Premium Plus

Ultimate protection
on the road

$29.99 a month for 12 months or $328 annually (plus a one off $55 join fee).

Premium Plus is for those that want the best. Enjoy roadside assistance protection for larger vehicles that go on holidays, those that tow the big toys, and even for your pets, with up to $3,000 in major breakdown assistance that can be used in one event. You'll also have access to the new NRMA Blue – a range of benefits and discounts that you can use every day.

Cover includes

Unlimited callouts

Access unlimited roadside assistance. We’re here to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Flat tyres

Providing you’ve got a roadworthy spare on hand, we’ll change your tyre on the spot and get you moving.

Flat batteries

We can give you a jump-start to get you going, or arrange for a replacement if your battery is dead.

Empty tanks

We’ll get you moving with petrol or diesel, or we’ll arrange a tow.

Motorcycles and scooters
Roadside assistance
is available for motorbikes and scooters as well.
$3000 extra cover
Access up to $3000 a year* for accommodation, car hire and onward travel for you and your passengers in the event of a major breakdown.
Cars and trailers
Assistance and towing for vehicles up to 10 tonnes including 4WDs, SUVs, vans, utes, and trailers such as caravans, boats and more.
Free towing                
Up to 50km towing in metro and country areas, 100km in remote areas, or even further with major breakdown entitlements.
Free child seat fitting
Free child restraint installation or adjustment at NRMA car service centres  – or we can come to you^.
Pets are covered too
Cover towards transport and boarding for your cats or dogs plus access to vets around the country in case of an accident or breakdown.
Locked out                 
We’ll have you driving your car in no time, or we’ll cover up to $100 towards a vehicle locksmith.
Free health check
Get a free 6-point vehicle health check for your battery, charging system, tyres, windscreen, oil and water.
Accident assistance
If you have an accident and are stranded over 100km from home, we’ll help arrange accommodation and onward travel.
Taxi cover
$50 towards the taxi fare if you break down close to home  and your vehicle needs to be towed.
Extra large cover
Assistance and towing for vehicles up to 10 tonnes including 4WDs, SUVs, vans, utes, and trailers such as caravans, boats and horse floats.

The ultimate in care

$29.99 a month for 12 months or $328 annually plus a one off $55 join fee.

Do you own more than one vehicle?

Add another vehicle to your Membership and you'll get 20% off the first year of roadside assistance

*55 one off join fee applies for new Members. Terms and conditions apply.

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