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Thanks for joining us on this journey

Here at NRMA, we've decided to refocus all our efforts back onto the road, transport and travel - these are the areas where we can bring the most benefit to all of our Members, and there's some exciting new ways that we'll be helping you out with that in the very near future, so stay tuned for that.

However, as a result of this readjustment, it's time for Living Well Navigator to bid you farewell. From June 29th 2017, the Living Well Navigator will be decommission and will no longer be accessible. This includes the provider portal and the Owl Ratings. We want to say a massive thanks to all our Members and other visitors to this site over the last couple of years. We sincerely hope you enjoyed the content as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.

But it doesn't have to end here. We'll keep sharing interesting content and giving you the opportunity to join the conversation on our Facebook page. If you're interested in what we're doing in the community and opportunities to volunteer, head to our community page. And for everything else including Membership, news, fuel prices and more head to

Happy travels from everyone here at the NRMA, and we look forward to helping you again soon.


The NRMA have been providing roadside assistance to their Members for nearly 100 years. And while roads and cars may have come a long way, car batteries still fail, tyres still puncture, engines still overheat and we're all still human.

That's why for adventures big and small, the NRMA has you covered. From simple, everyday protection for your about-town car, to essential protection for larger vehicles, any that travel out of town and those with things in tow. With over 1,000 specialist vehicles on the road in NSW and ACT – and the largest roadside assistance network in the country – you're looked after at home and away.

Beyond roadside, the NRMA are just as passionate about your entire motoring journey, with services to help at all stages of car ownership. These include securing finance with a car loan, motoring advice, driving lessons and driver training, car servicing and repairs, and battery and windscreen replacements, to name a few.

Then there's the benefits that help with where you're headed, from travel discounts and car hire to holiday parks up and down the east coast. On every step of your journey, the NRMA goes along with you.

The NRMA has a history embedded with advocacy, and continues to listen intently to the concerns of its 2.4 million Members; lobbying the government to ensure their voices are heard. Since the early days campaigning for sealed roads and seatbelt legislation, to modern issues of traffic congestion and parking, the NRMA always has been – and always will be – a champion the rights of all road users.