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General information

MotorServe Pty Limited trades as NRMA MotorServe (ABN 41 121 715 393) is part of The National Roads & Motorists' Association (the NRMA). By booking your vehicle with NRMA MotorServe, you accept these Terms and Conditions.This agreement is governed by the laws of New South Wales. These Terms and Conditions are available on the following website: we will use reasonable endeavours to notify you of any changes to these Terms and Conditions by placing a notice on our website.

Estimates and Payment

We provide an estimate of the cost of all work to be undertaken. The estimate will be discussed with you prior to work being commenced on your vehicle. Estimates remain valid for 7 days. All estimates and prices include GST.

You understand that larger vehicles may require high quantities of oil during servicing. NRMA Motorserve may at its sole discretion, and without contacting you for authorisation, charge an amount to cover the cost of the oil used in the service.

Should additional work be found necessary during the course of the service which would cause the estimate to be exceeded, we will contact you to explain the additional work required and to seek your authorisation for the additional costs to be incurred before proceeding.

A detailed tax invoice outlining the work carried out and associated costs will be provided once the work is completed. Payment must be made in full on the day of the work being completed and prior to collection of your vehicle. We accept cash, credit cards, EFTPOS and bank cheques. Payment made by Visa or MasterCard credit cards will incur a surcharge of 1%. Payment made by American Express credit cards (Amex) will incur a surcharge of 3%. Personal cheques are not accepted.

Trading terms for customers operating an authorised trading account with NRMA MotorServe are 14 days from date of tax invoice. Please note that property in any product sold by NRMA MotorServe to you does not pass from us to you until we have been paid in full.

Advertised prices

All of our advertised prices are subject to change without notice, however we will update our prices regularly in written information that we provide and at our website:


Certain State and Commonwealth legislation, including the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth), imply warranties or conditions or impose guarantees or obligations which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified except to a limited extent. These Terms and Conditions do not purport to exclude any statutory rights available to you and must in all cases be read subject to those statutory provisions. Other than those statutory provisions, we exclude all conditions and warranties which may be implied by law.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, our liability for breach of any implied warranty or condition which cannot be excluded is restricted, at our option, to:

1. In the case of services supplied or offered by us, either:

a. the re-supply of those services

b. the payment of the cost of having those services re-supplied

2. In the case of goods supplied or offered by us, either:

a. the replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods

b. the repair of the goods

c. the payment of the cost of having the goods replaced

d. the payment of the cost of having the goods repaired

3. To the maximum extent permitted by law, we will not be liable to you or any third parties for:

a. any claim, whether that claim arises in contract, tort (including negligence) or statute

b. any loss (including loss of profits or special, indirect, incidental or consequential loss)

c. damage, injury or death to any person or property, arising out of or relating to the products sold by us or the services performed by us

Registration of your vehicle

1. You understand that driving an unregistered vehicle is illegal and warrant that your vehicle is registered in accordance with the state/territory legislative and regulatory requirements applicable to your vehicle. Where your vehicle is not registered you will ensure that you take all necessary steps to notify us that your vehicle is unregistered.

2. Where you have not notified us in accordance with clause 12.1 that your vehicle is unregistered you agree to indemnify us for any fines, penalties, loss, damage, injury or death caused to any person or property when we are driving or otherwise operating your vehicle.


As part of these terms and conditions you acknowledge that where invoices are not paid we hold a lien over the vehicle belonging to you which is in our possession.

Storage and disposal of uncollected vehicles

If we exercise a lien over the vehicle or if you do not collect the vehicle within 2 days from the time it is ready for collection a vehicle storage fee of $25.00 per day will apply.

If we cannot contact you using reasonable efforts, or you do not collect the vehicle or discharge any lien we hold over the vehicle belonging to you, within 3 months from the time the vehicle is ready for collection we are entitled to sell or dispose of the vehicle by any reasonable method at your expense without any further notice to you. We will apply the proceeds of the sale or disposal of the vehicle to the sums you owe us and return the balance to you. If the proceeds received from the sale or disposal of the vehicle are not sufficient to discharge the amounts you owe us, the outstanding amounts will be owed by you to us as a debt. After such sale or disposal of the vehicle we will be discharged from any liability whatsover in respect of the vehicle.

Parts and lubricants

NRMA MotorServe uses quality aftermarket parts and lubricants that meet or exceed the specifications of those originally fitted by your vehicle manufacturer. Should you wish to use an alternate brand or product, MotorServe will take reasonable action to source that part or product for you, although this may impact on the pricing and time commitments of your car service or repair.

You understand that some vehicles require larger quantities or higher grade oil during service. NRMA MotorServe may at its sole discretion, and without contacting you for authorization, charge an amount to cover the cost of the oil used in the service.

Referral to NRMA Approved Repairer

In certain circumstances NRMA MotorServe may recommend an NRMA Approved Repairer to you. This is a recommendation only and NRMA MotorServe receives no fee for referral nor plays any part in the pricing or operations of these independent businesses. NRMA MotorServe is in no way responsible for any work an NRMA Approved Repairer carries out on your vehicle.

Manufacturer extended warranties

You understand that some car manufacturers provide extended warranties that may not entitle NRMA MotorServe to service your car. It is your responsibility to ensure that work completed at NRMA MotorServe does not affect or void an extended manufacturer warranty.

Video footage and recordings

You understand that collecting recordings, video footage or filming of any kind at NRMA Motorserve without the express consent of NRMA Motorserve is not permitted and may constitute a breach of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the National Privacy Principles.

NRMA offers

NRMA MotorServe provides exclusive offers to NRMA Members and non-Members in regards to NRMA Membership. These offers are subject to change without notice. 

NRMA Member offers

Current NRMA Members who have any NRMA MotorServe log book service, major service, Essential service, vehicle inspection, or repair work performed at an NRMA MotorServe centre will be entitled to the quoted or advertised discounted prices for NRMA Members.

Terms and conditions

1. A valid Member card must be shown at point of sale to redeem the discount.

2. Offers are not transferable for cash and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. One redemption per service.

3. For all NRMA MotorServe log book services, major services, Essential services, vehicle inspection and repair work, 4WD vehicles and some European and prestige vehicles may be subject to a surcharge to cover required higher grade oil and parts costs. Any applicable surcharge will be set out in your estimate.

4. NRMA Member discounts for repair work do not apply to: tyres and puncture repairs, major repairs that require specialist attention through our extended network of specialist suppliers, car electrics, windscreen repairs and replacement, and battery and charging system check.

5. The NRMA Member Offer is subject to change without notice and replaces all previous discounts or offers.

Privacy statement

MotorServe Pty Limited trading as NRMA MotorServe, collects your personal information in order to provide you with its products and services and for internal administration and operational purposes, market and customer satisfaction research and in order to comply with legislative and regulatory requirements. If you do not provide your personal information, NRMA MotorServe may not be able to provide you with its products and services. NRMA MotorServe and its agents may use your personal information and disclose it to its related bodies corporate and third parties in order to inform you about products and services, special offers and discounts provided by NRMA MotorServe, its related bodies corporate and third parties that may be of interest to you. For further information on how NRMA MotorServe deals with your personal information you can view our privacy policy at, write to NRMA MotorServe, 9 George Street, North Strathfield, NSW, 2137, or call 13 11 22. If you do not wish to receive direct marketing communications from NRMA MotorServe, its related bodies corporate or third parties, please contact us at and include your name and address and we will not send you any further direct marketing communications.

Matters outside our reasonable control

We will not be liable for any delay in performing, or any failure to carry out repairs to your vehicle to the extent that such delay or failure results from events or circumstances outside our reasonable control. You understand that when repairing your vehicle the power supply in your vehicle may be temporarily interrupted. This may cause your audio system to lock and require an unlock code. We will take reasonable steps to prevent this from happening however it is usually outside our control. The unlock code for your audio system is supplied by the manufacturer of your vehicle and any cost incurred by us in unlocking your audio system will be your sole responsibility.

NRMA MotorServe warranty

NRMA MotorServe guarantees the parts and labour that it supplies and uses in the servicing of your vehicle for the time period or kilometres travelled (whichever occurs first) outlined in the following warranty conditions. The NRMA MotorServe warranty does not apply to parts which are second hand however this does not affect your statutory rights and the non-excludable guarantees provided under Australian Consumer Law will apply to any second-hand parts supplied and used by NRMA MotorServe.

1. Warranty period

Car servicing and engine maintenance 12 months or 20,000km
General mechanical repairs 12 months or 20,000km
Flushing services 12 months or 20,000km
Brakes (passenger vehicles only) 12 months or 20,000km
Batteries (as per manufacturer’s warranty) Ranges from 6 to 36 months
Suspension and steering (as per the manufacturer’s warranty) Ranges from 12 to 24 months

Except as set out in the below paragraph, NRMA MotorServe only uses high quality parts that meet or exceed the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

If a new or reconditioned part is not available for your vehicle NRMA MotorServe can fit a second hand part. Where a second hand part fitment is required NRMA MotorServe will notify you first and seek your consent to fit that part.

If we fit a part or parts covered by a part manufacturer’s guarantee that extends beyond the NRMA MotorServe warranty period, we will uphold this warranty period and fit any replacement parts offered by the part manufacturer at no charge.

If carrying out this work requires NRMA MotorServe to purchase additional parts or provide labour not covered by the part manufacturer’s guarantee, there may be an additional charge and you will be notified of this before any work commences.

2. What we cover in your NRMA MotorServe warranty

Should any part be incorrectly fitted by NRMA MotorServe, or found to be defective* during the warranty period, we will replace refit or rectify the part at no charge.**

If requested, we are happy to make all replaced parts available for inspection at the time you collect your car.

Where the work conducted is windscreen chip repair or windscreen repair, NRMA MotorServe provides you with a lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials for as long as you own the vehicle. During the warranty period, subject to the exclusions as detailed below, if a windscreen or window NRMA MotorServe has fitted to your vehicle leaks or is faulty due to our workmanship or materials, NRMA MotorServe will rectify the problem free of charge. NRMA MotorServe’s warranty does not cover faults caused by: physical damage (including impact damage); your neglect or negligence; abuse, misuse of your vehicle; driving your vehicle or removing the masking tape before the expiration of the curing time specified on the front of the invoice; pre-existing faults in your vehicle (including rust and corrosion); or fair wear and tear.

It is possible that during the repair process the glass can crack and become unrepairable. If this happens, NRMA MotorServe will not charge for the repair.

If the repaired chip subsequently cracks, at your option, NRMA MotorServe will refund the paid cost of the repair or deduct the paid cost of the repair from the cost of a new windscreen.

3. What is not covered by your NRMA MotorServe warranty?

There are five ways in which you will void your NRMA MotorServe warranty:

a. if you use your vehicle in competition, on a closed circuit or as part of any timed event

b. if you remove the part or parts originally fitted by NRMA MotorServe to the vehicle

c. if the part or parts are damaged by misuse or accident, in particular by engine backfire or malfunction

d. if warranty work is performed elsewhere, unless the work has been authorised in writing by the NRMA MotorServe Operations Manager in advance of any work being undertaken

e. NRMA MotorServe does not use customer supplied parts and they are not covered by warranty

4. Statutory warranty

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. The benefits under the NRMA MotorServe warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies under a law in relation to the goods and services.

5. What you should do if you have a problem?

a. contact the NRMA MotorServe where the work was completed (or if this is not convenient contact the NRMA MotorServe Operations Manager at 9 George Street, North Strathfield, NSW, 2137)

b. arrange a convenient time for the repair work to be undertaken

c. bring your vehicle and original invoice to NRMA MotorServe (at your cost) where we will work with you to resolve the problem

*Applies to manufacturer’s defects only. **Parts fitted under the NRMA MotorServe warranty will only be covered for the remainder of the original warranty period, which commences from the date of the initial invoice.

NRMA Survey - $50 BP Fuel Card Offer Terms & Conditions


1. Information on how to enter the NRMA MotorServe Customer Survey promotion (Promotion) and prizes form part of these conditions of entry.

2. By participating in this Promotion, you will be deemed to have: (a) accepted these terms and conditions; and (b) expressly consented to our use of your personal information for the purpose of the Privacy Act, Spam Act, other related privacy legislation and for marketing.

3. The promoter is National Roads and Motorists Association Limited, trading as NRMA Motoring & Services ABN 77 000 010 506 of 9A York St, Sydney, NSW 2000 (Promoter).

4. The Promotion commences at 12am AEST) on the 1st day of each month and will close at 11.59 pm (AEST) on the last day of each month. (Promotional Period).

5. Entry is open to customers of NRMA MotorServe.

How to Enter

6. To enter this Promotion, you must complete the NRMA MotorServe Customer Survey during the Promotional Period. There is only one (1) entry per entrant.

7. This is a game of chance and skill plays no part. The Promoter’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into with entrants.

8. All entries become the property of the Promoter.


9. Employees of the Promoter and its Related Bodies Corporate (as this term is defined in the Corporations Act) and such employees’ immediate family members are not eligible to enter.

10. To protect the integrity of the competition, the Promoter reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to verify, at any time (including after the closing of the Promotion) the validity of all entries (including an entrant’s identity, age and place of residence) and to disqualify any entrant who submits invalid, incomplete, indecipherable, or illegible entries or tampers with the entry process or uses any automated entry software or any other mechanical or electronic means that allows repeated illegal entry.

11. Winners who cannot be reached within 3 months at the email address, address or telephone number provided on their entry will unfortunately be disqualified and the winner will be re-selected.

Draws and Prizes

1. All draws will take place at the premises of the Promoter, being Level 2, 9 George Street, North Strathfield NSW 2137 at 4 pm (AEST) on the 15th of each month (unless the 15th falls on a weekend or public holiday, when the draw will occur the next working day)

2. The first valid entry drawn from the total number of entries received will win a $50 BP fuel card.

3. The total prize pool value is $600 with individual monthly prizes valued at a $50 each. No individual prize will exceed $50.

4. The prize value is correct at time of printing and the Promoter accepts no responsibility for any subsequent variation in the prize value.

5. If any prize (or part of any prize) is unavailable, the Promoter reserves the right to substitute the prize (or part of the prize) with a prize of equal value or specification, subject to any written directions given by the appropriate State or Territory Lottery Departments. No responsibility or liability is accepted for any variation in the value of the prizes. All prize values are in Australian dollars.

6. Prizes are not exchangeable, transferable or redeemable for cash.

7. Winners will be notified by telephone or by email within 14 days of the draw. Only winners will receive notification.

8. If for any reason a winner does not take an element of a prize by the time stipulated by the Promoter, then that prize, or element thereof, will be forfeited.

9. Winners who cannot be reached at the email address, street address or phone number provided on their entry will be disqualified.

Personal Information and Privacy

10. The details contained in your entry are protected by security safeguards as detailed in the Promoter's Privacy Policy, which is available at etc. Personal information will only be used in accordance with the the Promoter’s Privacy Policy. The Promoter will also endeavour to provide you with an option to opt out of receipt of such communications. You should direct any request to access, update or correct information to the Promoter. 11. You can contact the Promoter’s Privacy Officer if you would like details of the personal information that the Promoter may hold about you or if you would like it to be corrected. Our Privacy Officer's contact details are:

Privacy Officer
Level 2,
9 Murray Rose Avenue, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW, 2127

or via email at

12. The Promoter may, for an indefinite period, unless otherwise advised, use your personal information (such as name, age, membership number and image, mobile phone number, email address) and any other information provided to the Promoter pursuant to this Promotion without remuneration or compensation to you for promotional, marketing, publicity, research and profiling purposes, including sending electronic messages or telephoning you and promoting the NRMA, its business and related companies.

Limitation of Liability

13. The Promoter makes no representations or warranties as to the quality, suitability or merchantability of any goods or services offered as part of the Promotion. To the extent permitted by law, the Promoter is not liable for any loss (including indirect and consequential loss) suffered to person or property by reason of any act or omission, deliberate or negligent, by the Promoter or its employees or agents, in connection with the arrangement for the supply, or the supply, of goods and services by any person to the prize winner and, where applicable, to any persons accompanying the prize winner. This clause does not affect any rights a consumer may have which are unable to be excluded under Australian law. To the fullest extent permitted by law, any liability of the Promoter or its employees or agents for breach of any such rights is limited to the payment of the costs of having the prize supplied again.

14. The Promoter reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Promotion and these terms and conditions, for any reason whatsoever, without liability.

15. Failure by the Promoter to enforce any of its rights at any stage does not constitute a waiver of those rights.


16. The Promoter has obtained the following permits in regard to the Promotion: NSW Permit No. LTPM/13/00374 and ACT Permit No. TP 13/01519

17. The value of total prizes to be awarded via the blanket permit will not exceed $100,000.00.

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Bonus pink slip offer

Eligibility to receive the offer:

1. The bonus safety inspection check report (pink slip) will be provided for when an essential service or other service level is booked and completed according to the terms below (Offer).
2. The Offer is only for one safety inspection report to be completed on the vehicle which is the subject of the service. It does not mean that the vehicle will pass the inspection and does not include the cost of repairs required (if any).
3. Minimum fee payable is if for an Essential service: minimum fee $178 for Members and $197.78 for non-members. Some vehicles may be subject to a surcharge where they require larger quantities or higher grades of oil and prestige parts. 
4. This Offer is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Members are still entitled to receive 10% of the cost of servicing and repairs.
5. Offer is not transferable for cash and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Conditions for redeeming the offer:

6. Offer is valid on one vehicle per customer only.
7. Offer must be mentioned at the time of booking.
8. If the vehicle subject of the pink slip inspection does not pass, we will give you a “Repairs Needed” report showing what repairs are required. If the repairs are completed within 14 days, the Vehicle can be reassessed by us with no additional safety check fees. If you present Your Vehicle for reassessment after the 14 day period, you will need to pay $41.00 for the second safety check inspection fee. Once the repairs have been made and the vehicle passes the safety check, we will issue a safety check report, and you can renew your registration. The results will be sent to Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) electronically.
9. NRMA reserves the right to terminate this offer at our discretion.
10. Offer is not transferable for cash and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
11. Standard NRMA car servicing terms and conditions apply, available at 
12. MotorServe Pty Ltd. ABN 41121715393 trading as NRMA MotorServe, license number MVRL43713. National Roads and Motorists’ Association Limited ABN 77 000 010 506.
17. NRMA collects, uses and discloses your personal information in accordance with NRMA’s Privacy
Policy, which is available at

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10% off car servicing for Members

*10% discount off the value of the invoice is available to NRMA Members only. The 10% discount is calculated off the full invoice price. Valid at any NRMA car servicing centre in NSW or ACT and NRMA mobile service in NSW. Offer is not transferable for cash. Standard NRMA car servicing terms and conditions apply. The NRMA reserves the right to terminate this offer at our discretion. MotorServe Pty Ltd trading as NRMA Car Servicing ABN 41 121 715 393 license number MVRL43713.

Discount for business Members

*20% discount off the value of the invoice is available to NRMA business Members only. The 20% discount is calculated off the full invoice price. Valid at any NRMA car servicing centre in NSW or ACT and NRMA mobile service in NSW. Offer is not transferable for cash. Standard NRMA car servicing terms and conditions apply. The NRMA reserves the right to terminate this offer at our discretion. MotorServe Pty Ltd trading as NRMA Car Servicing ABN 41 121 715 393 license number MVRL43713.

$50 off - selected Members only

SUMMER promotion

  • This offer is applicable for essential or log book services booked by 31st January 2020 and completed by 5th February 2020 at any NRMA car servicing in NSW and ACT. 
  • Total value of offer is over $195. Pollen filer (Cabin air filter) replacement valued at up to $93.33 RRP, Cooling system test valued up to $76.11 RRP and Valvoline Professional Air conditioner Odour eliminator valued at $26.98 RRP.
  • Offer must be redeemed at time of service and taken in conjunction with an essential or log book service completed within our NRMA car servicing store network.
  • Offer must be mentioned or presented at time of booking with the code SUMMER19. Offer is not transferable for cash and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. One redemption per service. NRMA reserves the right to terminate this offer at our discretion.
  • Standard NRMA Car Servicing terms and conditions apply.
  • 10% off Car Servicing for Members terms and conditions apply.