Silliest car names

Nissan CedricWhat are the silliest names manufacturers have come up with for new cars over the years? Our friends at Australian Classic Car magazine have compiled a car name list of shame:

10 – Renault Dauphine (1956)
Dauphine was a province in feudal France. It’s probably a great name for a car – if you happen to be a French historian and know what the hell it means.

9 – Daihatsu Naked (2000)
Seems something got lost in translation. The car’s clothes, perhaps. Daihatsu had bad-name priors with the Fellow (1966).

8 – Ford Prefect (1938)
Only an inbred twit educated at England’s snobbiest private school could ever think this was a good name for a car.

7 – Subaru Tribeca (2005)
“Hey, the Dodge Daytona, Chevy Bel Air and Mercury Monterey were all classics. If we name our car after an American city we can’t go wrong!”

6 – Reliant Robin (1973)
Not only a stupid name, it became an ironic name when you tried to steer the stupid thing around a corner.

5 – Ford Probe (1989)
Apparently no-one at Ford was familiar with the word ‘connotations’. The Taurus also gets a nod for being named after the stubbornest, ugliest star sign in the zodiac.

4 – Holden Brougham (1968)
This short-lived nameplate conjured up pictures of an old man in a tweed coat. It also sounded suspiciously like ‘brown’, the most boring colour of all.

3 – Mazda Carol (1962)
Yes, really. Mazda has a long rap sheet, including the Cronos, Bongo, Familia, Luce, Premacy and Savanna.

2 – Cadillac Park Avenue (1971)
‘Park Avenue’ made a bold statement: “This is the ideal car for wanker executives who want to tell the world they have tons of money – and no taste.”

1 – Nissan Cedric (1960)
Meant to sound distinguished, instead it sounded like someone’s grandpa. Nissan is another serial offender, with the Gloria, Prairie Joy, Pantry Boy Supreme, Laurel and Mistral on the list of shame.

Which of these do you think is the silliest car name? Have you got any that can beat our list?

Article taken from the May 2013 issue of Australian Classic Car. If you love classic cars, follow them on Facebook or find out how you can subscribe.

10 thoughts on “Silliest car names

  1. What about the Nissan Silvia? Or the Volkswagen Tiguan; what the heck is a Tiguan? Or the Kia Cerato, what does that mean???? Jees, so many ugly names out there!

  2. Ledgend has it the Mitsubishi Pajero was named by a disgruntled marketing manager whom found out that he was about to be fired. He rushed the sign off of tthe new “Pajero” name and release in retaliation. After sales took off and the name became a well known market brand it was too late to reverse the badge name. Pajero in Spanish mean “Wan*er”

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