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Safer country driving


Holiday destinations are often a long drive from home and many people enjoy motoring adventures that involve long hours behind the wheel.

Fatigue is a major cause of death and injury on Australian roads, particularly in the country, where it contributes to around 20 per cent of fatal crashes. Fatigue can overwhelm a tired driver in a matter of moments.

Weary drivers who try to push on to the next town before taking a break are inviting tragedy.

Dawn is the most dangerous time for the fatigued motorist, when heavy eyelids may involuntarily slam shut to block out the rising sun.

Medical experts believe that even a fresh driver needs to stop every two hours for a stretch and refreshments. Use the break to thoroughly clean bugs and grime off the windscreen.

Driving beyond the speed limit or in defiance of bad weather or road conditions brings its own problems. If the police don't get you, then a skid on a wet road or another hazard may.

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