Driving interstate? Your NRMA Membership benefits explained

Peace of mind Australia wide

Ever wondered what happens if your car suddenly breaks down while you’re driving interstate? Here’s a rundown on interstate benefits and how to get assistance from across the border as an NRMA Member.

Wherever you are in Australia, roadside assistance is arranged through the same 13 11 11 phone number, which diverts calls to the relevant state-based motoring club. Each affiliate club will gather all the relevant breakdown information and contact the originating club to confirm a valid Membership.

The NRMA is affiliated with all six state based Motoring Organisations, including:



Under the reciprocal arrangements, NRMA Members have access to affiliated clubs’ standard levels of roadside assistance. These benefits differ from the entitlements NRMA Members receive for breakdowns in NSW and ACT.

  • AANT and RAASA Standard benefits include assistance to mobilise vehicles, 8km towing in metropolitan areas and 32km towing in country areas

  • RACQ Roadside benefits include assistance to mobilise vehicles, 20km towing in any direction or up to 50km towing to the attending RACQ Contractor’s premises

  • RACT Advantage benefits include assistance to mobilise vehicles, up to 15km towing in the city and up to 32km back to the nearest agent in the country

  • RACV Roadside Care benefits include assistance to mobilise vehicles, 20km towing in metropolitan areas and 120km towing in country areas

  • RACWA Standard benefits include assistance to mobilise vehicles and 10km towing in “Guaranteed Service” (city) areas, and 80km of travel to mobilise vehicles and 80km towing in “Non-Guaranteed Service” (other) areas.

Premium Care and Premium Plus

NRMA Premium Care and Premium Plus Members are entitled to receive the same towing entitlements Australia Wide, which includes 50kms metropolitan and regional towing as well as 100kms remote towing. To arrange these benefits, a current Premium Care Member can contact the Premium Care hotline on 1300 772 273 from anywhere in Australia 24/7.

Premium Care and Premium Plus Membership holders can also access up to $3000 worth of major mechanical assistance, including car hire, accommodation and passenger transport. These benefits are available to assist when a major mechanical breakdown occurs more than 100kms from home (or any distance from home for Premium Plus) which cannot be repaired in less than 24 hours . This benefit is also available for Traveller Care subscriptions. 

So before you head out on a road trip, if you are not already covered, make sure you join or upgrade at least 48 hours before you hit the road!

Redeem your benefits

Members can receive discounted fuel, food and drink, attraction tickets, and accommodation offers when showing a current club Membership Card or their details in the my nrma app when travelling interstate.

The my nrma app also has useful advice including road trip itineraries, locals guides and tips to make the most of your journey.

Hit the road and redeem: see how a family saved more than $200 on a road trip from Dubbo to Sydney using their NRMA Blue benefits.

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