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40 point vehicle safety check

40 point vehicle safety check

At NRMA car servicing, we offer a 40-point vehicle safety check prior to starting any car service. This is a comprehensive 40-point check that allows us to learn about the state of your vehicle when you bring it to us.

Consistent with our commitment to transparency and safety, the 40-point safety check helps us explain any issues we find with your car. More importantly, it helps you to understand our recommendations and it sets the expectations around the car service with you.

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The result is you're completely informed. You know exactly which repairs are critical and why, and you can decide exactly what want to do and pay for - prior to any work starting. 

NRMA car servicing has car repair and service centres across Sydney, Gosford, Newcastle, Wollongong, and Canberra. Or if you'd prefer the convenience of your own home or office, mobile mechanics are now available in Sydney. 

What's the 40-point safety check about?

The NRMA car servicing 40-point safety check has never been about 'point scores'. It's about the elements covered in this comprehensive safety check and the impact on vehicle and passenger safety.

The purpose is to get a full picture of the state of your vehicle when you bring it to us. That way we can give you the true picture on the health of your car and make you aware of any issues that may impact the safety of you and your passengers.

We believe this knowledge and awareness helps to build safety for motorists and the community. It's very important for both NRMA car servicing and the NRMA. That's why we maintain our 40-point safety check is free with every car service.

What's included in NRMA's 40-point safety check?

NRMA car servicing's 40-point car safety check comprises the following assessments:
  • Tyre tread & air pressure
  • Battery & charging system report
  • Exhaust & fan belt
  • Coolant & transmission fluid check & top up
  • Lights, windscreen & wipers
  • Brakes & steering
  • Suspension & driveline
  • Road test (including checking, transmission, engine, diff, clutch and body report)

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