COVID-19: Putting our resources into action to support communities

In numbers: How we're helping*
  • 2,475 priority roadside assistance for emergency workers
  • 13,702 free days of car hire for health care workers
  • 8,803 nights of discounted accommodation for essential travellers
  • 477 meals delivered across Sydney, Newcastle and Tamworth   
  • 335 pharmacy deliveries across Sydney

NRMA has always been there to help. On every journey and through global crises like the Spanish Flu, World War II and the Great Depression —our 100-year chronology is littered with these occasions. In the midst of this Coronavirus pandemic, we face another today.

Now, more than ever, the vulnerable, the elderly and the isolated in our communities need our support. That’s why we’re launching a program that mobilises our people, our vehicles and our other assets to help keep our communities safe through this current crisis.

We're partnering with charities and organisations to lend support to their initiatives, as well as starting some of our own. Through our army of NRMA staff and Patrols, we will provide much-needed support to vulnerable members of the community to ensure everyone can access food, medical supplies, a helping hand and emotional support when they need it most. While our assets will be repurposed to provide transport and accommodation for essential workers to perform their critical roles during this time.

Keeping our community safe is what we were born to do 100 years ago and it’s what remains our purpose today.

How we're helping the community

Delivering medical supplies

In partnership with The Pharmacy Guild of Australia NSW Branch, trials have begun in Sydney, which see our Patrols and roadside assistance vehicles enlisted to help service 19 pharmacies to deliver medicines and other goods. As of 12 June, 335 deliveries have been made. 

Delivering meals

In partnership with Meals on Wheels NSW, Sydney, Newcastle and Tamworth trials have begun in which our NRMA employees are involved in delivering nutritious meals to elderly residents and people living with disability, who are unable to purchase or prepare their own meals. As of 12 June, 477 meals have been delivered.  

Calling isolated members of the community

In collaboration with Australian Red Cross, our taskforce of passionate NRMA employees are completing online training courses to assist with daily wellbeing calls that provide psychological first aid, information and services to people across the country, who are in quarantine and self-isolation, and don’t have the support of an income or a network of family and friends. As of 12 June, 121 people have been contacted. 

Providing free cars

With their heavy shift work and a reduction in public transport, NRMA-owned Thrifty Car and Truck Rental is helping to alleviate the struggle for essential medical personnel to get to and from work by making 450 vehicles available nationally and providing up to 30 days free vehicle rental for health care workers. This initiative reached its 538 vehicle rental capacity on 27 May, however health care workers requiring travel assistance can still receive excellent rental rates with Thrifty Car and Truck Rental. Find out more. As of 29 May, more than 13,702 days of free car rental days have been provided to medical workers.

Providing discounted accommodation

NRMA Parks and Resorts is providing essential travellers with discounted rates across all holiday parks and resorts that remain open during this time. As of 14 May, across 32 NRMA parks and resorts, over 1,105 essential workers and displaced guests have been accommodated 8,803 nights. If you are an essential traveller and would like to find out more information, please visit:

Priority roadside assistance

We’re still providing 24/7 roadside assistance to Members, healthcare, emergency services and essential workers, truck drivers, couriers and others who need to keep moving at this time. Our Patrols continue to prioritise our health care heroes, with more than 2,475 medical staff assisted as of 12 June, and many continue be stationed nearby major hospitals. Rest assured, we’re taking special precautions to practice social distancing when attending to assistance callouts, ensuring proper PPE (personal protective equipment) is in place and being used, and increasing hygiene measures, both personal and in vehicles. These are just a few initiatives under trial.

We’ll have more information for you soon, but for now just know that we’re partnering with charities, we’ve assembled an army of passionate staff volunteers – and we’re gearing up to make a real difference.


All our Meals on Wheels and pharmacy deliveries are booked via these organisations and not directly with individuals. If you would like to book a delivery service for yourself or someone you know, please get in touch with your local pharmacy or Meals on Wheels NSW service. 

*Data correct as of 12 June 2020.

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