In February 2020, the NRMA will turn 100. So we’re planning some exciting celebrations and activities to commemorate the occasion.

As we look back over the past 100 years, we'll also be looking forward to the future. And it's not just our future we'll be focused on, but the future we'll share with our Members, our communities and generations to come.

Our centenary is about more than a big birthday celebration. It's a chance to give something back to those communities that need a helping hand.

Rediscovering the open road

Since the rise of the automobile, road trips have been core to Australia's identity and a lifeline for many regional communities. Australia's desire for the freedom of the open road was what led to the birth of the NRMA 100 years ago.

Just as our early founders believed, we believe road trips are good for Australians - those who take them and those who value from them. We see our centenary as the perfect time to spark a movement towards a sustainable future, by bringing back the great Aussie road trip to drive tourism where it's needed.

So we will breathe new life into the road trip by giving people more reasons to explore our great country, having amazing experiences as they do, while delivering a commercial outcome for towns that need it.

Celebrating a bright future together

Our centenary gives us the opportunity to look back and be proud of how far we've come, to share stories and engage with the people that have helped to shape the NRMA: our Members, our employees and the community.

As well as celebrating with some of those who have supported us over the years, we want to shine a light on the struggles many of our regional communities are facing. We aim to give communities a voice and create a platform to provoke positive change.


In 2020 we will also be hitting the road ourselves on a special Bright Futures road trip. Inspired by Australian's love of "big things", we've partnered with a great Australian artist - Stephen Mok, to create a temporary big art installation we can tour around NSW. By inspiring others to take to the road and join us, we aim to help shape a bright future for all communities.

NRMA doesn't have all the answers, but we are committed to sparking conversations that matter, and guiding the way forward, just as we have always done.

We can't wait to celebrate with you and start a new chapter in our shared history as we look towards a bright future - one that's sustainable for generations to come.