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Ozharvest Business Motoring NRMA

OzHarvest has been a business Member since its inception 12 years ago because the entire operation is dependent on keeping their fleet of bright yellow vans moving.

We visited OzHarvest to hear about their amazing organisation and passionate staff and volunteers who rely on their fleet to operate successfully.

Founder Ronni Khan started OzHarvest back in November 2004, with the goal of raising awareness about food waste, whilst rescuing good food destined for landfill and giving back to those in need. With just one van over 8,000 meals were delivered in that first month alone.

Fast-forward 12 years and OzHarvest is now delivering over 800,000 meals a month, from food donated by more than 2,000 commercial outlets, taking it to over 900 charity partners.

"It's about logistics and transport"

Now operating in six states, seven cities and twelve regional locations, OzHarvest has delivered over 56 million meals to date.

"It's about logistics and transport: it's about making sure that our vehicles, and we now have 37 vans on the road, can efficiently and effectively deliver surplus food in real time to people in need," says Ronni.

"Our operation depends on the rescue and delivery of perishable but perfectly good food, so we are completely dependent on our vehicles being out on the road to deliver that food."

"If a vehicle breaks down, it means good food might go to waste or people won't get it that day, or people may go hungry – the efficiency of our fleet is highly important to us."

As an NRMA Member, OzHarvest knows their fleet is in safe hands: our Patrols are able to respond to a call within 40 minutes on average, meaning that a breakdown doesn't result in their operation grinding to a halt.

And it's not just roadside assistance OzHarvest rely on the NRMA for. Recently the NRMA's corporate driver raining team took the Sydney based drivers through a training workshop where they focused on manoeuvring techniques and low-risk driving.

Visit the OzHarvest website to make a donation or find out how you or your business can get involved.

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