When to replace your car tyres

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Worn tyres tend to have less grip on the road which can lead to poor braking performance.

How do I spot worn tyres?

Small bars of rubber running across the grooves in between the tread at several places around the tyre called tread-wear indicators, are designed to tell you when the tyre is worn out.

If the tread is worn down to these bars on any part of the tyre –indicating the legal minimum of 1.5mm of tread depth has been reached – the tyre is worn out and unroadworthy, and you should replace it as soon as you can.

If your car is front wheel drive, first check the front tyres as they usually wear out faster than the rear wheels.

Damage to the tyre’s sidewall or tread, such as cuts or bulges, could also make your tyres unroadworthy. If your tyres show any of these signs, have them checked out by your local mechanic or a tyre specialist.

A standard tyre can loose approximately 1-2 psi per month so make sure the pressure of all tyres are regularly checked. If a tyre is over or under inflated it could lead to uneven tyre wear, causing premature wear.

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