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Driver Training

NRMA Safer Driving provides driver training to learners, seniors and experienced drivers to help you become a safer and more aware driver. Read more

Car Servicing

NRMA car service can help you with log book and general services, vehicle inspections and repairs. Call 1300 223 544 to book your car in now and see how much you can save. Read more

Business Benefits

Once you're a Member of NRMA Business Motoring you automatically become part of our exclusive business benefits program. Just show you NRMA Business Motoring Membership card or quote your number to get a wide range of benefits and savings. Read more

Roadside Assistance for business

When your business vehicles breakdown unexpectedly, you can trust the NRMA to get them quickly back on the road, anywhere in Australia. 

With our 24/7 road assist team, we'll make sure your employees and vehicles are never left stranded or unsafe. In the event of a major breakdown we can even make travel and accommodation arrangements or organise alternative goods delivery so your customers and clients are never left waiting. 

Best of all, we cover all vehicle types, from passenger vehicles to trucks, and we will support your business fleet and staff anywhere in Australia.

Keep your business moving with the NRMA, call 1300 750 633 to speak with an NRMA Business Motoring consultant today.

Why choose NRMA Business Motoring?


Australia-wide roadside
assistance 24 hours a day, 365
days a year. 


Cover tailored to suit any fleet size
and type, from passenger vehicles
to heavy trucks.


Average response time of less than
40 minutes*, so nobody is left


Protect your business and your staff
with NRMA Corporate Driver


Exclusive savings with our partners,
including free membership to the
NSW Business Chamber.


Your vehicle is covered, regardless
of who the driver is.


Talk to our team today: 1300 750 633

Business Road Assist Packages

With NRMA Business Motoring Road Assist we cover all sizes of vehicles, ensuring that all employees on the road get 24/7 help.

Passenger vehicle road assist

Whether you and your staff are travelling in metro areas, or are out in regional areas or interstate, we have 24/7 road assist services for cars, utes and 4WDs.

Read more

Light commercial road assist

Our road assist services for larger vans and small trucks give you and your staff 24/7 help whether in metro, regional or interstate areas.

Read more

Heavy vehicle road assist

An NRMA Business Road Assist innovation - we make sure we can cover all vehicles and all employees with our specialised heavy vehicle national roadside assistance.

Read more


* Based on operations statistics of activation time to arrival from July 2014 to March 2015

Business news

M4 tolls to be reactived M4 tolls to be reactived

The free travel enjoyed by commuters along the M4 since early 2010 will be replaced by a distance-based tolling system as used on the M7. How will this impact you and your business? Read more

St John Ambulance

Helping Saints keep the community safe

With events or emergencies in both metro and regional locations it's imperative the St John fleet are kept maintained and are ready to respond. This is where we come in. Read more

Grey fleets


Employees cars can be risky business

Understanding your businesses "grey fleet" and ensuring you have the correct policies in place will greatly reduce your risk. We provide further insight in how to manage this. Read more 

Oz Harvest   Helping OzHarvest deliver a difference

OzHarvest has been a Member since its inception 12 years ago because the entire operation is dependent on keeping their fleet of bright yellow vans moving.
Read more