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Huge thank you to the wonderful NRMA mechanic who helped me and put up with a Member in a bit of distress - Connie Day

When it comes to deciding the right level of roadside assistance for you, think about your lifestyle, the distances you'll be travelling, the cover you're looking for and the size of your vehicle.

If you drive every day and take the odd road trip and want the convenience of accident and major breakdown assistance, then Premium Care is for you. If you just drive to the shops and want the simple assurance that you'll never be stranded, take a look at Classic Care.

The NRMA gets Members with Premium Care, Premium Plus and Classic Care back on the road on the spot 9 times out of 10* in an average callout time of 35 minutes** 24/7, 365 days a year. There's plenty of reasons why you should join the NRMA today.

Premium Plus
The NRMA's most comprehensive roadside assistance package for big vehicles including caravans and trailers up to 10 tonnes. Premium Plus Members also have access to free^ child restraint installation at any NRMA car servicing centre. 

Premium Care
The NRMA's most comprehensive roadside assistance package offers you the peace of mind that your car, family and pets will always be covered - plus anything you're towing. Premium Care Members also have access to free^ child restraint installation at any NRMA car servicing centre. 

Classic Care
This level of roadside assistance is essential cover that keeps you moving around town with the assurance that you'll never be stranded. 

Club Care
With Club Care, you can still enjoy the many benefits of being an NRMA Member, even if you don't require NRMA roadside assistance.

** Based on operations statistics of activation time to arrival from July 2016 to December 2016
* Based on operational performance statistics January 2010 to September 2010. Premium Care Membership terms and conditions apply
^ Special accessories are not included. Terms and conditions apply

Membership Guide 2015 (PDF 7.3MB/17 pages)
Membership pricing (PDF 731KB/2 pages)
Membership Terms and Conditions effective 14 Nov 2016 (PDF 166KB/24 pages)

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