The End of Registration Labels

Rego Sticker Retirement

END OF AN ERA: From 1 January 2013 your registration certificate will not include a label but you will still have to renew your registration each year.

From 1 January next year, registration labels won’t be required on light vehicles (this includes cars, light commercials, trailers, and motorcycles and scooters).

The labels are no longer needed because the police have number plate recognition technology that can quickly check from a camera image whether a vehicle is registered.

From 1 January 2013 your registration certificate will not include a label but you will still have to renew your registration each year and write the receipt number for your payment on the certificate.

If you have an existing label on the vehicle you can remove it from 1 January if you wish but you MUST keep the label on your vehicle until 1 January.

This only applies to New South Wales. It will begin in ACT on July 1, 2013. South Australia and Western Australia have already implemented the change.

If you want to check if your car is registered you can call the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) on 13 22 13. You will need your rego number and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).  You can also check online here (it’s a much easier process online as a VIN is not required).

If you are in the process of buying a vehicle, you can check if it is registered at or by calling 13 22 13.

For more info visit the RMS site:

What do you make of this decision?

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238 thoughts on “The End of Registration Labels

  1. I guess it makes sense but it saddens me a little. My first ‘job’ with the family car was changing the rego sticker, I was about ten years old and in those days you needed to scrape of the label with a razor blade, carefully clean all the glue of the inside of the window, soak the new one in a bowl of water for about one minute and then carefully place the new label in the correct location and smooth all the bubbles out (I used to use a packet of my older brother’s cigarettes for that task). But when it was done, your handiwork was there for all to admire for the next 12 months.
    DId many others have a similar introduction to the world of motoring?

      • Yes, I agree. I always felt a sense of pride after having applied the new rego sticker and would admire my handy work. Oh well, gone with the past like many other things.

        • I did too. As a kid of the 90s, I didn’t need to soak the label in water. My story involves peeling the old sticker off without ripping it and then sticking the new label on using pinpoint accuracy and precision. On a Volvo, this was an easy job because of it’s boxy windscreen, but as modern cars started coming with curvier windscreens, I’d spend time analysing the angles and gaps of the windscreen to make sure that the sticker was perfectly placed. Call me a nerd, but this was the most rewarding part of the registration process!

    • Yes I remember this very well too, I always love to change the rego sticker, especially now that they are so much easier to replace. It just feels like a new beginning…..a bit silly I guess, but now that’s just one less thing we need to do every year.

      • Chris you tell it well except for the feeling you got when the sticker started to break up a little if you didn’t do it right ! Also was there a different colour and picture every year ? I remember the Opera House picture – maybe a koala ? You can still see them in old Australian movies like “their a weird mob” and some Skippy episodes!

    • I remember doing a similar task. Using a GEM razor blade & a bowl of warm water to soak the label. I dont recall what I used to remove air bubbles. Now we are vertually redundant without the label.

      • Perhaps we are all becoming Grumpy old Men and Women, and the change has been developed to cause us grief and stress! I must admit that secretly I am pleased the practice has been superceded by technology, it became increasingly stressful trying to remember where the razor blades were kept.

    • If it saddens people to not have a registration label or if they want a reminder of when it is due, then just leave the old one on. Of course you will have to keep your car for a lifetime or move to another country, like Queensland,

    • This is indeed more good news! Yes I too remember the good old days of the transfer style registration label and the battle getting it in place and nicely lined up without injury to the label or myself during removal of the superseded one. In recent years I have affixed the registration label to the rear offside quarter window but with window tinting now in vogue have now had to revert to the front windscreen. Yes technology is wonderful – my recently purchased FWD doesn’t have a dipstick or radiator cap. The oil level is checked via a menu displayed in the speedometer cluster.

    • It was my special job when I was a child and yes, I was very proud of my contribution. In those days there was little that a girl could do in the male dominated world of cars but I could do that. I passed the job on to my own children and they were very proud of themselves, too…..a sort of “coming of age” job.
      It is a shame to not have it anymore. It will save the govt money but I doubt our registration fees will go down as a result.

    • I now live in Queensland, but grew up in NSW in the 50′s. I can remember Dad changing the rego Label on our much prized car. He used a Razor Blade and Metholated spirits to clean the glass to put new one on. It took quite a long time to do. Of course us 3 kids all looked on. Those were the days.

  2. So what about QLD?

    Why make people write the receipt number when surely confirmation is posted out?

    Are you then supposed to keep the certificate and written/scrawled receipt number in the car’s glove box – might as well get a sticker!

      • Um, I think you watch too many American movies/TV shows, it may be the law there, well in one or other of their 50 states, but not here, not ever. As someone below points out it’s a security risk leaving ID in the car.

      • Yes that makes it really easy for anybody that steals your car to register it in their name. as they have all the details they need to transfer it ….NOT a bright idea.
        Think about it

      • With the Quick number plate recognition that the Police use , approx. 10 seconds to check – I have been checked approx. 6 times at RBT’s Police sits on side of road, does the check prior to RBT and by the time you reach the RBT the Rego check is done. No need for papers

        • The registration label has not been a guarantee of current registration or CTP coverage since the RMS (formerly RTA) ceased printing receipt numbers on the label, which is now some years ago. All owners will get the usual certificate a few weeks before registration is due and will also receive the CTP premium notice, so there will be two reminders that registration/insurance are due. Cheers Jack

          • What if you are constantly traveling about the country as many grey nomads are? With the rego label on the car you have an instant reminder that the rego is due and you can send off the cheque. When travelling the state official rego reminder may not arrive in time if it finds you at all.

            • What – you can’t remember when your rego is due without a piece of paper on the car? Ahhh..grey nomad and still using cheques…understand now.

            • Goggle calendar, will send out a reminder. Yes & I am a grey Nomad as well. Anniversary & Birthdays appointments, car servicing reminders ect. ect. Life has never been so simple.

          • Jack, you say “The registration label has not been a guarantee of current registration or CTP coverage since the RMS (formerly RTA) ceased printing receipt numbers on the label, which is now some years ago.” Not quite accurate here mate. FACT 1: the RMS does still print receipt numbers on rego labels (I have one on my motorcycle and another on my car as late as last month). FACT 2: A rego label with a RMS electronically printed receipt number on the label IS proof of registration (and therefore CTP isurance). FACT 3: A rego label (with electronically printed receipt number) displayed on the vehicle gave all passengers confidence that they were travelling in a registered (read CTP insured) vehicle; not so after 01Jan13. Please do not generalise your satements, I get sick of this every time I speak to RMS counter staff. Please understand your business and be professional in your communications with your customers/employers.

            • Hi Mark

              You’re right for people who go to an RMS office to do the business, but our understanding is most registration is conducted on-line where no printed receipt is available.



        • i have been checked by the police on the side of the road and my number plate did not come up as registered when it was. what happens then?

          • Anne if you are pulled up by the police claiming your vehicle registration is not current and you know it is, you will calmly tell the police to recheck the information they have and you will find that the plate recognition system usually fails the first time and may also fail three days in a row as it did to us about 3 months ago. Sooooo much for modern equiptment !!!!

      • As I Understand, its a definite no no TO keep rego papers in the car.
        ?? security if vehicle is stolen ??
        Can anyone verify that one for me ?

        • It is a very big security risk to have your rego papers in your glove box. There are some unwritten rules that I have had drummed into me since I got my first car in the 1970s. 1 – NEVER leave your rego papers or licence in your car. 2 – ALWAYS keep your papers & licence in your wallet. 3 – Under NO circumstances give either out when you are with the car unless it is to an authorised person. Especially if you are involved in an accident – give your details, by all means, but don’t let anything leave your custody.

          • I had the same drummed into me when I bought my first car. I have never kept the registration papers in my car for security reasons. If you are pulled over by the Police or involved in an MVA they have access to that information via computer. You can check the other vehicle rego on the “free rego check” site on the RMS. This site gives you the make, plate no, rego status, expiry date, concessions, CTP policy period and insurer. I can see potential problems with the removal of rego labels, the majority of motorists are honest and will do the right thing BUT……… Like anything new it will need time to prove itself.

    • No, there isn’t any requirement to keep the registration papers in the car. You might be thinking of American TV programs where the police ask for “license and registration”, but I’ve never encountered Australian police doing that, either in real life, reality TV or fictional TV.

      Given that the Police can check on the registration of the car without looking at the registration sticker, they’re not going to need the registration papers either.

      • Where have you been Tim, Over the years I have certainly been asked for my registration and Licence, I can also remember it beinfg law not to keep your registration in the car but on your person, Or you would have 24hours to produce, Licenc and Rego!

        • I dont know what country you have been in but being a Highway Patrol Officer for 20 years I can guarantee that registration papers are never requested by police when you are stopped only drivers licenses need to be carried at all times when you are driving

          • paying rego online (good thing) I always ask for reciept to be sent back to my email acc, which can be printed out and left in glovebox if any probs arise with boys in blue. safe as (it is only a reciept number)

          • I think anonymous you are one of these drivers who has been driving all these years with no knowledge of road rules and one day its only a matter of time that police woman Annie or one of her colleges may just educate you on what you are doing wrong !!!!

    • How about when you look at buying a used car…………the rego label shows the year of manufacture….not everyone advertises the correct age of the vehicle………….AW

      • valerie yes i agree that its good to have the stickers shown on your car as when purchasing a car you can see clearly when car is registered too people can lie about how long the registration is for or it might not even be covered by registration


      • You might move, your mail may be stolen.. there are a number of reasons you may not get a notice in the post. Sending renewal notices in the mail may become a thing of the past too when it can be done via email which could get hacked…. all worst case scenarios of course.

        • You might move but it is up to you to immediately notify RMS of your new address. Surely we know when our vehicles rego is due for renewal, if not the exact date, the approximate time. I have never renewed my rego online so I won’t comment on that aspect but if renewing your rego at an RMS office no doubt the receipt number will be printed on your rego papers.
          I just hope that RMS isn’t as tardy as Vicroads in updating records. I have seen instances where someone in Victoria has renewed their rego but 3 months later the Vicroads system is showing the vehicle as being unregistered.

      • I bought my previous car from the lease company after my lease expired, and for three years in a row (despite three attempts at fixing it at the RTA), the rego papers went to the Lease Company, who didn’t bother to contact me or forward them on. Finally someone at the RTA fixed the problem, but at one point in time, my car was about 3 weeks out of rego and I didn’t realise it. I only noticed while washing the windscreen one day.

    • SUGGESTIO TO PROBLEM – Print the month number on a sheet of stick on film and attach it to your window you will nerver have to replace it except when it peels off with age.

  4. OK for the police to have number plate recognition to check rego. What about the poor unsuspecting mug driving a corporate vehicle or any other vehicle. Who cops (pun intended) the fine for what could be driving an unregistered vehicle?. At least with a rego sticker, you could check to see if it is current and if not then check further.

    • More importantly an un insured vehicle! How can you possibly tell if you are going to be covered in the event of a car crash. At least that little sticker tells you there is 3rd party coverage on the car.

      • The third party insurance coverage is for people injured only it has nothing to do with damage to your car you have to take out separate insurance for that for you car CTP greenslip insurance is compulsary insurance so persons injured in the event of an accident are covered only seems to me so many people know nothing about registration or insurance just from reading these replies

        • Annie, you say “seems to me so many people know nothing about registration or insurance just from reading these replies” WHAT? No go back and read your own reply! First up, you say “third party insurance coverage is for people injured only it has nothing to do with damage to your car” WRONG! There are two types of ‘third party’ insurance COMPULSORY Third Party (CTP) and Third Party PROPERTY; they are both third party; so please think twice before you speak in generic terms. When Savo mentioned “3rd party coverage” he did not specify property damage or personal injury, you simply assumed. The issue at the heart of this is personal injury covered by the CTP. Les say its 22:00, you’ve have a few drinks and your group’s designated driver says he’s sober and so offers you and two mates a lift home. You see he has plates on the car but no label so you ask is the car registered and insured, he claims it is so off you all go. On the way home the driver falls asleep and hits a pole, the driver and your mate in the back seat are both dead and you are in a wheel chair for the rest of your life. Who pays for your personal injury damages?

    • Come on guys. Get your facts straight. So much garbage being written here about this. A rego label affixed to the vehicle is no proof that the car is registered. For many years now, since you have been able to register on-line, you have been required to write the receipt number on the rego CERTIFICATE but not on the label. You could stick the label on the car without paying rego or CTP. Also, whatever some say above it has NEVER been a requirement to carry the rego papers with you and produce them to the police. The old sticker used to be the proof of rego as it had the cash register imprint on it.

      • Matt, much of what you say is true, some not so. You say “A rego label affixed to the vehicle is no proof that the car is registered.” True, but if the receipt number IS printed on the label then everybody DOES have proof (the RMS electronically printed receipt numbers on both my car and motorcycle labels). This may be an issue if you renew on-line but simply writing a number on the certificate by hand is no proof to a passenger that a car is registered/CTP insured either. You say “The old sticker used to be the proof of rego as it had the cash register imprint on it.” the new stickers still prove registration too, if the receipt number is electronically printed on it; as mine are. In fact, assuming the owner/driver still doesn’t wish to carry papers on their person, a label with electronic receipt number printed on it is the ONLY way passengers, mechanics, traders and others could prove the vehicle is registered/CTP insured (I suspect even police on foot patrol too). Fact remains, anyone who wishes to travel with me as a passenger can easily establish my vehicle is registered/CTP insured by looking at my label and without relying on my word; post 01Jan13 this is not possible without communications with the authorities (during business hours).

    • My mechanic pointed out that he will not know if the vehicle is registered or not unless when it is booked in the customer is asked for the papers, so he will have to be careful if doing a test run or indeed a rego brake test run as it could be unregistered. Not a good idea.

    • I work in a car yard and I’m not looking forward to the change.
      I will not be paying any fines incurred from driving unregd cars to a mechanic, auto electrician etc.

      Am I meant to check on a smart phone or tablet now every time I need to drive a car off the lot?

  5. I work in the motor industry, how am I to tell if a vehicle is registered when driving out of the dealership without going inside and checking on ? Seeing if I don’t I as the driving may be fined ….

    • Agree Simon, makes it hard for all the small workshops who will have to check every vehicle for current registration/insurance and I can just imagine how often the website will melt down first thing in the morning. Sure eventually our data base will include rego renewal dates but that’s no guarantee it’s paid and many of our customers can only afford to pay 3 months at a time. They still have to send the papers, can’t believe it will save that much not including a sticker.

  6. What a great idea! No more forgetting to apply the right label. This has to have safety benefits for our Police too! It means they don’t have to get out of their car and approach a possible violent offender without any warning.

  7. Any idea when “registration labels won’t be required” will be implemented in QLD.
    Personally I like the idea of the labels, as you can easily just check the label when ever to ensure you are current, or when it’s due.

  8. i think it is a stupid idea as people who are trying too buy a second hand vehicle dont all have phones with them or internet access it is time consuming leave the stickers on it also helps remind people when there renewal is due.

    • I fully agree with you Wendy I think its a stupid idea to do away with the stickers it will just make us all criminals if we don’t get the papers for whatever reason on time & end up paying late or forgetting to pay at all as we haven’t the received papers & don’t know when registration is due at least you can check when you think they might be due. & some irresponsible people won’t bother paying their rego as they think that they won’t get caught. If you have a car accident you can check that they are registered by looking at their sticker how will you know if they are registered or not then if you are seriously injured you won’t be covered.

  9. So what happens when you travel interstate to where the state requires you still to have a rego label?

    Maybe one day we will treat Australia as a whole country with country laws.

    • It shouldn’t be a problem – so long as the RMS keeps their records up to date. There is no reason why their computer system should not be able to update vehicle registration details immediately. If rego is renewed at an RMS office the rego expiry date should be updated when the Customer Service Officer does the data entry and payment is made. If rego is renewed online the rego expiry date should be updated as soon as payment is cleared. If this occurs then interstate police will be able to see the registration is current.

      • Happened to a S.A visitor to Canberra just recently – fined for not having a rego label and when he explained they weren’t required in S.A. Officer didn’t believe him.

    • It is not uncommon for some members of our community to not pay rego. One common excuse is “the rego paper said inspection not required”. There are a lot of people in our country that dont play with a full deck. There are also a lot of transient people that are not good at giving the current address. The labels are like a reminder to renew. I see a lot of interstate plates locally as the owners are too lazy to change their rego. They generally re-rego when the sticker is expired. Without these stickers, the cars will never get re-regoed.
      They are also a quick method to check that the plates haven’t been swapped from a similar car. Overall, I consider this to be a poor decision for such a small thing to provide. The stickers also allows parking officers to detect cars with false plates.

      • Greg – you are right about one thing – “there are a lot of people in our country who don’t play with a full deck”; or should that be “are a few cents short of a dollar”, including plenty of contributors to this blog!! Life will go on without registration stickers and they will pass into history like one and two cent coins! There is always resistance to change and this initiative is no exception.

  10. In my opinion it is most idiotic. If some one runs in to you even a school kid would look at the lable of the other car if it is insured.
    Many Regards

  11. um…. the registration label is not verification that the car is isured – so looking at it if someone runs in to you is rather useless. You need to get the rego number and the person’s driver’s license AND if ppossible the name of their insurer.

    Keep that in mind?
    Cheers Sunny

  12. I agree with the previous comment except for his spelling of label. Also, when travelling to Victoria, will the Vic. Police not query the absence of a rego sticker? or do they just ignore NSW, WA and ACT vehicles?……………John

    • First off, Label is spelt right. Then the Police will already know that the States are not having Labels anymore so there will not be any problem for anyone driving Interstate!!!! Please everyone stop and think about it before you ask or make silly statements or questions etc.

      • They’ll just book you anyway because you’re a foreigner!

        Driving down the Bruce Hwy north of Brisvegas one July, in a rental car with black on yellow WA number plates, we were pulled over after a radar trap. Then I noticed all the cars pulled over had black on yellow number plates, NSW of course. Everyone, everyone on that road was travelling at the exact same speed, about 104 in a 100 zone, and the QLD coppers just booked us foreigners!

      • Not sure how the police will distinguish good guys from bad in states like Victoria when viewing travellers displaying NSW plates but no rego sticker. Do they have the same technology as NSW police?
        Bit more “official” info for me please. i.e. Acceptable or not to drive through Victoria after Jan 1 in vehicle displaying NSW plates but no Registration sticker?

        • I should have checked first. Sorry.

          Frequently asked questions
          Last question:
          What will happen if I am travelling interstate?
          Interstate jurisdictions still using stickers will be made aware of the changes in NSW. Both the Western Australian and South Australian Governments advise that people registered in those States are able to lawfully drive without a registration sticker in other States and Territories. The same arrangements will be put in place for NSW vehicles travelling interstate.
          Now I know. travelling to Vic soon.

        • I’m not sure if the Vicpol have numberplate recoginition technology yet but they aren’t really living in the stone age, they do have radios in their cars. Even if they don’t have in car computers, they can call their dispatcher and have them run check on the vehicle. I cannot believe some people are being so closed minded about this issue.

  13. Crazy. Recently a car ( without plates) was dumped in our street, a quick check of the rego label to determine the rego number and a call to the police had the car removed the next day.

    How do you identify the owner if the is no label and no plates?

      • If there is no label, the only way to check the VIN (not VIN Number as the ‘N’ stands for number) is to rip the bonnet off (that’s if the car is locked).

        Seems to me this whole thing has been looked from the perspective of one group of stakeholders – those mainly in or of the Government. Not sure it has been tested across all situations as these comments are illustrating.

    • Pretty silly to not remove the label, if you have made the effort to remove the plates and dump your car in a random street. Goes on to show, anecdotally, that law breakers are not very sharp people.

      • Whats wrong with the person involved asking the other driver for these details. OK, so it means we need to carry our rego papers in the car now, surely that isn’t too big an ask. Drivers are required by law to exchange these details anyway – it is an offence not to.

        • However, Bob T, the third party insurance (green slip) covers only those people you injure as a result of an accident, not any other vehicle or property belonging to other people.

  14. Stupid idea! At the moment anyone can tell if registration is current; in the future call a cop…. I thought they had enough to do now.

  15. I find it rather amusing as this was used back last year on my housemate in NSW and it said he wasn’t registered but he was. It took approximately 30 mins for them to check with the ACT Motor Registry to confirm he was indeed registered, despite him having his registration paper work!! I hope thay have improved on it since then. He and his passengers were not very amused.

  16. To Peter who said it is idiotic. I understand where you are coming from however I have never looked for the label when in an accident. Before you say anything, I have only been in about 3 accidents in 30 years (none my fault). The label does not tell you if they are insured (apart from CTP) but if the car is registered. Anyway, if they have hit you it is too late to worry if they have insurance, just get their details and pass them on to the police. I can see more people driving around in unregistered cars though.

    • Steve, you say “if they have hit you it is too late to worry if they have insurance”. True, but then the issue is not to be in the vehicle when they do hit you. The point of the label is that it may be established that the vehicle is registered/CTP insured before you get in. Without a label showing the RMS electronically printed receipt number, passengers wouldn’t know (even if they have faith in the drivers word, their word is no proof). Lets say the driver of another vehicle hits you, refuses to give you their license details (they’re at fault), the plates on their vehicle are stolen (now they know they are guilty), and they drive off; but you managed to record the rego label details. Now consider the same after 01Jan13, what details can you offer police then?

  17. The ‘UP’ side is that it can make it easier to avoid parking tickets – remove your plates & they have nothing to report on. Failing that, I’d prefer to have it. The rego payment won’t be reduced to reflect the extra work/expense the department won’t have.

    • Ah yes, but I think you’ll find that if you’re parked illegally with no plates or rego label there’s a good chance the car won’t still be there when you return to it in some council areas.

  18. Great idea. Rego labels have been a farce for years ever since they sent them out to you with your renewal. If you renewed on line there is no RTA receipt thereon. Anyone could just stick it on their car. Just because a car has a label does not mean it is registered.

  19. What happens if you in nsw drive to the act and have no rego sticker?? Sounds like you could get into a can of worms there. The RTA needs to send SMS reminders out now incase. Where is the app to check a plate and bring back if its in rego. This has not addressed enough concerns I believe to warrant mass change.

  20. Brilliant idea.The sticker is a pain. These days with coloured printers, one can manufacture a label for yourself. Modern Technology catches up with the RTA. Now there is forshore an app for the phone so that one can check the rego. somewhere in Technoland.

  21. Registration labels, a thing of the past… I think it’s a great idea. All the info the authorities need should be obtained by scanning a number plate. As far as the public is concerned, when an accident occurs, the only thing you need is the number plate of the vehicle and the time and date of the incident. The rest will fall into place.

  22. We are a small business& have several cars its easy for our employees to remind us a few wks before that their rego is due when they keep an eye on their sticker I’m all for keeping it have enough work than have to worry about whether or not we forget to pay someone’s rego :)

    • As a small business owner you more than likely also possess a DIARY. What is wrong with making a note in your diary when the rego on your vehicles is due and also a few days prior, then arranging payment?

    • And as a small business owner surely you have an “accounts payable” system. What about all your other creditors – how do you remember to pay them?

  23. I bought a car from a dealer once with the Rego label on. But the dealer or previous owner hadn’t paid the Rego, merely stuck the label on. When I transferred ownership the rta took my money but didn’t bother telling me the car was a month out of Rego. Imagine my horror when I discovered I’d been driving an unregistered and uninsured car for eleven months.

    • And you didn’t check the label or papers when you took delivery of the vehicle? Like I said earlier, some people really don’t have the intelligence to be allowed to own or drive a motor vehicle.

  24. I will be sorry to see rego labels go.
    Like rego plates they were part of the car & gave it an identity.
    Also rego labels served as a gentle reminder when rego was due so you did’nt forget at get that annual bill shock without budgeting for it!
    Last of all it will be that much more difficult for a prospective used car buyer to see how much registration is left.
    In closing I have just these words to say “Keep the labels as they are, as it part of the experience of owning a motor car!”

    • I have always beleived in having a Rego Label attached to any of my cars to me it seems part of a car and in my opinion the car will look a bit incomplete without one.

  25. Driving a friend’s car as a loan or as a favour to them will be a very uncomfortable experience as I will not be sure I am driving a registered vehicle.

    • As a lot of posts have said before – the label DOESN”T TELL YOU THE VEHICLE IS REGISTERED! So what is the point of having it?

      • no but neither does the number plates tell you its registed either …at least the rego sticker is printed on by rts to say its been paid

    • A friend of my cousine drove my cousines car.
      He had done a accident.
      The car had regio but no insurance.
      The joke was …… the guy he loaned the car had no driving licence.
      Things happen.
      But we can try to reduce such danger for normal people on the road, with a insured car, and with driving licence.
      The new technic can pick out the “black sheep” easier.

  26. i would think the receipt number would be on the paper you receive back from the registry office. that way there can be no errors in copying down the numbers. there are good and bad points about all of this; but only trial and error will work those out. worth a try. it is just important though for people to keep the papers in the glove box for when and if needed. at least the police can be scanning numberplates as they drive around, but they could do that before couldn’t they?

  27. This change will cause problems for interstate motorists, unless the problems the national car registration database is fixed.
    Our car has been continuously registered in the ACT since we bought it in October 2006. Yet in September 2010 we were pulled up by the NSW Police, who told us that according to their database the car had been unregistered since 2005.
    For security reasons we do not keep our registration papers in the car.
    The registration label on the windscreen was our only evidence that the car was actually registered.

  28. Having had several cars left in our street, then after a period of time ringing the police to see if it had been dumped or stolen, the first question the police asked was “is the registration label current? if not contact the local council
    as the vehicle has been dumped”. Under the no label law police will have to check all records .to ascertain if the vehicle is stolen or dumped when a phone call is made about a suspicious car. Also how many number plate recognition units are in operation throughout N.S.W.?

  29. I remember the old stickers very well. You had to scrape the old one off with a razor blade, being careful not to scratch the glass, then soak the new one in water, then carefully place it on the window and smooth out the bubbles. Bloody fiddly job.

    Then when they brought the new stickers in you just had to rip the old one off the stick the new one on. A bit less fiddly.

    Now that they are doing away with rego labels, that’s one less job to do every year.

  30. I think we should adopt the US system that I’m use to which is a small label [depending on which state you are in] either stuck onto the top right hand corner of the rear license plate [some states don't require a front plate] or as affixed to the rear bumper. This label/decal is replaced after each yearly roadworthy inspection….it’s simple, it works and gives law enforcement officers easy visible confirmation that your vehicle is registered.

  31. How about taking a few steps further and having the same nuber plate for all vehicles owned. I know it’ll never happen but wouldn’t it be good to only have to register one trailer or whatever we tow……..mainly coz I can only tow one thing at a time!!??

  32. Anybody with a shared car will be at risk that the owner has renewed the rego. If I forgot to pay before the rego date and no sticker shown, then spouses, children and other trusted drivers wil be at risk.

    Have the insurance rules changed to accommodate this? Or will they be happy not paying on claims.

    Just because police have digital scanning technologies, I am surprised there is no other useful purpose of continuing. It’s just cost saving mechanism and putting regular drivers and buyers at risk.

  33. why bother changing a system that works? easier now days saves using nail polish remover to get the old ones off. I am happy to still have a sticker, if the police car system out of order way out in the country where I live it could make life difficult for many.

  34. A lot of people on this blog think this is a good idea? The experience is SA has been a surge in police pulling over drivers obeying the law for the purpose of checking their rego online. But, at the same time, they decide to check over the vehicle. Result, a dramatic increase in defected vehicles. This is fine for an unroadworthy vehicle, but many of these vehicles had minor faults. My conspiracy theory is that its a government attempt to keep the Australian motor idustry solvent by forcing people to keep buying cars!

  35. I live in the Northern Rivers and it won’t make any difference up here because up to 50% of vehicles belong to people who reside in NSW and have their vehicles registered in Qld and the Police never look at them.

  36. I don’t think this decision was made without taking all the facts into consideration. This is only benefited the police and not the motorist. Motorist still has to complete the registration process. The only difference is no lable on the car. This will cause more issue for the police in a long term if the vehicle is stolen and use by criminal.
    This new policy does not serve any purpose and I think it is opening doors for people to use car without registering. Police do not have manpower to track everycar on the road.
    I think this could have been a forward step but unfortunately it is a backward step.

  37. If you use your box trailer number plate on your boat trailer the police technology will pick that up and you will be in a spot of bother.

  38. Its ok to say the police have a computer that tells them if the vehicle is ok. I dont have m]one my self. If I have to use a loan vehicle I will have no idea if its ok and this includes a business vehicle and before jumping on me and saying no reputable business would send a customer out on a public road driving a unregistered vehicle, I say they would and I say so speaking from personal experience.

    Penny pinching.

    • I remember some years ago, our work cars were out of rego for about three weeks. It was a over site by the finance department at the time. This happened in a big state government area. It was discovered when someone inquired to when the new labels are getting delivered.

  39. Most of the responses so far are based on incorrect assumptions as to what rego labels currently do for us.

    However, the most valid comment I read was :
    “It will be that much more difficult for a prospective used car buyer to see how much registration is left.”

    Also true is the comment:
    “For security reasons we should not keep our registration papers in the car.”

    And finally:
    “The registration label on the windscreen was our only evidence that the car was actually registered.”

    Thus, 3 VERY GOOD reasons to KEEP rego labels.
    To dispense with them seems like false economy.

    • Two out three – as the rego label is (was) sent out with the renewal you could simply stick to the screen and tear up the paperwork. A rego label on a screen does not guarantee the vehicle is registered.

  40. What a great idea for the Department of State Revenue. Not only are we responsible for the post, we are responsible to remember the day our cars are registered, and now without a label . . .
    I bet nobody will tell you about the revenue raised from the State Government fining people for forgetting their rego date

  41. Drama queens I must say. Accept change and smile and Im an elderly person and enjoy change. Surely you have more important things in life to be concerned about.

  42. What a stupit idea, How is a person to know if a car is registered, if you are hiring a car or borrowing one from a friend. Labels need to be displayed on vechicle on the road at all times.NRMA should be fighting this till the end and supporting what its members want not making it harder for law abiding citizens.

      • what if you don’t have internet not everybody can afford it & in some places no coverage & what about when internet goes down which does happen regularly.

    • As the rego label is (was) sent out with the renewal you could simply stick to the screen and tear up the paperwork. A rego label on a screen does not guarantee the vehicle is registered.

  43. Well no labels for cars and light truck. Next the will be no labels for jet skis & boats. HAVE YOU SEEN THE REGO NUMBER ON Jet skis & boats. They are made by the owner in all differant fonts

  44. Doesn’t go far enough.

    With the money saved from eliminating the label process a nationwide system for the general public should be introduced to replace it.

    The system should provide the public with what they can now verify from the labels. That is:
    • Make
    • model
    • year of manufacture
    • colour
    • registration status / expiry date

    The system must be as easy as possible to use and accessible to all via:
    • toll free phone call
    • web site
    • mobile smartphone app

    The only information needed to be provided should be the registration number and state.

    The mobile smartphone app should use the built in camera to snap a picture of the registration plate for verification.

    This system allows the public to verify the registration of a vehicle in the event of:
    • Sale – private or dealer
    • theft / abandonment
    • collision / incident
    • fraud (plate theft / swapping)

    The system does not reveal private information or tell the public anything they don’t already know with the existing system. Except if a vehicle or plates have been reported as stolen.

    The potential benefits are a reduction in illegal acts such as number plate theft as the public can verify the registration of a suspect vehicle. Eg service stations could verify that a vehicle has valid registration before turning on the pump to provide fuel, eliminating the common crime of stealing plates to steal fuel. Persons involved in a collision could verify the registration of other vehicles and be advised to contact the police if there is a problem with the other vehicle.

    In addition the requirement of car dealers to clearly display the registration expiry of vehicles for sale should be introduced / enforced nationwide.

  45. What a load of nonsense over nothing! I always know which month my rego is due and have never had a problem. If you really can’t remember, write on your calendar or in your diary. One of my cars has a very small windscreen and not having to display a label leaves more vision for me and my passenger.

    I don’t understand why people are against change – this isn’t change just for the sake of change – it’s change to make things easier for everyone (including the Police).

    I too remember fiddling around with those very old rego labels – but then again I have also had to change label holders on my trailers as the label size got smaller then bigger again. That’s life and life is full of change. I’m not young and I have many years of driving experience and I embrace new technology.

    Stop worrying about something you can’t change and put your efforts into the things you can change. It’s already happening – get over it!

  46. Assume there will be no reduction in registration fees even though the RTA will not need to produce and process stickers and it can all be done online. How about provide incentive for those that do register online?

  47. Just checked the myRTA free rego check site.
    It does not tell me when my vehicle is registered till.
    (ie the expiry date of my rego)

  48. I have no problem with the elimination of the rego sticker – If you hire or borrow a vehicle you need to see the rego papers to confirm that the vehicle is correctly registered. I have a big problem with the government that we do not have a compulsory third party insurance to cover damage done by a vehicle apart from injury to people. Too many people drive uninsured vehicles and when they hit another vehicle or damage property just walk away leaving those whose vehicle or property has ben damaged an unenviable option of making a common law claim with little or no chance of success. Also people caught driving unregistered vehicles or driving while their licence in suspended should have the vehicles confiscated and sold by the government

  49. To be effective each patrol car will have to have the necessary technology ; expensive.
    People do forget to pay their billls, annual payments even more so. I suspect that Revenue generated will actually fall, and legal arguments will increase. Like all dopey ideas the Government wiil reinstate the rego labels. Wait and see

  50. Did anyone give any thought to mechanics and any other vehicle service industries before making this decision?
    I rely on a rego sticker for a number of reasons, first and foremost, am I, when test driving a vehicle driving a registered vehicle! Secondly, when ordering parts for a vehicle often a Vin No. is required. At present all I need to do is look at the rego sticker and I instantly know the vehicle is registered and the vin no. is there. Where do I look when this scheme comes in? You would be surprised how many people do not have the registration papers in their vehicle.
    There is access from the RTA website to enter the rego number to be able to ascertain whether the vehicle is registered but it does not list the vin no. in its entirety. So now I have to waste time accessing the RTA website to see if the vehicle is registered and search through customers glove boxes in the hope that the rego papers are there to find the vin. no. adding time and money to the job. STUPIDITY!

  51. I think it’s a good idea to check with the new number plate recognition.
    I myself bought a car from a guy to find out later he was a run down alcoholic and he drove car for more as 16 years without driving licence and his car had no regio for months and also he drove for longer as a half year without CTP.
    Such guys had to be stopped.
    I think the regulations are going not far enough.
    Normaly every time the last known owner of a car had to prove on the end of the regio where the car is gone and what happen with it when nobody renewed the regio.
    There must be more on responsibility for the last known owner to push him to be more interested to check what happen with a car by selling and to inform. RTA.
    After my experience I thought often about it how many cars are on the road without CTP and/or without regio.

  52. The RTA (RMS) is just all wrong. They are a bureaucratic mess. FIVE years before a rego inspection on a new car. I’ve seen Twelve month old cars that are un-roadworthy. Mega bucks each year for a personal plate ( they don’t even come around and polish them) Interpretation of the Australian Design Rules….obviously they are afraid of litigation. The whole department is an overloaded mess

    • Geez Rob you only just worked that out ?
      RTA are a law unto themselves mate.

      I have to agree with the 5 year rego inspection for new cars, that is totally ridiculous.
      Bald tyres, blown headlights & Brake lights, cracked windscreens all go unchecked.

  53. Ok, Call me old fashioned if you will, but I really liked Rego Stickers – and the information that was included on them – particularly the actual date that the current registration expired during the month. Though no more Rego stickers will undoubtedly save money to whatever named Department issues them – it would be great if that saving could be passed on to the registered owners of vehicles. But that would really be wishful thinking wouldn’t it?

  54. How will parking inspectors manage to check the registration plates against a current registration label when issuing an infringement notice?????????

  55. what idiots ..i will save heaps ..i have multiple cars of same model and colour used for formals and weddings ,all a little diff modifications ….only rego two cars now and swap plates around thanks nsw gov …couldnt do it before with only one rego label…i dont do this but some people in glass towers dont think about all circumstances to save a couple of bucks on rego lable and paper …good one nsw gov !!!sarcasm!!a goverment that wasted 10 million dollars on paperwork and letterheads with logos that couldnt be used at start of merger of rta and msb …get barry out

  56. Probably OK for Sydney and Sydney police with the number plate device. No way they have them in the bush, definitely havent seen them mounted on Pajeros, Cruisers or Patrols. Great, now we can wait for the police to do a radio check of every vehicle at every RBT site outside large metro areas, back to the 40s .

  57. Terrible idea. Seems like its meant to be a revenue raising exercise. There’s no quick way to check if the borrowed/corporate/hire car is registered and of course mail goes missing, therefore no reminder to renew.

    I’m sick of these things that look to be advances but in truth are just about revenue raising.

  58. @jack @nrma – mail goes missing. Both my husbands and my car failed to receive green slips or rego papers in 2011. It is only that I thought it must be due soon and looked at the date on the sticker that I discovered this the day before it was due!

  59. This is another stupid idea. Great for the police but what about the community.
    We now have no way of identifying if the car is registered or stolen.

  60. All the reasons I’ve read here that brand this a bad idea are really silly. That is, if NSW doesn’t put a sensible system in place.

    In SA (that weedy little state at the bottom of the middle of the map), when labels were scrapped at the beginning of July this year, the Transport Department (not it’s real name) brought in a couple of other innovations.

    1) For all those worried about registration and private details kept in the vehicle and liable to be stolen – rego renewal notices are 2-part: the top contains all the details including name, address, vehicle info, due dates, etc. That’s the part that goes on the fridge. The bottom, tear-off part (to be kept in the vehicle), has bare minimum vehicle details, [renewed] rego expiry date and a blank space for a hand-written receipt number which one is given when the renewal is done online (from computer, laptop, or smartphone). NO private details!

    2) For those worried about not knowing if a vehicle is registered or not [e.g. @Rodney]. The transport web site has a section called (strangely enough) EzyReg, where one can go to do online renewals (that’s where you get your receipt number). That same section has a link to “Check registration expiry date”. On that page, one enters the plate type (alphanumeric or any one of a myriad of “special” or “personalised” types) and the plate number, clicks “Next” and is rewarded with information as shown below:

    Plate Number WWY564
    Make HYUNDAI
    Primary Colour RED
    Expiry Date 26/02/2013

    Plate Number WYW654
    Make TOYOTA
    Body Type SEDAN
    Primary Colour GREY
    Expiry Date 13/02/2013

    Plate Number WWY456
    Body Type SEDAN
    Primary Colour RED
    Expiry Date UNREGISTERED

    (Note that in the third case, the word “UNREGISTERED” is shown in bold, red letters).

    The bottom of the display of rego details also carries the folowing “disclaimer” information:

    Please contact Service SA on 13 10 84 for more information.

    DPTI is not responsible for how this information is interpreted or used. It is the responsibility of the vehicle driver to determine whether the vehicle should be driven.

    Now, for others concerned about travelling interstate: Yes, there have been reports of SA drivers being booked in Victoria for not displaying a label. I refer you to the aforementioned “weedy little state at the bottom of the middle of the map”. However, when big, strong, hairy-chested NSW does away with labels, they’ll make damn sure Victoria pays attention, won’t they!?! And flamin’ Queensland!

    Also, even though it’s probably not related to no more labels, the SA Government is bringing in legislation to rationalise (my word, not theirs) CTP insurance which will bring about changes in payouts that will be advantageous to injured accident victims while at the same time reducing CTP premiums which will reduce the total a vehicle owner will have to outlay to renew registration.

    And finally, for those worried about Police and Parking Police not having the technology to carry out the checks based on plate numbers … again, the SA Police have had this technology in-car and in-hand for some years now, well before doing away with labels, and with the sort of internet, mobile and satellite phone, and radio technology available to virtually everybody these days, if the NSW Government can’t properly equip their law enforcement people, they have nobody but themselves to blame! SA, for one, has done it and WA has a similar system which has been in place for nearly 3 years. More info on that can be found at:

    So, again, it’s already been done successfully by two of the “smaller” states. NSW will be a laughing stock if they can’t do as well or better!

  61. The old stickers that had to be scraped off with a razor blade were absolutely appalling.

    My previous experience in the UK was with licences that were non-stick and were held in a little circular licence-holder that was stuck to the windscreen by suction – nice and easy, with no risk of cutting fingers.

    The present peel-off stickers are a great improvement on the old razor-blade type, but even so I’ll be glad to see them go!

    • Yes the UK system of Rego Labels are the best thing ever just put them in a holder each year no blades or half the labels getting stuck on the glass as this has happened to me a couple of times as I have mentioned before a car to me looks incomplete without a label on the screen

  62. I paid $5,000.00 for the rego of my motorhome, wouldn’t be enough once for the life of the vehicle?
    What about the idea to pay rego only, when you first buy the car?
    Money for the regos has not been used to upgrade the roads and the maintenance, anyway. Why we pay for tolls so much?

  63. I have 3 cars & 3 motorcycles in the garage (& a trailer). tracking whether they are up to date with rego just got harder. bikes look better without the label though!

  64. 1. Saving money going paperless – does that mean rego becomes cheaper??? Anyone like to bet it will . . . . . .

    2. Onus dumped on poor and time-deprived public to check rego of a car – we all not internet savvy, or even have access to the internet. Some of us have Not-Always-So-Smart/Too-Blooming-Smart-And-Complicated Phones. Who has the time to stuff around with technology when a quick look at the label to see if it is valid says heaps? A Picture Paints a Thousand Words . . .

    3. As one door closes, another opens – 1 rego paper, 5 cars of same model … shonky and bad luck for person when shonky meets a decent person in an accident . . .

    4. Rego reminders – good idea, as we are all not responsible citizens and we forget things. Mind you with the ever increasing price of rego, who wants to be reminded? Lol

    5. Unroadworthy cars being passed for rego – dodgy so-and-so’s … I have met one. He had faulty brakes and rear-ended my car. What if he hit a person crossing the street? Many pedestrians simply step of the curb thinking you saw them. I never take it for granted the driver saw me …

    6. Checking RTA computer? Did you know that after certain hours their computers are down? So you see a car you like and want to check it out. Wait, it is after hours and there is no access to the RTA computer. Blerryhel.

    7. Never keep rego papers with the car. If the car gets stolen, thieves will find it easy to sell it fast, or to rebirth a car. Same as with the Service and other Manuals …

    8. Removing plates so it cannot be read? Like a red rag to a bull; in this case, a hundreds of dollar notes to the men in blue – no I do not mean a bribe, gee whiz. I mean a car with no plates could attract hundreds in fines, wheel clamps, a tow-away, etc.

    9. Peace & Out . . .:-)

  65. I cannot believe that there are so many people who cannot remember when their rego is due, in light of the fact that the RMS is going to let you know a couple of weeks before. All the negativity displayed in some of the comments on this subject just go to prove that we are not interested in progress in this country but just keep things going in the same old way!!!!

  66. So now they don’t need to print rego labels, will that make for lower rego costs…………………….hmm…………………I think not

  67. Well I’m pleased.

    I must have become a grumpy old man but I hate the way the stickers are being misused by putting supposed road safety slogans on them. I hate being forced to put a sticker on my window that shouts some inane sloagan at me day after day. I think it’s impertinent.

    My current slogan is about not driving on drugs. I never use them anyway. Itwould be much better off using the windscreen to look through. That’s what i’s for!

    As for checking whether a car is really registered, its no real test as it’s stupidly easy to fake the bit printed by computer, which is where all the information is.

    • Neil O

      You can put them on the side window too.
      Any fixed or sliding near side window, as long as its not tinted. That way you wont have to look at the wretched thing…………

  68. The labels at least make the con artists work a bit, to have several cars on the one rego . Just another way for the criminals to drive unrego ‘d vehicles.
    Benzol Bob

  69. I can’t believe all this hoopla.
    How do you all remember to pay house insurance, water rates, land rates etc, NO LABELS!!
    You will still get a letter in the mail, like all other bills

  70. Loved the rego label tales, I thought it was great when glad-wrap was invented, bit of it over the damp sticker had them off in no time and often in one piece. I have dozens of them stuck to my shed window going back to the ’70′s. What am I going to use now, boat labels for a while maybe?

  71. I feel sorry for the mechanics who check vehicals for roadworthiness, especially if the vehical is out of rego. I’m sure something simple will be put in place so as to simplify the job at hand. I never liked the sticker any way as I tried my hardest to hide it behind the tinted blue band on the windscreen.

  72. A STICKER ON THE WINDOW OF YOUR CAR IS NOT PROOF OF REGISTRATION. You will get a reminder in the mail that your Rego is due and it is your responsibility to pay it on time. I personally find if I pay my bills straight away I dont have a problem with forgetting.

  73. I live in a complex of townhouses, every so often cars are left there as they have run out of rego, so the car that is there now and it’s rego is due on the 19th of December,well all the owner has to do is remove the label and let the car sit there taking up valuable parking space , good one RMTA The average Fred Bloggs can no longer play a role of keeping unregistered cars off the road, Yes i do have a computer but it is easy just to walk up to a car and check the label.This change to no labels is extremely irresponsible.

  74. From RMS website: “What happens if I am driving someone else’s vehicle and I’m unaware it is unregistered?
    Whenever you drive a vehicle it is your responsibility to ensure it is registered.”

    WHAT? How do I do this when I have broken down in the bush, someone offers me a lift, they have no label on display and I have no mobile phone and no access to a computer (remember its MY responsibility so I can’t take the word of the other driver)? This is the very reason why CTP insurance should be on the drivers license and not on the vehicle’s registration. The risk to personal injury is the driver, not the vehicle (a vehicle without a driver is simply a stationary obstacle to be avoided by other drivers). Having CTP cover on the vehicle means we have a society which does not hold licence holders to account for their poor driving behaviour and associated risks they present to other road users (read CTP liability). The current system holds only the vehicle owner to account for CTP liability (read premiums) even if they are not driving the vehicle. I fail to understand when, just because a person may own 5 vehicles, they should pay the CTP premium for all vehicles even though he can drive only one at a time. A driver should bear the cost on their license for is is they who pose the risk, not the vehicle they drive. Now it is clear the vehicle must be roadworthy and registered however this has no bearing on the risk to personal injury. I say shift the CTP to the drivers licence and I’ll happily accept getting rid of the rego labels. Now tell me the CTP premiums will not be reduced because there are more registered vehicles on our roads than there are license holders…

    • The reason CTP is on the vehicle is that if it was on the licence, the RMS/RTA would only get one bite at me, instead of one for my off-road bike, one for my road bike, one for my sports/race car and another for my 4WD,…even though I can physically only drive ONE of them at a time!

      They will claim it’s because each vehicle has a different “risk” value. To that I say, well, let me just pay the SINGLE HIGHEST value, as that should cover everything I drive/ride then, no?

  75. Well it might be easy for the police to recognize the number plate with technology but what about the average motorist? What happens if we have an accident and need to know if the car is registered? We would generally recognize the rego sticker. Not all motorists have access to immediate technology to check a ergo.

  76. Stickers are no gaurantee of anything.

    Your use by date is up

    Your Licence is in valid

    Your software is unlicenced


    your Government has run out of money for stickers
    but will still send you a letter!

    Get over it and get with this millenium, how long would we have held onto men walking with flags infront of new fangled “motorised carriages”

    Its a – bout TIME and we have not enough to waste on fitting and replacing yearly stickers, a 5 year interim sticker would have sufficed.
    But I’m happy they are gone now see the paper work gone too!

  77. Not everyone has a smartphone with ‘apps’ to check rego’s etc.. I believe it iis laziness and more cost effective for the RMS not have to print out millions of stickers per year… Yet we will still be charged all the same….

  78. I always told my daughter to never get into an unregistered car. How can we tell if a vehicle we are going to be a passenger in, or a borrower of, is road safe, registered with insurance etc?

    If a person couldn’t be bothered to register their car I don’t want my daughter getting a lift with that person.

    • Hi Diana

      As noted in the blog “If you want to check if your car is registered you can call the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) on 13 22 13. You will need your rego number and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). You can also check online here (it’s a much easier process online as a VIN is not required).”



        What a brilliant way to move forward, every morning on the way to work I see Highway Patrol cars, instead of patrolling sitting in the middle of the M5, monitoring traffic, I wonder if they have their morning tea and lunches with them. Less work and cost for the Police also!!
        Be out there patrolling would be better!!

  79. One minor correction to this article…if your vehicle is on NSW Historic Vehicle Plates [conditional registration] you will be issued with a label at re-registration and you are required to display it as you do now..

  80. So many oppressed people on line commenting, all this applies nicely when police are checking your car, what about if your car is parked on a street for a few days? A label on the window would say back off, the car is registered and mind your own effen business, without a label would spark curious neighbors and council officials to conduct further searches impeding on your civil rights…oh that’s right this is a country full of spineless mortgage payers, what civil rights? when your car goes missing because you forgot to pay a parking or speeding fine , then we’ll hear the cries

  81. I stopped my young son from getting into an unregistered vehicle because I noticed the out of date rego sticker. I asked the driver to show me confirmation that he had paid the rego or the new sticker before I would let my son ride in the car. If there had been an accident where the driver was at fault my son would not have been covered under CTP. Without the sticker how would I have known the vehicle wasn’t registered?

  82. What I would like to see is a re-run of the old NRMA stickers. I spent ages lining up the sticker on my last car making sure it was straight. But now the new car looks bare without one. Where can I get one now?

  83. Get this!! This evening, I was pulled over by police, North of Uralla NSW, and was informed by a policeman that my vehicle is unregistered and uninsured (not true!) and was issued with a $1192 fine. Spent a heap of mobile phone credit while on the side of the road, 8.30pm at night, 4 young kids and wife in the car, trying to contact insurer and RTA to work out how this could be. Discovered later bank statement shows payment to RTA done plus I have an automated response from RTA showing payment made. Technically, by the letter of the law, our journey to Toowoomba in the morning for a friends wedding is on hold till I can verify with RTA, which of course means missing the wedding due to time constraints. BRING BACK THE REGO STICKER!!!

  84. Hello just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your content seem to be running off the
    screen in Ie. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know.

    The layout look great though! Hope you get the issue resolved soon.

  85. We all thought this (aboloshing Rego labels) was a fantastic idea….until we realised that every year we run an off-road motorcycle event that requires the motorcycle to be registered. Without the Rego label, we now have to ask all our 320+ riders to make sure they bring their rego papers to prove the bike is registered……or they don’t ride. There’s one downside.

    But we no longer have to worry about the police booking us for no label when we didn’t realise on landing that last jump, the rego label holder broke off, leaving our rego label lying on the side of that remote forest track “somewhere back there”.

  86. Late last year I registered my car for 3 months and received, as expected, no window sticker. Around a month later I booked an overseas holiday for a month, but while in China, I decided to extend my stay from one month to three months.
    On my return, I had completely forgotten about the car rego… it was the last thing on my mind. Well, you can probably guess what happened. That’s right… on the first night of my return, I took the car to the local servo to get some petrol and a litre of milk. I took note of the cop car parked in the waiting area as I drove in, and thought how relaxed the two cops ( an older male and a young female) looked as they had their break and sipped their coffee.
    As I filled the car with juice, the female approached me and asked if the car was mine. “Of course” I replied.
    “Do you realise it’s not registered?” she then asked.
    Now to cut a long story short, the predictable series of questions and excuses followed. I explained my case and pleaded with all the sincerity, justification and regret I could muster. The male seemed inclined to let me off with a warning; the female, however, hard-faced and dutiful, starting writing out an expiation notice.
    “How much is the fine?” I asked, sensing the inevitability of my doom.
    “Oh,” she replied stony-faced, “because you’re over a month out of reg, there’s another $600 fine on top of the $350 fine. Let’s see, with GST… that’s $1,050!!”
    “Are you serious?” I asked, knowing full well this b…. was ALWAYS serious.
    OK… to cut another long story short, I wrote a very polite and apologetic letter to the police expiations department before the due date to pay, and over two months later I received a letter back from them saying that they would let me off, just this once!
    The moral here?
    Put your own little rego-reminder, possibly next to the little sticker that reminds you when your next service is due, in the top corner of your windscreen.
    This will end the fiscal field day that the police are having with the new system, and it will allow more time for the hard-pressed officers that make up the ranks of our constabulary to while away their hours and drink their hot coffee in peace.

  87. New technology brings with it new ways of doing things. A sensible move in line

    with the introduction of this new hi tech system.

  88. Having just paid my Rego by Bpay, I notice that a section at the top of the Certificate of Registration has this statement:
    “Registration not valid until RMS receipt number recorded here”
    What is the legality of that statement?
    I think it is an unlawful statement.

    My registration has been paid – what right does RMS have to deem my registration “not valid” if I fail to write their receipt number on this document?
    What law supports RMS in directing this action?
    If I erroneously write an incorrect receipt number, is my Rego invalid?
    There are many reasons why recording the receipt number could be overlooked, not least of which is having not yet received a receipt number from RMS at time of storing Rego Cert. amongst ones personal records.

    At this time I have no receipt number,
    advice from RMS site on payment (via Bpay) says:
    “your registration will be renewed on receipt of full payment (this can take up to 2-3 business days)from when you complete the Bpay transaction……).”
    Does that mean I can’t legally use my car on the road during those 2-3 waiting days?

    Could NRMA challenge the validity and fairness of this high-handed RMS direction?

  89. This is a government scam to catch unsuspecting motorists driving
    Unregistered vehicles with there new cameras. Even when driving a work car and the boss forgot to pay the rego the employee will still be given the tickets. All for the sake of lazy people who dont want to peel and stick, since when was it easier for everyone to run to a computer and check a website rather than just glancing at the sticker on the window.

    • Hi Christo
      You can check the registration status of a vehicle by completing a free registration check online, via the NSW Rego App, by calling 13 22 13 or attending a registry or service centre. Vehicle owners receive their registration renewal notice about 6 weeks before payment is due. Cheers. Jack

  90. Hi Jack – There is so much on this thread it is difficult to follow. Can you please clarify:

    1. Do you need to carry your registration papers on you (in your wallet) at all times?

    2. I am driving to Queensland – do I need to have / do anything different with the registration given their police do not use the same system?

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