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Buying a new car


A new car could be one of the biggest purchases you make. Find out what's involved in buying a new car and what you should do to get a car that's right for you.

Note: the following information is intended primarily for use in NSW and the ACT

Choosing the right car

Consider more than budget when looking for the right car. Think about:

  • Safety and security requirements
  • Fuel consumption vs performance - high-performance cars usually consume more fuel
  • Running costs - high-tech and luxury imported models can be expensive to service, repair and insure. Check the prices of common spare parts (eg oil and air filters etc) and insurance premiums.
  • The number of passengers you normally carry
  • If you need power to tow a trailer or boat or space for work materials (tools, samples) or sports gear (golf clubs, skis)
  • If you need room for sleeping - most passenger-vans and wagons can be converted to provide a bed.
    Safety and security requirements

Make more detailed comparisons with:

Know the real cost

There's more to the cost of a car than the retail price.

Extra costs include stamp duty, registration, insurance, extended warranties (optional) and dealer delivery charges. Once you've got the car, there are running and maintenance costs to consider.

These vary from model to model, so factor them into your budget early on.

Considering your finances is also important and if required, choosing a vehicle loan that's right for you, visit NRMA Car Loans for some helpful tips. 

Set an upper limit to your budget and stick to it.

Make sure the car you love is also the car you can afford.

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