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RFID Blocking Sleeve Top Opening Twin Pack
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Scanguard RFID Blocking Sleeve Top Opening Twin Pack

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  • Protection against unlawful skimming and identity theft
  • Protect credit, debit cards & other cards that contain a Radio-Frequency-Identification (RFID) chip
  • Made in the USA using a special multi-ply laminate material containing a security barrier that provides powerful RFID shielding
  • These Paper Tyger Defender sleeves are GSA FIPS 201 approved
  • The sleeve is slim enough that you can put your shielded card right back in your wallet where you normally keep it
  • Use in your existing purse or wallet
  • Available in wide opening and narrow opening, providng you with greater flexibility
  • Tear resistent, water resistent, durable
  • Prevents damage to magnetic strip
  • ALL profits donated to Australian charities
This ScanGuard pack consists of 2 card sleeves. If you are concerned about the security of your contactless credit/debit cards (those cards with a chip embedded) or travelling overseas then protect your identity from unauthorised RF readers that can access data on your credit/debit cards, hotel room key (if access is via a swipe card) and passports, as well as any other smart card using 13.56 Mhz or 860-980 Mhz.

Use the sleeve that best suits your wallet or purse.  Top opening sleeves have a wide opening to fit those wallets or purses where the pockets are as wide as credit/debit cards.  Side opening sleeves have a narrow opening to fit those wallets where the pockets are as narrow as credit/debit cards.
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