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Mobile phones & driving

Mobile phone conversations can be distracting so it is important to use your phone safely when you're driving. Below are some safety tips on how to keep safe and still stay connected!

Remember: it is illegal for all drivers to use a hand held phone when driving. The offence will incur a fine of $243 and three demerit points or $324 and four demerit points in a school zone.

Plan your trip and make calls when parked: Whenever possible plan your trip and make calls when parked or during rest breaks on long trips.

Use message services to answer calls: While driving, let your call to divert to voicemail.

If you stop to use your phone, pull over safely and park your vehicle: If you choose to stop to use your phone, pull over carefully in a safe area and park your vehicle. Don't stop where you could be a hazard to other vehicles, pedestrians or yourself.

Don't engage in complex or emotional conversations: Complex and emotive conversations on a mobile phone, or with other passengers, and driving don't mix - they are distracting and can be dangerous.

Never take notes, look up phone numbers, read or send SMS: Always keep both eyes on the road. Don't read or send text messages or SMS (Short Messaging Service) while driving.

In emergencies use your phone to call for help: Dial '000' or '112' in case of fire, traffic accident, road hazard or medical emergency. Both '000' and '112' are free calls and will connect you to emergency services. Almost one third of all genuine calls to '000' are made from mobile phones.

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