Windscreen replacement

Installing a new windscreen

Windscreens are designed to be strong. Made from laminated glass they protect you and your car from damage and contribute to the overall rigidity of the vehicle.

However, cracks can happen when any airborne object collides with the windshield and a small stone that hits your windscreen when moving can cause anything from a small chip to a crack that runs the length of your windshield.

We always opts to repair a windscreen when possible, however sometimes it might be necessary to replace the windscreen. A good test to determine if a windscreen chip or scratch is repairable is to try catching your fingernail on the chip or scratch. If you can, the scratch is too deep and is not repairable. If your nail doesn't catch, it is likely that the windscreen can be repaired and not replaced.

Why replace a windscreen?

Your car and windscreen faces a number of stresses on the road including temperature changes from heat and cold and vibrations caused when the vehicle is in motion.

Even a small chip on your windscreen can be made worse and even reduce the structural strength of the windscreen. Moisture and fragments can also find their way into small chips and cracks and cause the laminated film in your windscreen to turn a whitish colour which impairs visibility.

The chip itself may also be in your line of vision whilst driving and this would reduce visibility through the windscreen and may lead to an accident

How we replace a windscreen

The first thing our team do, is make sure we need to replace the windscreen, as we always repair before replacing a windscreen when possible.

If the windscreen needs to be replaced, we cover the parts of your vehicle that may be exposed during the replacement procedure to avoid damage.

Next we take out the glue holding the damaged windscreen in place and remove the broken windscreen. Then we apply the first preparatory coat of glue to where the new windshield will be installed in the car.

We then apply our special windscreen glue to the windshield itself and then gently fit the new windscreen into the car and after allowing the glue to dry, you are back on the road again.

We will, in most cases, have the vehicle mobile again within 2 hours from arrival at the job. Windscreen repairs usually only take 30 minutes from the time we get there. As an added bonus we offer a lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials on all our glass services.

High quality windscreens

Our windscreens are made from high quality glass that is supplied by Australian windscreen manufacturers. They exceed the benchmarks set by the Australian Design protocol and Australian Standards for windscreens.

Our windscreens are made with laminated glass which comprises of two layers held together by a PVB (polyvinyl butyral) interlayer, which mean they are strong and reinforce the structural integrity of your car. The glue and sealants (if necessary) are specifically designed for windscreens and have been rigorously tested.

If it has been decided that your windscreen should be replaced, it is good to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. The cheapest price should not be a main consideration when having a windscreen replaced.

Instead, look for a top-quality professional installation that will keep the structural integrity and other safety elements of your vehicle intact including the water out.

Repair your windscreen before it has to be replaced

The NRMA offers a quality service at a competitive price