How to take care of your car battery

  • Buy a battery charger if you don’t drive much
  • Always follow the NRMA battery safety tips
  • Carry out regular battery maintenance
  • Remember not to leave your lights on!

Your car’s battery is the heart of its electrical system – maintaining battery health is vital to keeping your car going and avoiding breakdowns.

If you have a flat battery or think you need a car battery replacement, call the NRMA batteries mobile team on 1300 726 751 straightaway. We'll come to you and test your battery to uncover the problem, and if the battery needs to be replaced we can install a new one on the spot.

Five ways to avoid a flat or dead battery

  1. Check you haven’t left any interior or exterior lights on as you walk away from your car.
  2. If you don’t drive your car regularly, buy a battery charger so you can keep its charge topped up.
  3. A steady one–hour drive each week is enough to keep your car battery charged.
  4. Have the alternator and battery charging system checked at each service.
  5. Have your engine serviced regularly – poor engine condition can place extra load on the battery.

If you are not confident completing car battery maintenance or replacement yourself, ask for help from a qualified professional, such as an NRMA batteries mobile technician or your NRMA car servicing mechanic.

Five steps: clean your car battery terminals

  1. Loosen the nut and remove the negative ( - black) terminal from the battery post first – removing the terminals in this order makes it impossible to create a short circuit between the battery post and the car’s body, which is connected to the battery’s negative post or ‘grounded’.
  2. Loosen the nut and remove the positive ( + red) terminal from the battery post.
  3. Scrub any corrosion from the terminals and posts using water and a stiff brush, then dry them.
  4. If the corrosion is difficult to remove, use a solution of baking soda and water, but make sure none gets inside the battery.
  5. Securely reconnect the terminals in the reverse order – that is, positive ( + red) first, then negative ( - black).

Need your car battery replaced?

The NRMA delivers and installs new batteries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week