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Your Membership questions answered

Here are the answers to some of the more common questions we are asked about NRMA Membership. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please call our friendly call centre on 13 11 22

1. How do I renew online?

With our new facility to view and update Membership details online, a secure login is required to complete any online Membership transactions or changes. 

If you would like to establish a profile and renew your NRMA Membership online please visit Renewals

Alternatively you can also renew your NRMA Membership via the following: 

  • In person at your nearest NRMA Office or Australia Post Outlet
  • Via credit card using our automated phone system on 13 11 44. Alternatively our consultants can assist if required on 13 11 22
  • Via Bpay, using Biller Code 343483 and unique reference number listed on your current renewal.

2. Where is the 2 digit suffix on my Membership card?

Your 2 digit suffix is the last two digits after your 7 digit Membership Number, which is displayed on a Membership Card. This number is used to list the number of Members on a single subscription.

Membership card with 2 digit suffix

3. How do I change my vehicle details?

In order to change or update your vehicle details you can login to your online profile and click on the edit my profiles tab.

Please be advised that you may only change your nominated vehicle under your NRMA Membership if you have disposed or sold the current vehicle listed. Each vehicle listed under a Membership must be registered in the Members name, or be primarily driven by the noted Member. We are therefore unable to process your vehicle details change request at this time.

You can also contact NRMA's Membership consultants, available on 
13 11 22 within Australia or +61 2 4320 4643 8am to 8pm seven days to discuss further.

4. Which NRMA Membership package gives me the best cover?

Premium Plus is our most comprehensive Membership Package. You're fully covered anywhere, anytime in Australia.

In addition to unlimited call outs on Roadside Assistance, Premium Plus gives you 100km of free towing in remote areas (50km metro) for your nominated vehicle and trailer. You're also entitled to up to $3,000* worth of Major Breakdown cover for your nominated vehicle while travelling anywhere in Australia.

More about Premium Plus.

Membership Guide 2015 (PDF 7.3MB/17 pages)
Membership pricing (PDF 731KB/2 pages)
Membership Terms and Conditions effective 7 Dec 2015 (PDF 2.3MB/23 pages)

5. I have a caravan or trailer. Which NRMA Membership package is best for me?

You can choose from either Premium Plus or Premium Care depending on the weight of the caravan or trailer. This also includes boat trailers and horse floats.

Premium Plus provides coverage up to 10 tonnes and Premium Care covers up to 2 tonnes for the caravan or trailer. You'll enjoy roadside assistance with exactly the same towing entitlements for your trailer as your vehicle.

With Premium Plus and Premium Care, trailer coverage gives you roadside assistance and minor repairs to your trailer, and generous towing benefits in metropolitan, country and remote areas.

If you have Roadside Assistance through a car manufacturer and would like trailer coverage, Traveller Care is for you. Traveller Care coverage gives you access to Roadside Assistance and minor repairs for your trailer.

More about Traveller Care

6. What if I only drive locally (less than 20 km)?

Classic Care gives you the basic assurance that you'll never be stranded. Classic Care allows you as many callouts as you need, limited free towing (up to 20km in the wider Sydney metro area), as well as access to free maps, NRMA More4Members discounts and more.

More about Classic Care

7. Why are there different coloured Membership cards?

Each card represents a different term of NRMA Membership.

  • Member 0 - 9 years
  • Silver: 10 - 24 years
  • Gold: 25 - 49 years 2 x discounted subscriptions
  • Gold Life: 50 plus years 2 x 50% discounted subscriptions

By showing your NRMA Membership card you get access to discounts on a wide range of goods, services and attractions. And the longer you remain with NRMA Motoring & Services, the more your benefits increase!

8. I have roadside assistance through a car manufacturer. Can I still be an NRMA Member?

Yes - you can still be a Member of NRMA. We have two NRMA Membership options to offer you:

A. Traveller Care: If you have manufacturer roadside assistance and only require the additional benefits offered by NRMA when you're travelling and in country areas, Traveller Care is for you. Traveller Care gives you 100km of free towing in remote areas for your nominated vehicle and trailer.

You're also entitled to up to $3,000* worth of Major Breakdown Cover for your nominated vehicle while travelling anywhere in Australia. And if you are more than 100km from home and you can't get your vehicle moving within 24 hours due to an accident, you're entitled to Accident Assistance.

More about Traveller Care

B. Club Care: Club Care gives you all the benefits of NRMA Membership - excluding Roadside Assistance.

9. I am currently not driving. Can I still be an NRMA Member?

Yes, by becoming a Club Care Member.
Club Care is for Members who wish to retain their Membership benefits and years, but are:

  • No longer driving
  • Covered by a new car manufacturers' Roadside Assistance
  • Heading overseas or interstate for an extended period
  • Driving a company or fleet vehicle (where the company has purchased roadside assistance).

More about Club Care

10. How do I select a different NRMA Membership package from the one on my renewal notice?

It's simple. Just call us on 13 11 22 and we'll talk you through the different Membership Packages. Or view our online Package Selector or visit an NRMA Office.

11. What else does my NRMA Membership give me?