Useful car features and what to avoid

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Choosing the right car you, whether it be a used or new car, can transform your driving experience. A new car brings a multitude of benefits, especially by introducing certain useful features. Deciphering between useful features and features to avoid, however, can be difficult especially with the sheer amount on offer.

There are a large number of added extras available, including rustproofing which will not be worth the expense. Dealers often make these sound inviting and necessary but they offer no real benefit to you. So, before you make your final decision about what you require and what you don’t, take a look at our guide list of useful features and features to avoid below.

Back seat DVD screens    If you have young kids, tick this option and enjoy future road-trips in a state of peaceful relaxation. Rear DVD players can be pricey so look into aftermarket versions that, while not as neatly integrated into the interior, work just as well.
Premium infotainment systems Even low-priced cars today feature Bluetooth phone connectivity and various inputs for audio integration. While spending up on a high-powered audio system might be an indulgence, features such as voice control, satellite navigation and reversing cameras are often worth the money, and will add appeal (and value) at resale time, too.
Safety features There is no such thing as too many airbags, though you can have too few. Aim to have at least six. Electronic stability control is standard in all new passenger cars sold in Australia – it’s a potentially life-saving technology.
Sports suspension, larger wheels and tyres These can make a car steer, handle and look better, but can also have a negative impact on ride comfort. Test-drive the standard and sports-optioned versions of your car before you tick this box.

In addition to the features displayed above, remember, there are numerous features which are necessary. These include on-road costs, such as registration and stamp duty to start. For more information about additional costs involved with purchasing a car, see how to set your car budget and avoid costly surprises.

Alongside this, adding extra features can certainly be useful but have you considered the impact it might have on your car loan? Purchasing unnecessarily will bump up costs. Understand more about car loans for new and used cars and find your ideal car loan that has the flexibility you need.

Stretching your budget?

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