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Below are answers to the commonly asked questions related to the my nrma app.

General FAQs
Fuel FAQs
Parking FAQs
Member Benefits FAQs

General FAQs

What phones and operating systems are supported?
iPhone: The my nrma app is compatible with iPhone 5 and above with the operating system iOS 8 and above.

Android phones: Android phones with operating system 5.0 and above are supported.

Windows phones: Unfortunately the my nrma app is unavailable for Windows phones.

Fuel FAQs

Who provides the fuel pricing data?
The NSW Government provides the fuel pricing data for all NSW fuel stations. It has been made possible with the introduction of the Fuel Price Transparency Reform. Service station operators are required to ensure the price of fuel exactly matches the standard price at the pump.

Why is my local fuel station not on the app?
NRMA receives the fuel pricing data from the NSW Government. If a NSW fuel station does not appear on the app then you can follow these steps:

- Check you have location services turned on for the my nrma app
- Check if you need to change the fuel type you are looking for by opening up the fuel selector at the top of the fuel page.
- If you still do not see your fuel station you can inform Fair Trading.

When will the fuel feature be available for ACT users of the my nrma app?
NRMA will continue to urge the ACT Government to adopt the same fuel data transparency practices. As soon as the data becomes available, NRMA will endeavour to add results for ACT users.

What happens if I see a price discrepancy when I get to the fuel station?
It is easy to report an incorrect fuel price to Fair Trading. To report an incorrect price, go to the fuel section of the my nrma app and view the 'Station page' for that particular fuel station operator to find the 'incorrect price' link.

How do I find out more about the Fuel Price Transparency Act?
- Fuel Check Order
- Fair Trading Amendment (Fuel Price Transparency) Act 2016

Parking FAQs

Does the my nrma app show street parking?
No. Only parking lots are currently shown within the app.

Why is a certain parking lot not on the app?
NRMA receives the parking data from third party feeds. Always update your my nrma app as NRMA endeavours to provide more parking lot coverage and information.

Member Benefits FAQs

Who can redeem an offer on the my nrma app?
Classic Care, Premium Care, Premium Plus, free2go Roadside and Club Care Members can login to the app to redeem an offer.

BusinessWise Members cannot login to the app. Please go to the website for business offers.

I would like to take advantage of an offer I have previously purchased or viewed but can't find it anymore. How do I find this offer?
If the offer is not available on the app, then please peruse the website for the full catalogue of offers.

If it can't be found on the website then the offer may have expired.

How can regional Members take advantage of offers?
Many of our offers are relevant for all Members, regardless of where they live in Australia. Please check the app or peruse the full catalogue of offers on the website to find an offer most relevant to you.