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Corporate Driver Training

NRMA Safer Driving provides quality driver training to organisations and individuals who are dedicated to providing themselves or their employees with the skills to help reduce the risk of death and injury on our roads. Read more


NRMA MotorServe can help you with log book and general services, vehicle inspections and repairs. Call 1300 223 544 to book your car in now and see how much you can save. Read more

Business Benefits

Once you're a Member of NRMA Business Motoring you automatically become part of our exclusive business benefits program. Just show you NRMA Business Motoring Membership card or quote your number to get a wide range of benefits and savings. Read more

Caring for you and your employees

You and your staff are responsible for keeping the business running. So why not give the assurance that you're always looking after everyone's safety, both in the workplace and out on the road.

When vehicles break down, it's absolutely essential your staff are able to call on expert help, this is where NRMA's Business Road Assist is essential.

Our 24/7 road assist team is here to make sure drivers are not left stranded and unsafe. Working with the highest safety standards, they not only fix flat tyres, locked vehicles and vehicles that won't start, we also have people who can make travel and accommodation arrangements for your staff, and arrange goods delivery, if a vehicle has a major breakdown.

And because we cover all sizes of vehicles and all of Australia, you can ensure all employee drivers can call on the most safe and trusted hands on the road.

Let your drivers know you care about their safety, provide them with trusted care, wherever they are.

to move your business forward

Business Road Assist Packages

With NRMA Business Motoring Road Assist we cover all sizes of vehicles, ensuring that all employees on the road get 24/7 help.

Passenger vehicle road assist

Whether you and your staff are travelling in metro areas, or are out in regional areas or interstate, we have 24/7 road assist services for cars, utes and 4WDs.

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Light commercial road assist

Our road assist services for larger vans and small trucks give you and your staff 24/7 help whether in metro, regional or interstate areas.

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Heavy vehicle road assist

An NRMA Business Road Assist innovation - we make sure we could cover all vehicles and all employees with our specialised heavy vehicle road assist service. It's a unique national road assist service - a must have for all trucks.

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How wearables are set to impact driving

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5 January 2015

Keeping your drivers safe on summer roads

Summer road conditions can be deadly, especially in countries like Australia. Drivers should always be aware of the dangers.

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23 December 2014

Toyota believes hydrogen is the future

Toyota believes the future of the automotive industry lies in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles – a departure from the thinking of other companies.

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23 December 2014

Vehicle sales are recovering: study

A June study by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries of the Australian automotive sector found some interesting sales statistics.

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23 December 2014

The importance of a strong structural frame

Vehicle structural strength is improving throughout the industry, but certain manufacturers are still developing vehicles with poor ratings.

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23 December 2014