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Lower CBD speed limits for high-volume periods only

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Submitted by: Miriam G

The Government has installed a speed camera on Elizabeth Street in the Sydney CBD at the intersection with Park Street after reducing the speed limit to 40 km/h. This is one of the widest intersections in the city with both roads six lanes wide. Our ex-Roads Minister Duncan Gay stated: "This is why we're installing sensible speed limits in an area where lots of pedestrians are out and about each day – to protect vulnerable road users and save lives.” That is fine, except they leave the speed camera on at 1am in the morning and on quiet Sunday mornings when the CBD resembles a ghost town. Reasonable and safe drivers would assume that a 50km/h or 60km/h speed limit would apply at these times .Why aren’t these speed limits enforced at the relevant times only – as per school zones – when pedestrian traffic is high, reverting to normal speeds at other times? It is grossly unfair that a motorist on a quiet CBD public holiday could be penalized with double demerits for travelling on a six lane wide road at 50 km/h without another car or pedestrian in sight. This only adds to the public’s cynicism towards the real reasons for the operation of these cameras.

Should CBD speed limits be lowered for high-volume periods only? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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09 Mar 2017 04:31 PM

Should be low all the time in the CBD and all areas where there is likely to be a medium to high level of pedestrians around.