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Western Australia Holiday Ideas

Western Australia is the largest state in the whole of Australia and covers an area of a little under million square miles. The state features an impressive coastline, which stretches for nearly 13,000 miles and is scattered with enticing off shore islands, charming towns, beaches and enticing off shore islands. Around two and a half million people live in this state, with the majority of people occupying the south-west corner.

This part of the world is famous for its hot and humid Mediterranean climate, which is moderated by gentle sea breezes, making the coastal areas of the state particularly enjoyable. The driest time of the year tends to be from April to November, while the months of June and July after usually slightly cooler than the rest of the year.

Perth is the capital of this large and lovely state, and visitors will find a wide range of exciting Western Australia holiday ideas to choose from here. This vibrant city features an excellent range of entertainment options, from chic coffee shops to bars, cinemas, markets and undercover shopping centres. Some of the most popular landmarks and tourist attractions in Perth include Allan Green Conservatory, the Aquarium of Western Australia, Art Gallery of Western Australia, King's Park and Botanical Gardens and the Western Australian Museum.

There are also a large number of Western Australia holiday destinations that are just waiting to be explored, and each has its own enchanting characteristics. Nature lovers in particular will be in their element here, as there are plenty of large and lovely green zones to discover that are home to native flora and fauna.

Kalbarri National Park features impressive coloured gorges and cliffs that have been sculpted by the Murchison River. Just a short drive away is Coral Bay, while Karijini National Park features stunning canyons and gorges and the hiking trails that wind their way through the national park make exploring this area and soaking up the scenery a real pleasure.

City Slickers will also find several large towns to explore in Western Australia which are full of attractions as well as hotels and other amenities. Geraldton features a particularly stunning stretch of sand and is famous as a world class surfing destination, while Mandurah has long been a popular fishing and crabbing spot. Other popular destinations include Albany, Broome, Bunbury and Esperance.

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