NRMA to fight any unfair petrol tax hike

Fuel price excise increase

BOWSER GOUGE: Our Members constantly tell us that the price of fuel is one of their biggest concerns when it comes to motoring and the NRMA will ensure that our Members’ interests are forcefully represented at a national level.

NRMA Motoring & Services has condemned any potential move by the Abbott Government to increase the fuel excise as part of this year’s Federal Budget as a cash grab.

NRMA President Wendy Machin has slammed any move to increase the nation-wide tax on fuels, saying it’s an unfair increase which will hit nearly every Australian’s hip pocket, regardless of their individual circumstances.

“The Federal Government already collects more than it spends on roads and transport infrastructure, so there is absolutely no basis for this unfair tax hike,” said Ms Machin.

“Last year’s budget estimated $15 billion would be collected from motorists from the fuel tax, however Federal Government expenditure on roads for the same period was estimated at $3.9 billion,” she said.

“In other words only 10 cents out of every 38.1 cents per litre collected as the fuel tax is actually spent on road infrastructure, that’s less than a third.

“Many people have no option other than to drive, it’s an essential cost of living whether it’s getting to work or delivering the goods and services our country needs every day.

“Whether you’re dropping the kids off to school or visiting a sick relative in hospital, any increase in fuel tax will mean you will pay more.

“Any attempt by the Australian Government to increase the fuel excise without prior consultation would be viewed by the NRMA as a cash grab which would only serve to place increased pressure on the cost of living for everyday Australians.

“Make no mistake, increasing the fuel excise will mean we’ll have to pay more for what should be a basic right to mobility.

“The NRMA has long campaigned for the need for the road network to receive a fairer share of funding from the taxes that are currently paid by motorists, including the fuel excise.

“Our Members constantly tell us that the price of fuel is one of their biggest concerns when it comes to motoring and the NRMA will ensure that our Members’ interests are forcefully represented at a national level.

“Should next week’s Federal Budget reveal any potential increase to the fuel excise, the NRMA which represents 2.5 million Members, along with the other motoring clubs nationally, will step up their fight against any unfair and unjustified tax hikes on motorists.”

How you would feel if the fuel excise was increased?

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13 thoughts on “NRMA to fight any unfair petrol tax hike

  1. I drive professionally in NSW transporting rural people up and down the coast. We are a small business (2 employees) with no Government assistance to assist us to provide small bus transport for rural people. This fuel tax increase will be a huge burden on the running costs of a our business.

  2. It already costs me $90/week in petrol, more when my son has a sports obligation far away. If it’s more expensive I’m not sure he will be able to continue playing. No extra tax on petrol!!!!!!

  3. How can they keep squeezing Australians for more and more. Wages aren’t keeping up with living costs and the average Australian is gettinig further and further behing. Enough is enough, we won’t be able to afford to drive to work…

  4. So will this be like the 3×3, that was supposed to last 3 years, was extended, still there and the wonderful roads we were supposed to have we are still waiting for.
    When we stop paying for outdated, outvoted and free loading past their use by politicians, then and only then will I even think they are serious……
    If they stopped that payout we would go a long way to clearing some debt!!

    • You are so right. Nothing ever gets rescinded once it is introduced. What contributions to Budget recovery are politicians to make. I have voted Liberal all my life but I cannot condone the blatant braking of election promises so my next vote will go elsewhere.

  5. We don’t have public transport were we live.We have to use the car all the time.Why should we have to pay more tax?

  6. With this fuel increase, no one is looking at it increasing a lot of items Food, etc.
    transport cost will rise to cover the increase. And so the grubby grab from politics on both sides dam all sides goes on and on. there’s not a person in any Government or Party that has any off the high moral ground.

  7. Absolutely outrageous!When governments provide infrastructure that provide efficient,assessable,clean public transport then perhaps they could justify an increase in tax.Until that day comes it will simply be seen as a money grab from the most vulnerable.

  8. Strongly in support of the fuel excise and the increases that the government is proposing. I think it should be indexed every year. I am bit disappointed that the NRMA that does not have a stronger stance/views on public transport and advocacy, as our public road system is so overcrowded.

  9. Road rules. Are new drivers being taught the right thing?
    1. When turning left I was taught to move over to the left and give the following cars a chance to pass me. However, I now commonly see motorists refusing to do this because they do not want to cross the unbroken lines that define the curb parking zones and the white line goes right up to the verge of the corner. The result? Drivers go right up to the corner still in the centre of the road then brake hard before making a sharp left into the side street. Very annoying and frustrating for those following

    2. When turning right into a side street, where the road has a double unbroken line in the center, I have observed many motorists go to great lengths to take a sharp sudden turn in the gap provided rather than let any wheel cross the lines. Probably taught by the same school who covered point 1 above.

    It seems that the lines are now more important than road safety or common road courtesy.

    Kevin (40years driving and 40000+km/year)

  10. Mining companies get their diesel tax free it is about time they started paying there share as most of them are overseas owned .

  11. How stupid for Wendy Machin to say that an increase in fuel tax should all be directed to better roads. I would remind her that a large number of us pay Medicare but do not get sick. A large number of us pay income tax ans some is directed to education and yet not all of us have children. Paying tax is for the benefit of all that is what democracy is all about!

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