Traffic congestion contributing to employee stress

Traffic congestionMore than half of small businesses in NSW and ACT say traffic congestion is contributing to employee stress, according to a recent survey, with almost one in 10 saying it’s responsible for staff sick days.

The NRMA BusinessWise Congestion Survey of almost 1000 businesses across NSW and the ACT revealed traffic pinch points are also hitting company bottom lines, with a third saying vehicle running costs are rising by up to $5000 a year, due to their vehicles spending an extra 40 minutes in traffic every day compared to 2012.

NRMA Director Kyle Loades says federal and state governments need to work together to improve roads.

“Whether its clogged city streets, or the poor condition of rural roads, businesses across NSW and the ACT are suffering,” Mr Loades says.

“Our Members would rather be at home with their families than stuck in unnecessary traffic delays and NRMA’s recent BusinessWise Congestion Survey found congestion was hurting productivity, pushing up costs and causing staff to arrive late work or not show up at all.

“That’s why the NRMA put forward a proposal to the federal government to create a $150 million Congestion Busting Fund in May, to encourage innovative solutions around the problem.”

“The Congestion Busting Fund would help stimulate creative ideas from local councils and the RMS, such as data sharing with drivers or replacing roadside parking at sensitive traffic locations with off-street parking.”

Let’s make our politicians take notice this election year. Sign the petition to Demand Better Roads and come to one of NRMA’s ‘Have Your Say on Roads’ chalk petition events in your local area. Our chalk petitions is a chance for you to literally have your say on roads with our chalk artist and find out more about road funding.

Article taken from the July/August 2013 issue of Open Road.

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