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Where to buy a new car

Once you've decided to purchase a new car, the next step is finding a dealer. You can either go directly to a car showroom or shop around online.

Advantages Disadvantages
Can negotiate personally for a better price Lots of driving around to do
Can take a test drive  Have to haggle with sales driven dealers 
Can trade in old vehicle May pay more
Warranty (conditional)

Advantages Disadvantages
Plenty of research material available May not be able to view or test drive vehicles
No face-to-face negotiating May not have flexibility to negotiate a deal
Vehicles may be short-listed to suit your needs
Time to reflect on decision without pressure

Checking over the car

With the initial first look at the vehicle, make sure you take with you an NRMA Used car buyers' inspection checklist, which will help you assess the condition of the vehicle.

In helping you make an informed decision, we recommend you have the vehicle inspected - NRMA MotorServe and NRMA selected Approved Repairers can thoroughly inspect your vehicle and provide you with a comprehensive report.

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