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Your Essential Service is based on your car type, engine oil capacity, type of oil and your NRMA Membership.

Essential service

Car type  Engine oil capacity Member save 10%  Non Member  Members save 10% Non Member
     Standard oil  Synthetic oil
 Sedan  <5L  $178  $197.78  $225  $250
 4WD/SUV/Vans  <5L  $189  $210  $279  $310
 Sedan Euro  <5L    $306  $340
 4WD/SUV/Vans/Euro  <5L    $378  $420

Some vehicles, including European/prestige, AWD/MPV, vans, 4WD and SUV may require higher grade oil or parts, any additional costs will be discussed with you and quoted up front.

Log book service

 NRMA Member From $195^
 Non-Member From $215^

We’re authorised to carry out log book servicing as specified by car manufacturers. No extra work will be conducted until it's agreed upon by you. Some vehicles may be subject to a surcharge where they require larger quantities or higher grades of oil or prestige parts.

eSafety check – pink slip

 Inspection type  Rego checks
 Light vehicle  $42**
 Motorcycle   $23**
 Trailer without brakes  $21**
 Trailer with brakes  $33**

**NSW only. Not available at our Tuggeranong or Majura Park service centre.

Vehicle inspections

 Product type  Vehicle type Members Non-Members
 Pre-purchase or end of warranty Standard/ 4WD/ AWD/ Van $270 $300 
  Specialist vehicles and over 10 years $360  $400
 #Re-inspection   $117 $130

#Can only be offered on the same vehicle to the original purchaser of the NRMA vehicle inspection and within 90 days of the original inspection.

Child restraint installation

 Membership type  Car with an existing anchor
 NRMA Member  $49.50
 Retail Price (non-Member)  $55

Is your car due for a service?

NRMA car servicing is an authorised log book service provider.