Connected car and telematics

NRMA business motoring telematics

Unfortunately we are no longer offering the Connected Car subscription service to fleet-running businesses across Australia.

We do believe there are potentially significant safety benefits to be derived from this technology, and will play a lead role in working with policymakers, car manufacturers and the broader community to ensure Australia reaps the benefits this technology has to offer.

However, telematics technology is increasingly standard in the new car market and we've come to the conclusion there is limited commercial benefit to retrofitting the technology in to the used car market.

We will maintain the technology-based product and accompanying support service to existing customers until 31 December 2018, when the majority of customers will see their subscriptions expire.

The subscription service will not be renewed beyond that date and businesses with subscriptions that run in to 2019 will be reimbursed. We will provide transitional support to customers seeking to continue using connected technology with other suppliers.