Rate your road: Survey results

Sydney Traffic NRMA Business congestion survey

Are dodging cracks in the middle of the road becoming a regular occurrence in yours and your employees commute? Are the local roads just not wide enough to cope with the amount of traffic and causing significant impacts to your business? Well, you’re not alone in your frustrations with over 23,000 people having had their say on the state of NSW roads. This year, the NRMA opened the Rate Your Road survey, the largest survey of its kind in the state’s history and it invited Members to rate roads based on their condition, level of safety and congestion.

The M5 in Liverpool received the most votes for a specific location, with 510 people identifying it as having a very poor rating for congestion. Coming in at number two was Epping Road at Ryde, followed by the Pacific Highway at Coffs Harbour and Parramatta Road at Ashfield as some of the state’s most frustrating stretches of road.

The top 10 road locations across NSW to receive the most number of votes were:
Rank  Location  Reason  Number of votes 
M5 at Moorebank  Congestion  510 
Epping Road at Ryde  Congestion  474 
Pacific Highway at Coffs Harbour  Congestion  439 
Parramatta Road at Ashfield  Congestion  421 
Pennant Hills Road at Ku-Ring-Gai  Congestion  395 
Windsor Road Hills District  Congestion  237 
Lane Cove Road at Ryde  Congestion  234 
Military Road at Mosman  Congestion  229 
Barton Highway in the ACT  Safety  228 
10  Pacific Highway at Ku-Ring-Gai  Congestion  213 

Traffic congestion consistently ranked as a factor that had one of the biggest impacts on people’s lives, and paints a dire picture of the state’s roads infrastructure. This is in line with our 2018 NRMA Business Member survey, where over 83% of respondents believe that congestion has increased over the last 12 months.

NRMA Chief Customer Officer Emma Harrington said tackling congestion was a strategic priority for the NRMA and would strengthen the economy and allow businesses to grow. “Our NRMA business Members are telling us that congestion is costing them money and restricting growth”, Ms. Harrington said. "There is more transport infrastructure being built in Sydney today than at any time in our city's history and it is clear from our annual Business survey that the community places equal weight in roads and public transport infrastructure when it comes to getting around”.

The NRMA will use this data as a resource when lobbying the NSW and Australian Governments for road and public transport funding priorities, and with the Federal election slated for May, the data will be invaluable in determining improvements for the region’s transport network. NRMA spokesperson Peter Khoury thanked the community for the overwhelming response to the NRMA Rate Your Road campaign saying that “Delivering the roads and public transport services of the future - both on land and through our famous Sydney Harbour - is critical to NSW reaching its business and tourism potential. Perhaps most importantly of all, it is how we can best ensure our citizens can get home to their families safely and quickly every night.”