Glass chip repair

Windscreen chip repair

Your windscreen repair specialists

Our repair process uses modern technology to fill the damaged area on a windscreen with a special resin, which is then set with an ultraviolet light. This restores the strength and most of the original clarity of the windscreen.

The benefits of repairing your windscreen with us:

  • Repairs are usually completed within just 30 minutes

  • It's much cheaper to repair than replace a windscreen – and Members save a further 20%

  • A chip or crack that may impede the driver's view can mean a fail on a roadworthy inspection

  • We back all our windscreen services with a lifetime warranty

Our team of mobile specialists will diagnose the damage wherever you are. If a replacement is necessary, we can organise a time and place that's convenient for you. Or you can visit any one of our 22 car servicing centres in Sydney and NSW.

Repairable windscreen damage

If your damage exceeds the sizes above, we can replace your windscreen when and where it's convenient for you.

The windscreen is divided into 2 main areas:

  • Critical Vision Area (CVA)
  • Primary Vision Area (PVA)


Types of damage




 Types of damage Within CVA Within PVA
Crack  25mm 20mm
Star 15mm  30mm
Horseshoe 10mm 25mm
Bullseye 10mm 20mm
Crater 2mm 5mm
Combination As above for each type of damage

Need your windscreen repaired or replaced?

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