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ACT Election
ACT Election

The NRMA has a proud history of successfully advocating for positive change in our communities. With fuel pricing transparency, road safety and infrastructure leading our agenda, we'll continue to advocate for a better future for all road and transport users.

As the ACT Election approaches, you may like to find out who is considering our recommendations. Read on to learn about the key initiatives we're advocating for this election.

Fuel pricing transparency

The NRMA supports FuelCheck or an alternative real-time fuel pricing scheme being implemented in the ACT to improve transparency and put downward pressure on fuel prices.

Fuel prices in the ACT market have been a major source of frustration for ACT motorists. In a comprehensive survey of NRMA Members in the ACT, nearly 70 per cent of respondents identified fuel prices as their most significant motoring concern, and more than 90 per cent support the introduction of FuelCheck or real-time fuel pricing.

The NRMA has been a strong advocate for pricing transparency in the retail fuel market and campaigned successfully for the introduction of real time pricing in NSW.

The success of FuelCheck in NSW and the fuel finder on the my nrma app is the result of real-time fuel pricing information being readily available to motorists. Penalties apply to service stations that do not provide real-time fuel prices.

The NRMA made a submission to the ACT Legislative Assembly Inquiry into Fuel Pricing in March 2019 and welcomed the committee's final report recommending the implementation of a real time fuel pricing scheme.

Road safety

Dedicate traffic fine revenue to road safety initiatives through the establishment of a 'Community Road Safety Fund'.

A Community Road Safety Fund was established in NSW in 2013. The Fund is used for road safety initiatives, including engineering works, road upgrades, public education campaigns, community grants and increased police enforcement.

The NRMA would like to see a similar initiative established in the ACT based on the concept of dedicating fine revenue to road safety.

A Community Road Safety Fund in the ACT would support the establishment and progression of a number of important road safety initiatives and programs.

To underpin public confidence in such a fund, its administration should be made fully transparent and supported by the appointment of an independent committee to assist in the consideration of prospective initiatives.


The NRMA has identified priority road and transport projects for the ACT.

Funding commitments and additional road and transport projects will be required to meet increasing travel and freight needs over the coming decades.

The safe and efficient movement of people and goods underpins mobility, encouraging economic activity and improved liveability.

Priority road and transport projects:

1. Athllon Drive duplication works to further improve capacity, efficiency and safety between Greenway and Woden Valley.

2. Canberra Light Rail Stage 2A and 2B, including the investigation of potential ‘Park and Ride’ facilities to incentivise use.

3. Molonglo Valley road and transport planning to support increasing population density and people movements.

4. Pialligo Avenue and Yass Road duplication works to improve capacity and efficiency between the NSW Border and Canberra Airport.

5. William Hovell Drive duplication works to improve capacity and efficiency between Coppins Crossing Road (John Gorton Drive) and Drake-Brockman Drive.

Past ACT policy and advocacy wins

Some of our key wins in the ACT are listed below.

1. Ban of mobile device use while driving for learner and provisional drivers in the ACT.

2. Reformed Graduated Licensing Scheme in the ACT to improve young driver safety.

3. Rollout of public electric vehicle chargers to support future mobility.

4. Initiatives to support future transport technologies and emissions reductions.

5. Funding to support greater visitation to the ACT.

6. Road safety improvements.

7. Major road and transport infrastructure works and upgrades.

Looking for more? Additional information on NRMA successes in federal and state elections can be found on our take action page.

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