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Stop Start AGM EFB Battery

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What's a stop-start battery?

Many modern cars are now fitted with Idle-Stop-Start systems, a technology which saves fuel and reduces pollution by stopping the engine when the vehicle is stopped in traffic. However, cars with stop-start capabilities put a greater demand on the vehicle battery. That's why we stock a range of car batteries specifically designed for stop-start vehicles.

What types of stop-start batteries does NRMA stock?

There are two types of batteries that NRMA stock for stop-start vehicles:

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Battery

The AGM battery is maintenance free, fast charging, has a high power output, improved cycle life, excellent deep cycle properties and can continue to deliver high cranking power even with a low state of charge.

Enhanced Flooded (EFB) Battery

The EFB battery is designed to meet entry-level stop-start technology requirements and is an improved version of the standard lead-acid flooded technology found in SLI batteries. With more durability - it makes way for a more consistent flow of power, has deep cycle capabilities, faster recharge and an improved cycle life.

What's inside an NRMA AGM Battery?

Stop Start AGM Car Battery