NRMA benefits terms and conditions

All benefits have terms and conditions which are subject to change. Terms and conditions can be found on each individual benefit or offer page, and on the my nrma app.

1. NRMA Blue

NRMA Blue entitles You to all Membership rights and benefits (such as deals and discounts). NRMA Blue benefits, offers and participating partners will vary from time to time and are subject to change at NRMA's discretion. Each benefit and offer is subject to separate terms and conditions and You may also be subject to the participating partner's terms and conditions of sale or service.

NRMA Blue excludes Roadside Assistance, Towing Services and related services. If an NRMA Blue Member breaks down and requires Roadside Assistance, they will be required to pay an OnRoad Join and Go fee to upgrade to Classic Care or Premium Care (additional conditions apply for Premium Care).

Club Care will no longer be an Available Subscription Package effective from 1 April 2018. Members that currently hold a Club Care Subscription Package will receive a renewal for NRMA Blue on their next renewal date or the anniversary of their next renewal date.

NRMA Blue benefits are also available to Members with a current Available Subscription Package. For more information on NRMA Blue, visit:

For the current benefits and current terms and conditions for each, please go to:

You will be required to validate Your Membership before You can redeem any benefits under NRMA Blue. To access NRMA Blue benefits You will be required to have a smartphone as some NRMA Blue benefits can only be redeemed using the my nrma app (which is Android and iOS compatible).

NRMA and our participating partners will not exchange or refund NRMA Blue benefits for anything else, including for cash or gift cards.

You are responsible for the use of the Member ID, vouchers or codes provided as part of the program in accordance with instructions and the Member Benefit terms and Conditions below.

1.1 NRMA Blue: Member benefit terms and Conditions

Participation in the NRMA Blue Program – Under our NRMA Blue Program, our Program Partners have agreed to provide You with benefits that may include discounts, upgrades or other offers.

Eligibility to participate is open only to individual persons and not open to corporate or Business Motoring Members. Your participation is at our discretion, and we may accept or revoke Your eligibility without prior notice and for any reason, including if You:

  • fail to comply with these terms and conditions or those displayed on a Member ID; or
  • cease to be a Member of NRMA.

Program Benefits

The benefits available under the NRMA Blue Program are listed on our website and advertising issued by us or by our Program Partners from time-to-time. We take reasonable care to ensure that information we publish in relation to the NRMA Blue Program is accurate but do not accept any liability relating to information provided by third parties. All descriptions of benefits we publish are based on information supplied by Program Partners.

All benefits are subject to availability and other terms and conditions which may be imposed by Program Partners. All offers are subject to availability and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. These may be communicated by us on behalf of the Program Partner in the media outlined above or by the Program Partner. Unless otherwise stated, no benefit may be used in conjunction with any other offer.

The benefits are available to Members only and cannot be sold, transferred, assigned or otherwise dealt with except with the consent of NRMA and the relevant Program Partner.

To claim a benefit, You must communicate to the Program Partner that You are a Member and that You wish to obtain a benefit under the NRMA Blue Program as follows:

  • if You contact the Program Partner by telephone, You must notify the Program Partner at the outset of the first telephone conversation that You are a Member requesting the benefits and provide Your NRMA Membership number or Member ID number as required by the Program Partner;
  • in a face-to-face transaction, You must present Your Membership card; or
  • in a web-based or app-based transaction, You must enter Your NRMA Membership number or Member ID number or other method of identification required by the Program Partner.

You may be required to telephone in advance or make a booking prior to attending a Program Partner's business and claiming a benefit. Please refer to the NRMA Blue website for any such special conditions.

Please note that some partners will accept Your Membership number without Your Membership card.

Use of the Member ID

The Member ID is issued by NRMA and remains the property of NRMA. The Member ID is not transferable under any circumstances. If there is a validity period on the Member ID, the Member ID may be used only during that validity period. In the event of loss, theft or unauthorised use of Your Member ID, it is Your responsibility to advise us as soon as possible. You are liable for all use of the Member ID until we are notified of the loss, theft or unauthorised use of the Member ID. NRMA will not be liable for misuse of a lost or stolen Member ID or any unauthorised use of a Member ID.

Program Partners and Transactions

Under the NRMA Blue Program, we arrange for Program Partners to offer certain benefits to Members. Program Partners are not the agents of NRMA and have no authority, express or implied, to bind NRMA or to make any representations, warranties or statements on our behalf.

We are not a party to any transactions entered into between a Member and a Program Partner and are not responsible for any such transactions, but we reserve the right to monitor complaints and disputes. We are not liable in any way for:

  • any use of Your Member ID by another person;
  • any failure by You to notify a Program Partner that You are seeking a benefit under the NRMA Blue Program when purchasing goods or services;
  • a Program Partner not offering or making a benefit available for any reason;
  • a failure by a Program Partner to comply with the terms of any transaction entered into with You; or
  • the suspension and/or termination of the NRMA Blue Program.

    You must not

  • abuse or misuse the NRMA Blue program, any benefits, facilities, services or arrangements accorded to You as a result of the NRMA Blue program;
  • act in any way which is likely to be detrimental to the interests of NRMA, its program partners or the NRMA Blue program;
  • supply or attempt to supply any false or misleading information, or make any misrepresentation to us and/or any of our Program Partners;
  • sell, assign, transfer or acquire, or offer to sell, assign, transfer or acquire any NRMA Blue program benefit; or
  • act in any way which, in our reasonable opinion, breaches or is likely to breach these terms and conditions or is inconsistent with the intent of these terms and conditions.

Suspension or Termination

We may suspend or terminate Your eligibility to participate in the NRMA Blue Program and Your use of the Member ID without notice and for any reason, including if You

  • do not comply with these terms and conditions; • do not comply with the conditions of any product or service offered by a Program Partner or for the NRMA Blue Program; or
  • cease to be a Member of NRMA. In such circumstances, we may cancel and/or refuse to honour any NRMA Blue Program benefits that have been redeemed by or provided to You.

Subject to applicable laws, we will not be liable to You or any third party for any loss or damage whatsoever suffered by any person as a result of any such suspension, termination or cancellation.

Complaint Procedure

Any complaints You have in relation to a benefit offered by a Program Partner are between You and the Program Partner. Please contact the relevant Program Partner in such a case. If You wish to lodge a complaint about the NRMA Blue Program then contact us directly via the contact details set out below.