43. I’m 23 years old and was raised on a farm, I have been driving around since I was 10 or 11, I have raced both drag and circuit cars on the track from the age of 16. When I got my P plate license I was probably more experienced then most people over 30 who live in a city. I think the performance of a car has nothing to do with the issue. The fact is, if you can’t handle a car with 400hp you probably can’t handle one with 300. During the 12 months you hold a learners license you should be able to do the hours in any type of car, and be restricted to driving only what you had done your hours in. Eg you did all your hours in a v8, then you should be aloud to drive one on your P’s

  44. Hate to break it to you losers but people die anyway, tough luck, I have personally put a 1.5 litre stock Mitsubishi mirage up to 195 so not having a powerful car doesn’t stop you from goin fast except that good cars have better brakes handling etc that means it will handle the speed much better than ur average buzzbox hence us less likely to lose control and crash, that bein said some ppl are pathetic at drivin in general but they aresnt limited to p platers

  45. Public transport is good for those who live in the city. Iv recently completed yr 12 in vic. I live 20km from closest town. And am going to live in nsw living 2 hrs from city. 18 yr olds need a car to be able to be mobile. As a country kid and a farmer, if kids learn that a car is a tool to get them from point a to point b and do not abbuse it then it will work. It’s the kids in town who show off to each other with who has the better car. That’s what the problem is

  46. Driving cars is a part of every day life. I got my license the day after I turned 16 in N.Z. Back then you got your full license and there was no such thing as L and P plates etc. I am now 45 years. They do have some systems in place where there is driving education taught at school after school hours for a fee. This way it prepares you for when leave school and find a job so you can become more independent. Im suprised they dont have it here? In my opinion it doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive and raising the age is not practical. It’s about being responsible, courteous and cautious driver. I agree with the young ones that we should be more considerate to them on the roads if they are L or P Platers cos I have observed here that us older ones can be rather impatient when we see them on the roads. Back off and give them space cos all us road users should be showing good behaviour. We as parents should also have some accountability eg. I never gave my oldest daughter the key to my car unless I knew that she was confident and responsible enough and she had to earn my trust, but I also had a teenage son who was rebellious, drove unlicensed, racked up fines clocked up 140kmph on the motorway and got brought home by the police. As a result of that he is now paying off a large debt and has learnt the hard way because he cant travel overseas. The morale of the story is that it is the choices we make not what we drive or how old we are. Drivers Education is the key. We should promote them in schools. P.S, maybe they should bring out an O plate for oldies so road users would know to watch out for them like how we do with L Platers?? Just a thought??

  47. As a new driver (Iwas 61 when I went for my Ps as I am a greenie and a fitness freak and nothing beats walking); I appreciate the power to weight restrictions for newer drivers. A 4 cylinder diesel ute such as a D-Max will pull up to 3.5 tons (I drove one on L Plates and was very impressed) and who needs more power than that. After I get more experienced I will buy one as well as my beautiful Hyundai I20. I agree that is the fully licenced drivers who raely indicate and constantly change lanes in heavy traffic and leave 3 mr gaps when turning aross oncoming traffic.

  48. First off, anonymous from QLD that apparently drives an aventador. There’s no way that’s true.

    And why the fuss whether you drive a 4 cylinder or “12 cylinder” if you passed that p-plate test; turbocharged or not, diesel or not shouldn’t matter. Its up to your integrity, maturity and responsibility to know that you should only be going 60 in a 60zone or 100 in a 100zone. The p-platers test is a test to show whether or not you know road safety. When you pass that test you get a p-plate licence that tells EVERYONE that you do know how to be safe on the road behind the wheel. Its just the idiots with p-plates and even open licences that abuse this safety and cause accidents. Any car can be speeding and cause a crash even a 4 cylinder.

    For example; im a red p-plater from qld, never went over the speed limit, never tried to impress mates in the car by doing donuts or that. I believe I drive responsibly and I drive a 4 cylinder vw golf.

    I was at the lights on my way home from work on a main road waiting for a light to go green and 3 p platers also in 4 cylinders race through a red light and on the oncoming lanes of traffic doing maybe 100-110. There was no one around. The difference between them and me is that I am responsible and they are not.

    The only thing that matters, is the driver.

    P-Plater Dylan from QLD

    Im out

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