Sydney congestion forces businesses to change operations

Sydney congestion

Sydney congestion is forcing businesses to change operations

Trying to get anywhere on time in Sydney can be a lottery. Any one of a number of things could go wrong that could reduce the likelihood of you getting to your appointment at all.

You only have to look back to a couple of months ago when our city was brought to a standstill by a breakdown in the Eastern Distributor.  It caused an epic traffic jam that stretched almost 15kms.

Two hours and two tow trucks later the car was removed from the tunnel and millions of dollars was lost in productivity.

Our roads are constantly running at or near full capacity so when a breakdown occurs there’s usually no plan B. The flow-on effect sees couriers run late, businesses unable to deliver their goods on time and as a result our economy suffers.

We recently surveyed 600 of our BusinessWise Members and found that almost half had spent up to $5,000 in operational costs as a result of traffic congestion.

Worse still, 50 percent of businesses have had to change the way their company operates in order to ensure that deliveries make it to their destinations on time.

Almost two-thirds changed the start and finish times of their employees in order to avoid peak periods, while another third have had no choice but to extended delivery times to ensure they met deadlines. These changes may work in theory but for some clients early morning and on-time deliveries are not negotiable.

The results shows us that over the past 12 months businesses have had to make some very tough decisions about how they operate and when they make deliveries because congestion in Sydney is so bad.

Unfortunately traffic jams that bring Sydney to a standstill are not going to disappear anytime soon. We need a plan with funding and timelines ready to go to ensure congestion is tackled and our road network improved. Otherwise our economy will continue to suffer.

Have you had to make changes to your business in order to get around traffic congestion?

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One thought on “Sydney congestion forces businesses to change operations

  1. Sydney traffic jam and congestion will always be there. You first have to look at the population growth and its the biggest commercial city in Australia. Melbourne traffic congestion is becoming really bad, even the public transport is not that a good choice.

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