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Mobile speed camera NSW
We've written a lot of articles about mobile speed cameras, but not this one ... until now.
Parking fine
The NRMA Motoring Advice team is fielding a lot of enquiries about fines issued by private parking providers
Do you wonder which rules and regulations apply to older motorists? Don't worry, you are certainly not alone.
Central Walk at Central Station
It's bad news for buskers but commuters are set to get a new underground concourse at Central Station.
LPG nozzle
Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) has become the forgotten sibling of the local fuel industry.
Learner driver with nervous supervisor
It's the road safety program that has helped more than 400,000 Australians become safer drivers for free.
The facts about fuel: which RON is best for you?
Fuel pricing is once again a hot issue following exposes on pricing inconsistencies and the mysteries of the fuel cycle.
NRMA app parking spot search
More than four in five Sydney motorists avoid certain locations for fear of not being able to find a parking spot.
Police speed limit tolerance
Victorian motorists have zero margin for error on speed limits - but do we?
NRMA i-MiEV electric car
Electric vehicles (EVs) have been a tantalising promise for decades now.