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Mobile Vehicle Inspections


An NRMA MotorServe Mobile Vehicle Inspection is a comprehensive Vehicle Inspection advising the current state of the vehicle. It is a great way to receive independent advice and peace of mind when buying a used car in a private sale or auction or when your new car warranty is coming to an end.

NRMA MotorServe Mobile Vehicle Inspections offers you:

  • The convenience and ease of coming to you Monday - Saturday, 7.30am - 5.30pm.
  • Trained and experienced Vehicle Inspectors
  • Peace of mind with independent advice - potentially saving you hundreds of dollars
  • Exclusive NRMA Member pricing and a further discount on identified repairs carried out at any NRMA MotorServe Service Centre.

What's the process?

1. Call 1300 770 116 to book an appointment. You'll initially be provided with a time window. On the day prior to the inspection (before 5.30pm) your Vehicle Inspector will confirm the exact time of your appointment.

2. Upon successful booking, you will receive a confirmation of your booking via e-mail.

3. On the day of your appointment please bring along the vehicle's registration documents. Allow approximately 1.5 hours for the Mobile Vehicle Inspection to be carried out, which includes a short test drive.

4. At the conclusion of the Mobile Vehicle Inspection, a copy of the Vehicle Inspection Report will be emailed to you.

What does a Mobile Vehicle Inspection include?

Below is a list of items which are checked during the Mobile Vehicle Inspection

Interior Tyres, Wheels, Brakes Road Test
Seat Belts
Seat Mounts/ Runners
Seat and other trim
Door/child locks, hinges
Window operation
Dash/warning lights, gauges
Washers and Wipers
Heater demister
Radio controls
All lights
Rear window demister
Air conditioner
Spare tyre
Master cylinder and Callipers
Brake booster
Brake hoses and Pipes
Hand brake
Engine performance
Engine noises
Exhaust smoke
Transmission auto/manual
Steering and suspension
Brake operation
Speedo/ odometer
Cruise control
Engine Compartment Under body Exterior
Fluid levels/ condition
Fluid/oil leaks
Emission controls
Drive belts, Pulleys
Battery, Charging System
Radiator and Cap
Hoses and Pipes
Water Pump, Cooling Fan
Ignition System
Fuel System
Frames and Members
Under floor panels
Fuel tank/hoses
Exhaust system
Automatic/manual clutch components
Drive shafts/ CV joints/ Universal joints
Front suspension
Steering components
Shock absorbers / Struts
Rear suspension
Hand brake components
Wheel bearings
Body repairs
Glass and Mirrors
Bonnet and Boot Struts/Locks
Sun roof/convertible
Exterior trim
Upper body panels
Other body panels
Boot interiors

Types of Vehicle Inspections available

Product type Vehicle type Member Non-Member
Pre-purchase / End of Warranty
Mobile In-Store Mobile In-Store
Standard (cars under 10 years) $269.00 $299.00 $289.00 $319.00
4WD, AWD, SUV & Cars over 10 years $319.00 $349.00 $339.00 $369.00
Prestige cars $369.00 $399.00 $389.00 $419.00
Re-inspection* $119.00 $119.00 $129.00 $139.00

*Re-inspection can only be offered if an original NRMA MotorServe vehicle inspection on the same vehicle has been completed.

What's the difference between an In-Store Vehicle Inspection and a Mobile Vehicle Inspection?
The In-Store Vehicle Inspection is carried out at any NRMA MotorServe Car Servicing and Repairs Centre, which is a convenient choice for car owners looking to identify any warranty issues for referral back to the manufacturer. Vehicles inspected at the Car Servicing & Repairs Centre have the advantage of an inspection on the hoist with the wheels removed to ensure 4WD engagement and a thorough brake pad examination.

Book your NRMA Mobile Vehicle Inspection now on 1300 770 116
Full terms and conditions for Mobile and In-Store Vehicle Inspections apply.

To book an In-Store Vehicle Inspection, call
1300 880 294.

 NRMA Members will receive 15% discount off any repairs identified during the NRMA MotorServe Mobile Vehicle inspection. Non-Members receive a 10% discount.

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