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It would be fair to say that most drivers know that they have to register their vehicle in order to drive on Australia's roads. However, it can be a major gripe for business owners to stay on top of the expiration and renewal dates of every vehicle's registration. Police now have automatic number plate recognition technology which makes it easy to detect when someone is driving an unregistered vehicle and with this technology rolling out quickly, more drivers are falling foul of the law.

Fines for driving unregistered vehicles have accelerated in NSW since the removal of car registration stickers, and according to Revenue NSW, around 65,000 people in NSW were caught driving an unregistered vehicle in 2018 - 5,000 more than the year before.

Whether it's a large or small fleet, staying on top of registrations across your entire fleet is the best way to avoid unnecessary fines, penalties and legal issues. To easily manage this across businesses a good management system is key. By storing documents and information in an accessible system and setting specific renewal reminders for each of your vehicles, you can help ensure that these items will get done on time, steering your business clear of penalties and fines.

1. Well organised records

Keeping your files and reports organised in a computer system or filing cabinet can help you quickly access everything you need, what's more having your business vehicles numbered uniformly can help you with filing as well.

Handy Tip:
  • When it comes to filing, the best practice to use is the last five digits of the vehicle's VIN.

2. Calendar notices

Set an electronic calendar notice prior to scheduled repairs and to remind yourself of registration, insurance and inspections. This will ensure you stay proactive, rather than reactive and safeguard you and your business from any unexpected costs and fees that aren't outlined in your budget.

3. Do a quick check

As the driver of the vehicle, you're responsible to check the status of its registration. You can ensure that the vehicle's registration is up to date by obtaining a free vehicle registration check online. This will provide you with information including the registration expiry date and whether the registration is suspended or cancelled - all you need is the vehicle's plate number.

Did you know?

In the case of heavy vehicles, a company driver operating an unregistered company vehicle is liable for a fine and loss of four demerit points. While the company may pay the fine, the points are personal.

Driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle is an offence attracting on the spot infringement notice fines of over $1200 ($607 for being unregistered and $530 for being uninsured). What's more, if the matter goes to court, the maximum fine is $2200 for driving unregistered and $5500 for driving uninsured. To avoid the prospect of a daunting fine, it's best to get organised before your registration expires. You can renew your rego online or via the Service NSW app, by phone, by mail or in person at a registry or service centre.

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